Make a Giant Impact on your Small Business with a Responsive Website

responsive website Impact of Responsive Website

To transform one’s small business into an extensive, successful one, he/she needs to have a responsive website. When a developer follows a responsive website design, the website displays different sized layout for various devices. A responsive website should ensure that A series of necessary modifications in the Google search algorithm is required to make its presence significant in an all-inclusive google search. Optimizing your mobile site is the best way to get noticed and attract more users to engage in the website. 

How does responsive website work

Responsive sites use fluid grids. All the page elements are sized by portion depending on the type of devices such as oversized desktop, tiny mobile screen, tablet to make the website reading compatible with the devices. 

Impact of responsive web design

  • It drives more mobile users to the business.
  • It increases the conversion rate of the website.
  • It helps you to keep your branding across multi-platforms.
  • It reduces the loading time as it does not require any redirection to convert it into the device-optimized view.
  • The small business apps owners find it cost saving in promoting business using responsive design.
  • A single Google bot agent needs to crawl only once to retrieve all versions of the content.
  • Responsive web design is a setup in which the server sends the same HTML code to all devices and CSS is used to alter the rendering of the page in the device.

Challenges faced while developing responsive apps:

Using navigation

It is important to design the navigation bar for the website considering the content of the website and why and how the users will be scrolling through the website. Mainly the navigation is placed in the form of three dots at the top left corner of the website.

Images and Icons

The images and icon in the website should be designed in such a way that it allows the users to see the graphics with high pixel density in all the devices.

Showing data on the small screen

To make the tables full of data easily readable from the small screen such as the timetable of flight, etc, the tables are made free of grid layout so that horizontal scrolling is not needed. Several elements coming under a single subhead is accommodated by using the dropdown menu. 

Rich experience with fast loading

The web app developers should take care that only those elements are visible which are necessary. Only the details will be visible depending upon the need of the users. The web app developers should bestow high performance keeping in mind that the internet of the users may be poor.

Conversion of a fixed site into a responsive website

In case of small website it is convenient to rebuild the website into a flexible one which suits all the platforms. In case it is a bigger and complex website, greenfield rebuilt is a better option.

Additional Features

Improves social sharing

Responsive website helps in growing social sharing that in turn helps in growing more audience base and increases its search ranking.

Offers better UX

The design elements of a webpage play a crucial role in offering a good user experience. Consequently, it gives positive reviews, increases traffic, and branded search.

Reduce downloading time

All the websites should be designed in such a way that it loads faster and optimizes the search result. 


The web development company should aspire to give a better user experience by improving the features of a responsive website. A responsive website quickly adapts to any device and any screen size. It boosts the business to a great extent by providing a user-friendly experience. The developers are still struggling to come up with a quick and advanced version of the responsive website maintaining the rapidly increasing demand so that the websites can get a high rank in the Google search engine.

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