How to Hire Best Candidate for your Startup?


There are certain things that a startup should need to know regarding recruitment as how to draw and engage the most suitable candidate in their organization.

1.) Look for Attitude and Intellect over skills

Attitude and Intelligence should be valued more over skills and experience. It is easier to train a smart candidate for a job, but it’s almost impossible to implant right attitudes and values in him/her if he/she doesn’t already have them. By this, it doesn’t mean that knowledge is not required. A combination of knowledge and the right attitude is what should be looked in a candidate.

How to Test the Right Attitude and Potential?

It is nearly impossible to judge a person’s attitude and experience accurately in an interview or two. Even if you have given the test, you can know only about one’s knowledge and not about the attitude.

To know about one’s attitude and potential accurately, offer the candidate 3 months internship or keep him/her on probation. In this period an employer can know the person much better. Always try to ensure that you don’t hire a person with a bad attitude. As it is said A single sinner sinks the boat.

2.) Recommendations and Creativeness

A startup which doesn’t have much brand awareness can’t compete with the leaders in the industry which automatically draw talented candidates. A startup should look for creative methods and rely a lot on recommendations. It’s best to have just a few resumes of people whom you know a little about through recommendation than to have heaps of resumes of people you know nothing about them.

3.) Provide a Good Culture

Company culture is the fundamental thing, which helps decide the growth of an organization and its employees. It’s best to have some basic principles incorporated in the company’s working which should be practiced and lived regularly by all the team members.

Having a good company culture inspires every member to bring their best at work. It also helps them be satisfied and content doing their particular job. Moreover, it shows transparency, companionship, pleasure of work, and frequent feedback.

4.) Encourage and Foster Entrepreneurship & Innovation

We know that not everyone is an entrepreneur. But a startup can nurture entrepreneurship and innovation. Look for people who have such skills but are not given the creativity freedom in their present company. If they find you capable enough they will come to you when you offer them the desired field for their opinions and ideas which of course, helps your business grow. Initially, a startup needs such people to work with them even if sometimes it becomes too difficult. This helps startup a lot in many ways.

The most difficult thing in a startup regarding employment is retaining talented people in the organization. It’s not an easy process to keep everyone engaged in the company, but with sheer patience and hard work, you can expect some people to stay around you. Plus, you don’t require having a team of 100 employees in the starting, a team of 5 or 10 is more than enough to begin a startup and eventually expand the team.

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