Top Magento E-Commerce Development Trends 2019

Magento E-Commerce Development Magento E-Commerce Development Trends 2019

Over the years, the e-commerce trade has gone under considerable transformation. It has very eloquently embraced the various technologies which have transformed the way people shop online. The websites must acclimatize to the dynamic behavior of the online customer to remain ahead in the race of e-commerce development.

Magento is a framework that is widely used by the e-commerce development company. Magento E-Commerce Development has managed to blow the world’s socks off by providing the perfect ways to develop online e-commerce stores. Magento development company even offers web promotions of the websites using SEO schemes.

Top trends for Magento E-commerce development in 2019

AI and chatbot inclusive

AI has gone ahead a wide margin as of late, to impress human life with excellent services to offer. The time has come where devices communicate, understand and react and assist in making life more comfortable. Chatbot can answer in real time. Magento’s integrated chatbot is aimed at understanding the customer’s preferences and take the shopping experience to the next level. Chatbots have replaced the workforce in customer management. They are successfully managing to give the ultimate personalized shopping experience to their customers.

Customer oriented experience

Magento development has managed to help the businesses to meet various challenges from boosting sales to generating maximum revenues. Likewise, the customer experience has a high priority in the e-commerce market. There is a dire need to satisfy the user shopping at your website. Whether the customer is online or offline, their preferences/choices should be kept at the top.  Products and services should be suggested depending on their likings. Various discounts and offers must be made, if need be on the spot, for the customers. If a company has to grow online, then they have to be customer oriented.

Intelligent organic search

With the increase in the e-commerce websites available on the search engines, there is a need to have smart search enabled websites. Magento developer fixes smart Filters, breadcrumbs, and auto-complete features into the site, to make the web content available to search and access. As a result, the customer will be able to find you in the search results. Also, the website must be user navigation friendly to make the user experience worth visiting the site.

Once the customer is at your website, it is essential to provide the customer with an exclusive experience and services to keep him engaged. Thus, allowing the customer to go through the whole web space occupied and furnished by your services.

Push notifications

Push notifications are one of the best features available in mobile devices and applications. Magento development services can use this feature for their best. Many tailor messages can be sent to a selected group of people regarding the various offers and discounts made on sales. These push notifications are intended to reach the customer. It has been seen that push notifications offer incredible deals.

All that needs to be done is to ask one’s Magento developer to arrange for push notification feature and keep the customer updated about various offers at the e-shop. But it is worth concern to limit the times the customer is pinged as it might lose the customer interest besides engaging them.


Magento E-Commerce Development continues to be the first choice for e-Commerce solutions in small and large businesses. With the ability to adapt to changes with the changing technology, Magento development allows e-commerce businesses to adapt to the changes to increase online sales and generate higher revenues. Is your e-commerce website developed in Magento platform? To avail, Magento development services contact Magento development company.

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