Why Java is still the Core Foundation of Web Apps Development?

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Java has been here for more than 24 years and it has emerged as the core of many networking apps . This programming language came out as highly useful for enterprise software, embedded systems. mobile applications, and web scripting games. Therefore, Java is useful to develop many banking and financial apps which are currently running in so many banks globally.

Today in this blog we are going to discuss some of the key benefits of using Java as a core language for your application.

Platform independent

Being an independent platform, Java is the best choice for web app development. It enables developers to use single code anywhere and everywhere. Java’s independent platform is one the most vital feature which makes it highly portable and usable on multi-platform apps. Thus, it cuts the need to change hardware or operating systems and don’t have to face the cost of resolving the incompatibility of existing software written in Java. Moreover, this is of the most important benefit of Java over other languages which are still platform dependent.

Highly secure

Javas high security is one of the main reasons why companies and developers opt for Java web app development. It has various inbuilt security features like cryptography, advanced authentication, and access control which made it useful for web development. With this, a developer will be able to use its APS including digital signatures, secure login mechanism, cyphers, and can develop custom security policies.

Advanced set of APIS

Top web application development company and developers uses Java due to the rich set of APIs. Since these APIs are freely available to Java developers and companies, it provides APIs for networking, parsing, XML, I/O, database connection, utilities and many more. The other topics belongs to open-source libraries such as Apache Commons, Apache POI, Jackson, Google Guava etc.

Used in real world applications

Java is the core of almost every programming, it is useful in real world robust apps which gives confidence to Java developers. Example: Java is used by different set of the web application development company. With Java you can develop any sort of enterprise web application for industries including financial, manufacturing, and, healthcare services. This programming language is ideal for latest techs like cloud development, IoT, AI, Games, Data Mining, Smart devices and apps based on AR/VR.

Ides & java tools to enhance productivity

Java has advanced developer tools and IDE freely available in the market which ensures robust web app development with advanced features. Eclipse and NetBeans are the two most popular IDE to develop Java apps. Java has free open-source tools and plugins that enable users to do any sort of programming and test them.

Supports multi-treading

Furthermore, Java has multi-threading capability, thus, applications written in Java can manage multiple threads and users at the same time. Java web application development company and developers don’t have to carry out multiple copies of the code on the existing hardware as Java enable to create multiple-threads within a single copy of the software as required by the application. A multithread environment supported by Java renders quick response time, better performance, multiple operations, less issues, and faster concurrent access.


Java is highly scalable programming language. Software solutions developed using Java can handle bulk of work load easily. This can be larger data sets, higher request rates etc Java can mould itself for the needs of the web application development company or developers, and enable developer to scale itself both horizontally and vertically depending on the requirements.  Meaning that whenever developer want to improve the performance and response of web application all you need is to add simple and minimal codes.

Object-oriented programming language

Java is also an Object-Oriented Programming language and for web app development it is highly desirable. As an OOP application it is easier to code and manage whilst keeping the system flexible, modular, and scalable. Objects developed using Java can be reused across the different platforms. Thus, the reusability of software cuts a large portion of the cost of app development.

Community support

Java has a huge community which interacts via online forums, groups, seminars, etc. These community members help, share and support knowledge. It has Stack Overflow, active forums, open-source organizations and Java groups to aid people for Java related problems. Communities help beginners, intermediate and expert Java developers.

Final line

Java is considered one of the great options for web application development company to develop and maintain web apps. Undoubtedly, Java has made its pace, it is being used by every other developer because it is the basics of programming language. 

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