Comprehensive Guide for Selecting a Framework Concerning Web Development

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When you run a business, it is essential to have an online presence. A more significant part of the population accesses information from the internet for all sorts of queries. The pace at which the online space is growing expeditiously, it is not easy to amuse the clients with a bare essential website. So, choosing the right of framework development is quite a significant decision for the business owners. It is necessary to understand various aspects of the business to decide which framework is best suitable for the company finally.

A website is considered to be adequately designed when it adheres to the required constraints like easy navigation, minimal website loading time, being responsive across all platforms, having a website that is designed with proper patterns. Such a site is visually appealing, and it should be able to deliver relevant content to its potential visitors or target audience. Few of the popular web app development frameworks are mentioned below:


Google’s Angular Js latest release is doing better and is on the top of the list, fulfilling all the constraints for developing a framework. Being a Javascript-based structure, AngularJs is open source front end development framework. With the sophisticated controllers, directives, and components of Angular Js, the developer needs to have proper knowledge of this leading technology to develop a pro application. It is a popular frame to develop sole page web apps based on model view controller architecture with a two- way binding. It will be a right decision to choose Angular for the next web project.


Facebooks’s ReactJS is another in the list of open-source JavaScript-based frameworks, whose libraries are managed by Facebook and other significant community of developers to address and resolves the challenges faced by the developers. Its libraries are majorly used to develop user interfaces for web-based applications whose data keeps changing from time to time. So ReactJs is another framework one can use for developing an app with regular content changes.


Vue.js is another open-source JavaScript framework for the development of user interfaces. It features the development of single-page applications. With more than 50 K stars on Github, it has been an exceptional framework since 2013 as of now. It shares some similarities with React Js development like use of Virtual DOM, reactive view components along with the various core library functions that are managed by companion libraries. Trying VueJs for a new web project is equally a good option.


Laravel is a framework based on one of the most used web language, PHP. Taylor Otwell built this open-source framework for backend development using MVC structural design. The popularity of the language makes it desirable for many businesses to go for Laravel development. It provides efficient ORM, queue library, convenient authentication, and routing facility. It provides an excellent application program interface support, functions that help in application deployment and its maintenance, and assist in organizing and accessing the database. Many famous websites like Yulair, Fox47, etc. have been using Laravel for backend support.

Ruby on Rails

Ruby on Rails is a popular web development framework that uses Ruby language with the model view controller structure. The ease of use, rich codebase with easing assembling and testing of the code makes it an excellent option for the beginners. Airbnb, Basecamp, GitHub, Hulu are some of its products. Ruby on Rails is performed on the Linux operating system. With the built-in security functions, library-based dependencies to enhance the performance of the application, developing web applications with RoR is fast and efficient. Developers can always take the support of the large friendly RoR community.


The Web application development must be cost-effective and must provide a smooth channel to the customer to reach the website via Google. The site looks appealing and irresistible to the visitor if it is updated and developed as per the latest technologies. Our development company has skilled and expert developers dealing with the latest web development technologies and frameworks.

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