Developing a Secure IoT App for Smart Household

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The emergence of IoT apps has transformed the market in various fields such as automation, smart city, industrial automation, smart house and much more. Due to technological advancement and low cost of the internet connectivity Internet of things application has been very prevalent. Secure development technology (SDL) is a security system which has been incorporated in IoT for enabling advanced security. IoT application developed by IoT app development companies are going to open a new door of financial growth in the time to come. ---------


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Impact of AI & its Implementation in Mobile App Development

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In the epoch of cutting edge technologies, several devices and technological tools are available in the market. Smartphones namely, Google’s Android and Apple’s iPhone are the most widely used smartphones and are profoundly popular nowadays. With a combined mobile app development market share close to 99%, both Google and Apple work to bring more innovations and new features into their smartphones as billions of people all over the globe are utilizing them daily.

In the limelight comes the significance and role of Artificial Intelligence in mobile application development, which gives more fuel to Google & Apple to bring advanced changes to their respective platforms. AI is beneficial for developers and even for the general users. With implementing AI features into application development, then the smartphones can perform various advanced technology functions like face recognition, text recognition, voice recognition, image labelling, and barcode scanning etc. Being an entrepreneur or a business owner, you must understand how AI will cause an immersive user experience and how it simplifies the work for smartphone users? ---------


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New York may soon be going to Witness the Idea of Legalized e-Scooters

New York may Witness Legalized eScooters

It is expected that the roads of New York will soon be packed with e-Scooters. Since the time Germany has allowed the e-Scooters to be on the streets; New York is poised to take it easy on the idea of legalizing e-Scooters. Soon two-wheeled e-scooter will be seen in the streets of New York. Various e-Scooters app development company has taken charge to provide a dockless electric scooter app for vehicle sharing platform.

The people much like the popularly trending e-Scooters because of its mode of operation through the crowd on the road. It can be operated on the sidewalks amidst the trees. No wonder, the eco-friendly ride offers many benefits on the environmental level and even affect the economy for good, it is still considered an under-rated option to commute. It is also because of the carefree attitude linked with the ride that bothers people walking on the sidewalks and makes it more accessible to accidents. ---------


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IoT Bringing on the Change in eLearning Now & in the Future


Knowledge is not limited to just books. Learning is no more limited to schools or educational institutions. E-learning app development has helped the education system to adapt to the changing education norms, technical innovations, student mobility, and age-groups. The internet of things besides smartphones and the web are transforming the process of eLearning now and in the future.

People in this era are making most out of the technology; internet availability has made procuring data and staying connected very easy. The internet of things, which is just an extension of internet connectivity into hardware to aid in everyday tasks, with the help of sensors has the potential to connect and interact with things over the internet; control and monitor their performance. ---------