Must Have Android Applications On Your Phone – 2018 Edition!

android applications

For a lot of time people have struggled to manage the mobile application especially with and Android app development scenario. Like in the previous times there used to be excess of papers and stationery to maintain our files, now we have an overload of mobile applications and a new confusion of how to manage them.

With Android mobile app development companies continuing to make impeccable applications by the day, a check on what is more important and what’s less necessary becomes a question of the hour.

So, get ready for a deep cleaning and organizational article for arranging the top 5 must have Android applications in your Android phone.


In today’s time, WhatsApp is not a need, it’s a necessity. In most organization, WhatsApp is the unofficial mode of many conversations with clients and team. Thus, having your WhatsApp sorted in your mobile phone can help you save a lot of time and energy and also manage coordination among various people.

Tally on Mobile

This is one app every individual must have. It can help manage expenses and reduce financial anxiety by many folds. This app lets you manage your funds and also keeps a tab on your expenses. It is a great app for managing your daily expenditure and planning your future accordingly! Install it now if you haven’t already.


For social media’s sake, this app is a must-have. The amount of communication taking place on social media these days is tremendous and you are very close to missing out if you don’t spend a few minutes there. So, manage your time efficiently and stay up to date with all the latest information through social media.

Inner Chef

With an on the go environment, it is necessary to have healthy and fresh nourishment options with you. Thus, a food delivery app which delivers deliciousness and healthy food is a must-have on your phone. You can always order when you don’t feel like cooking. Channel your inner chef and experiment with their DIY kits, a perfect meal for anyone on the move.

Amar Ujala

This app is definitely a must-have for your Android phone as it will link you with the happenings in the outside world. Keep up with your daily dose of news and current affairs with the Amar Ujala app. With a news app, you will get frequent news updates and will be connected with the entire world in a click.

These apps are a must have this season and every season. Every mobile app development company must pay attention to developing stunning apps with impressive features to improve and add to the lifestyle of individuals. Such mobile apps are now becoming highly important each day and must be used by us to make life simpler.

If you want to get similar apps developed then do not hesitate to ping us and we will be glad to assist you with the same.


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