Iphone7 to launch on 16 September

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A Fresh Leak for iphone7, Apple traditionally holds its iphone launch event in September every year. But still there is no official announcement on the iphone7. The iphone7 may be launched in the third week of September, hope in the week of September 12. I think iphone7 similar design to iphone 6s, redesigned antenna lines, new cameras, and removal of headphone jack.

September is crucial month for iphone– A September 16 date for new iPhone accessibility is a sooner than common, as far back as the iPhone moved to a September discharge month. A year ago, the iPhone 6s hit stores for retail accessibility on September 25. The iPhone 6 appeared on September 19 in 2014 and the 2013 iPhone 5s was September 20.

Come with Three Variants- The iPhone 7 was expected to dispatch in three variations – iPhone 7, iPhone 7 Plus, and another iPhone 7 Pro form. Be that as it may, new breaks indicate that Apple may simply stick to two variations this year. There is likewise anticipated that would be another base stockpiling variation – 32GB. The plausible stockpiling offerings will be rearranged to 32GB, 128GB, and a conceivable new 256GB variation.

The variations are expected upon to brandish marginally greater batteries, and the new Apple A10 processor for quicker execution. The Home Button is required to play out different capacities, and be Force Touch empowered. In view of the new chip (and if the reputed demise of 3.5mm sound jack is valid), the iPhone 7 is likewise anticipated that would be no less than 1mm slimmer.

Apple may not call the gadget the iPhone 7 all things considered. It says Chinese production network sources have seen bundling and naming that demonstrates the new telephone will be known as the iPhone 6SE’. Given the more-iterative changes and comparable configuration, it is not impossible for Apple to mark the new iPhone as a continuation of the iPhone 6 line.

By and by, 6SE is a lot of a sizable chunk yet who knows? With Apple breaking its average tick-tock cycle of hardware launches, the name is not yet decided. Apple could utilize another postfix, as 6X, or even a word like “Genius” to signify the refinements over a year ago’s equipment.

If the rumors are true, than we suggest we will have the new iphone in the couple of months. We will also feature the Apple watch 2 or may be new Macs or iPad updates. Stay Tuned with AppSquadz Technologies Pvt. Ltd. for more updates for iphone.

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