Topmost Prototyping Tools for Your Mobile Apps Development in 2019

prototyping tools for mobile app development Prototyping Tools for Your Mobile App Development in 2019

Mobile app prototyping is a process of that entails how will the flow of mobile application appear and what functionality it will deliver. All app development projects have different requirements and goals. The seamless transition of the mobile app from its one screen to another is the efficient user interface. Developing a user interface is not an easy job. There are a variety of prototyping tools which support different features. The mobile app development company designs dynamic mobile app prototypes to create innovative and useful mobile applications.

Features of a mobile prototyping tool

A good UI prototyping tool must have a facility to customize the component library to suit different mobile screens and the mood the company brand want to highlight. The changes made on the prototyping tool should be visible on the portable display immediately. The prototyping tool should be able to adapt to the animation transition view on shifting from one mobile device to another.

Benefits of Mobile prototyping tool

It is not enough to know features the prototyping tool to finalize the best tool. Instead, designers of an app development company must understand the context of every tool, how it will prove beneficial for attaining the app development. The mobile app prototyping is shared with the user base, investors and the associates and stakeholders. They, in return, give their valuable feedback on the looks of the application. This even saves the time and cost that would be incurred in delivering application development services. The mobile app prototyping gives the mobile app development company and its designers a clarity on what is to be developed and then delivered to the customer.

Topmost prototyping tools


The sketch is a vector-based designing tool that has an intuitive interface that comes with a set of symbols. The designers get the ability to use pre-designed buttons, widgets, and other items. It allows the designers to work freely without thinking of the resolution of the screen while designing mock-ups, logos, and layouts.

Adobe Experience Design

The Adobe XD is used a lot by the designers as it allows integrating the creations of other Adobe software like Photoshop and Illustrator into the Adobe XD. It even provides a clear, intuitive interface like the Sketch without any complexity


InVision develops interactive mockups for web and mobile projects. The designers can review, design and test their developments and share them with their team. Like Adobe, InVision even integrates the Sketch and Photoshop files. It has a unique feature of adding animation and transition to static images and further saving the data in JPEG, GIF, PSD, PNG, etc formats.


Azure is known as a complete tool in itself. It allows the designer to design the applications from the beginning to the end using the vast function library. It develops mock-ups, idea-board, diagrams, etc. Both designers and coders can use it. Coders work by adding code to create good designs.

Just in Mind

This highly interactive mobile app prototyping tool comes with more than 500 widgets for the web and mobile app designers.


The mobile app prototyping tool helps to bridge the gap between the specifications and execution of mobile app development. Considering various characteristics of app development inclusive of team size, product preferences, the experienced app designers, and our company has the best app development designers. The aim of our app development company and its app development services is to develop an application that is efficient, visually pleasing and delivers high performance. Contact us to avail application development services for mobile devices now.

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