Effective Strategies to Market your Mobile Application Free

mobile app Market your Mobile App free

Many business owners or entrepreneurs spend much time and funds in making the best application possible. With proper planning of selecting widgets, designing layouts, placing relevant and informational content, people get an application developed for a variety of businesses and activities.

Mobile app development company puts a lot of labor, pays attention to minute details, but still many apps are not getting the same response and love from the public. Many would comprehend it as a quality issue and that developing an app was a poor idea or the concept wasn’t right and so on, but it’s the other way round. Anything new that is launched in the market needs promotion.

So much time, concept, money, labor is put-in to develop a product. This product provides a platform for the customers to interact with the service providers with just a few clicks. But for customers to adopt the newly made application, it is crucial for the developers or the app owner to indulge in the promotion of the app. So what are few of efficient ways to market an app free?

Marketing before releasing an app

Mobile app promotion begins the day the app developers get in touch with the public for their viewpoint for future development. To find out what all features are desirable it is beneficial to get in touch with the potential customers who would use the app. Customer’s feedback helps in two ways. A developer gets insight into what all is necessary to develop along with the marketing of your app.

Use your website

A website is a useful portal to advertise and hence market the mobile app. If you have got one, then use it to the best by having a dedicated page solely for its promotion. A pop-up page when the visitor visits your website alarms and grabs the attention of the visitor to download the application or continue with the mobile version of the website.

A proper SEO

The SEO of the application developer is also a good practice to promote the application. With the best set of keywords, the search engine should be able to show your app in results when the user keys in the query. With an option to download, it is easy for the user to reach the download link.

App store optimization

Along with the SEO, it is imperative to rank the application in the app store following the best ASO strategies. From its name to the price to purchase it, it is essential to have compelling and persuasive screenshots that are well captioned and visually appealing.

Promotional offers

There are many other applications like yours, so it is essential to provide a competitive edge over the other. Give some promotional offers like discounts or trial period offer or free app downloads with limited features. Attracting customer with offers helps you win potential users.

Social media marketing

Promoting the app on highly followed social handles, like Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Instagram and where the potential customer is available, is beneficial. Regular actions like demo videos, social posts, latest news of new developments, etc. Keep the public well aware and connected to your product.

Use official blog

A dedicated blog for the app can feature blogs related to the app. It can include the latest news, developments that make it easy for a user to use it. Add images, screenshots, demo videos, reviews of the users in the content, and following content there can be an option to download the app or a link directed to the app store page to download the app. 


Following a simple criterion, it is important to spend much time in promoting the app as much is spent in developing it. More the work is done in promoting the application, a wider range of public knows about it. Our mobile app development company will develop an app along with it promote your app that highlights your business.

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