Google begins app defense alliance to subdue malicious mobile apps from play store

Mobile Apps App Defense Alliance

On the 7th of November 2019, Wednesday google announced the mobile apps defense alliance on the play store. It reinforces the security rules and regulations to prevent any bad app from entering the play store. And it is all about the security of the users because there are more than 2.5 billion android users, and the number of mobile apps on the play store crossed the 2.9 million by March 2020. The probability of bad activities has increased. But now the App Defense Alliance has raised the scanning of every app before they are listed on the play store.

Because maybe you accidentally download them, now the developers and mobile app development company will have to take more care about the security of data entered by users. The app defense alliance is a collaboration of three companies on the board right now. with the new features bug identification, smoothness check, and security breaches are integrated.

Tackling malicious mobile apps and activities

In the reports by Google about removing the malicious application, millions of downloads are expected in threat. Google found 172 malicious mobile apps and 335 million downloads were found in September 2019. Along with this 42 malicious with a collective download of 8 million downloads were removed. With these assistances, app defense alliance is a welcome addition to the security. Android app development companies that are very reputed and leading in the technological field need to take care of the integrations and accessibilities of the files they develop. Play store is enough strong now to identify the malignant application. This was very important to save other apps and users from the drastic loss of security and trust.

Welcoming three organizations on-board for enhanced security

The major companies in technological niche ESET, lookout, and Zimperium to result in this activity. The app defense alliance is a function to stop the malignant app before they reach users. Filtration and scanning before they go publicly active in the part of the alliance. A malignant app is an app that contains useless activity that can harm the data present in the device, or does nasty promotions. All three boards in the alliance coordinate the work function of google play protect.

The above process will make the checking more streamlined to avoid any suspicious app from stealing user data or affecting the device with malware. “The Android biological system is flourishing with over 2.5 billion smartphones and tablets; however, this prevalence additionally makes it an appealing objective for misuse. This is valid for every single worldwide stage: where there is programming with overall expansion, terrible entertainers are attempting to assault it for their increase. Working intimately with our industry, accomplices offers us a chance to team up with some genuinely capable specialists in our field and the location motors they’ve manufactured. This is all with the objective of, together, decreasing the danger of application-based malware, distinguishing new dangers, and ensuring our clients,” the above was directly quotes by Google in a blog entry about the App Defense Alliance.


The reports released by google are reported about the harmful apps from the PlayStore that removed about 700000 apps in 2017 and numerous downloads too. Along with these 42 toxic apps with 8 million downloads removed in October. The google play store has seen the many cases of terrible apps that are being transferred and making a threat. This is the reason google propose the App Defense alliance the program highly integrated with the latest tools and techniques enhancing the security and protection. The company has updated it also one play store as play protect has seen in new updates of play store.

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