Must-have Features of On-demand App & their Advantages

On-Demand App Features of On-Demand Apps & Advantages

On-demand app development has taken the lead in the current time as these apps provide a wide variety of services. Convenience is the word that comes to the mind of all when they think of on-demand services. These services are easy to book and avail whenever you want. For instance, Urban Clap is an on-demand application that has gained massive success in the market.

The concept of on-demand mobile app development can tie small startups with huge enterprises and in return, provide superior quality of services to the end-user. The minor sector service providers can anytime get in touch with these app holders and showcase their services and products on their platform for good. As a result, it helps both the app holder, as well as the services provider. The app holder gains user base leading to the download of the application, and the service providers get new customers and the services user get services at their doorstep.

These days since on-demand services are quite in trend. So there is a possibility of landing up with two types of applications. One application is which holly solely dedicated to the concept of the services is being offered like Uber. The other one has all random services from various service providers. It is entirely up to you to choose the kind of on-demand mobile app development for your business. After all, it is the service and the user experience at the application that decides the success of the business.

Key features of an on-demand mobile application

credentials

The sign-in portal is meant to provide every user with its own personalized space on the application. This space can be created using Facebook, Google, Twitter id, and so on. The feature aims at providing the name, location, phone number, and D.O.B. of the client.

Informative and visually appealing

The products and services placed on the application have to be informative and visually appealing so that the client can book or place the order on the necessary information like an address. The application will likely provide the expected delivery time and date.

Also, there should be a facility like a cart where the customers can add their favorite products to buy or order. The order summary contains the list and details of the products and services ordered before the order is confirmed.

The whole process of shopping with the app has to be very easy to offer the client a good user experience, where he/she can look for what they want. The app interface on the mobile has to be very user-friendly, where searching and locating service is just a piece of cake.

Appropriate algorithm

With the help of a proper algorithm, the app should be able to locate for the closest and the fastest courier services to deliver the products based on the location and the route of the destination.


The on-demand app development company has to embed a G.P.S. tracking system into the app to help the customers track their orders and services after placing the order. This facility can leave the customers satisfied and informed about where their order has reached. Various push notifications can be sent to the client via SMS and emails to help them stay up to date regarding the status of their request to be delivered. Placing a proper phone call before providing the products and services to the destination can help the courier facility, and the customer to accurately locate the address or even reschedule the delivery.

Integrating payment gateway

It is imperative for the on-demand application development company to incorporate a variety of payment options into the app. the client here gets the facility to make payments from whichever mode he wishes to for example like credit cards, debit cards, Google Wallet, Apple pay and so on.

Portal for receiving reviews and reviews

Sometimes it becomes necessary to have feedback from your customers regarding the products, services, the customer care dealings, and delivery process, etc. in order to improve the current scenario delivering services. This helps in restoring the faith of the customer in the brand and its services. Customers find themselves valued when they are asked for feedback, and when they share their experiences.

Such an amount of response from the client even helps in attracting more clients towards the brand and its services, and likewise, they invest their time and money in the services.

Add ons

Besides the feedback policy, the on-demand app development company in the U.S.A. can also add features like coupons, discounts, and other fair loyalty programs that interest the client more into the services of a particular brand.


So it is profitable to invest in the on-demand application development for your business as it helps in attracting more customers and increasing the revenue generation by delivering an excellent interactive user- experience. If there is an innovative idea that you can use in developing your on-demand business application, then get in touch with our company in the U.S.A. Our app developers will guide you with the best solutions and help you with the same.

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