Your Guide to Encrypted Video Google Drive Solution in 2020

google drive solution 2020

Google Drive is cloud-based storage assistance from google, to enable users to keep their files safe and secured for a very long time. They can store and access files at any time on any device without any kind of threat of device loss. You can sync your photos, stories, designs, drawings, recordings, videos, and many more things by using the services like Google Docs, Google Slides, Google Sheets, Gmail, Google+, etc., from Encrypted Google Drive Video Solution. Users keep all the data safe on their user id and password. This free or paid storage service is worth so much for businesses especially. Where a huge amount of data is stored on the cloud now, instead of USB or piles of papers. 

What’s special? That is, you can integrate your google drive as local storage on your mac now with more functionality. Just you have to map your google account on FTP locally this will give you better access to the docs, slides, and sheets. If your encryption google drive solution is local storage on your mac then you can search any file by its name in finder even on your mac.

To work with Google Drive Encryption Video Solution, the user is just required to sign in with an id and password. The Google ID on the drive is in the format of [email protected]. You also can access the drive by typing on the google search bar. Your drive will appear, on your computer or any device and you get 15 GB of data as free storage with google drive.

Why you should encrypt Google Drive files?

There are numerous reasons for encrypting data with google drive but the most social reason is your data stay safe and secured for a long time. With this service, you can encrypt the APFS disk in Mac’s Disk Utility and change the APFS encryption password anytime whenever you want to. Similarly, the encryption software development company introduces new ideas to drive encryption techniques. You might be probably wondering what else cloud drive encryption can do and why it is a better option.

The fact is that google drive facilitates convenience for people by getting them access to cloud storage. But the question of privacy protection is still viable because a trusting organization does not give you a visible secured option. For instance, wonder if you would be unable to encrypt data with google drive by password in google docs. There is no doubt that you might be thinking of privacy and security.

Moreover, you can find some other ways to encrypt data on Encrypted Video Google Drive from other actions, viruses, or malware. Because preventing them from misuse or piracy is very important for a successful business strategy, there might be sensitive data too. What’s the worst can happen is various fussy mails and mistakenly you can click on them but the recovery option and immediate help are also available at the google forums.

How can you encrypt files and folders on Google Drive?

Before the data is added to cloud storage and google drive encrypts the data for free on the server-side. Google additionally tries to keep customer data highly secured this is the reason Google is the fastest emerging search engine, cloud computing, operating system, IT firm in the world with the maximum users on it permanently. Here is this blog post we are introducing the major solution to encrypt files and folders on the Encrypted Video Google Drive solution.

Solution 1: Make sure your Google account is secure

As we have already mentioned that you just need an id and password to log in to your google account. So, account login and access are the simplest way to secure files and use them when required. If Google notifies you of any issue with the account then you have to tap on the google account recovery option immediately.

Here are a few things you can do to improve the security of your record.

  • Set up a solid secret key for your Google account.
  • Do not share your secret key and client name with new gadgets or individuals.
  • Enable two-factor confirmation.
  • Do not click obscure or weird connections appended to the messages.

Keep these in mind, and it is the first step to prevent others from accessing your account and data in Google Drive.

Solution 2: Use password protection in Microsoft Office before uploading

To save the data you are going to upload you can set a password prepared in the system. Your mac will have a separate password to save data more securely on the system. You can access google drive or also decrypt the account created.

Solution 3: Use a third-party Google Drive encryption application

For businesses and organizations accessing drives on servers is a slow and interrupting process that also makes a threat of piracy. But for a better instance, you can contact the best google drive encryption software development company providing the best services. You can get customized software as per your purpose, and this facilitates a safe and secure business operation on the app so that you do not require separate software for processing. The Google Drive Encryption Video software with great encryption technology from IT giants can encrypt Google Drive in Windows, macOS, Android, iOS, and other portable devices.


It doesn’t matter what type of device is, just install the google drive encryption software on your device and the most important thing is you have to keep your password remember. AppSquadz is the leading software development organization, you can have your encrypted software integrated with google drive video encryption technology. Contact us now for further queries or assistance.

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