Google has Announced Android Wear 2.0

Android Wear 2.0

Google on Wednesday announced Android Wear 2.0, the next version of its Android OS for smartphones. It will come with three new messaging features- a full keyboard, handwriting recognition and smart replies. The release will also have the fitness focused activity recognition API that will identify what the user body is doing and launch appropriate apps to track their activity.

Google has given three noteworthy upgrades to Android Wear since it came to market two years prior—each time the form of Android that Wear is based on top of is redesigned, Google likewise includes Wear-particular elements. Android 5.0, 5.1, and 6.0 all had relating Wear discharges that smoothed out harsh edges, refined the interface, and made the watches more able.

Android Wear

Today at its engineer gathering, Google is reporting Android Wear 2.0, a rendition number knock that mirrors the extent of the progressions it presents. The upgrade gives the UI an exhaustive Material Design-themed redesign, empowers perfect watches to accomplish more without a telephone appended, acquaints some new information strategies with make correspondence simpler, and duplicates something that the Apple Watch gets right. Also, since it depends on Android N, it grabs support for components like Data Saver, Java 8, and new emoji, among other stage highlights.

Some of them Features are as follows-

  • Stand-Alone Apps

    Presumably the greatest expansion to Wear 2.0 is the capacity for applications to convey straightforwardly over the Internet by means of Bluetooth, Wi-Fi, or (for the few watches that have it) cell, as opposed to depending only on a fastened telephone or cloud synchronizing between your watch and your telephone for correspondence. This generally just implies that your watch will be more helpful without your telephone, in any event when it has Internet network.

  • An API for complications

    Outsiders have possessed the capacity to make Android Wear watch faces for quite a while, yet the sort of data they can show is vigorously reliant on the watch face itself—even with heaps of choices, it may be elusive one that looks great and gives you the look capable data you need.

Wear 2.0 presents an undeniable API for confusions, those little bits of additional data on imbecilic watches (or on the Apple Watch, so far as that is concerned) that show you things like the present date or moon stages. The Complications API lets application engineers pass crude information to watch faces, which can organization and style the information anyway they need to make it look great beside whatever is left of the watch face. Tapping on individual intricacies can take you into the full watch application for more data.

  • A Redesign UI

    Android Wear’s notification cards have been overhauled to be basically light content on a dark foundation rather than dull content on a white foundation, which the organization says is planned to preserve battery life on watches with OLED screens and to make notices less prominent in the event that they light your watch up in a dim or faintly lit room.

  • A Keyboard and Handwriting Recognition

    You can officially sort of-kind of utilization your look for messaging and Hangouts and different interchanges now, however you for the most part need to depend on some of the time flaky voice transcription elements and short, canned speedy answers. Wear 2.0 includes two new information techniques: a minor little swipe-style console that you can use to sort and a penmanship acknowledgment mode that gives you a chance to draw out letters on your watch’s screen to illuminate messages.

Given the little size of most Android Wear displays, these info strategies still don’t seem like they’ll be a huge amount of amusing to utilize. Be that as it may, for circumstances where you can’t or don’t have any desire to utilize voice and your short canned answers won’t take care of business, both choices give you more approaches to convey a speedy reaction without uncovering your telephone. Any application that as of now takes into account voice include consequently underpins the two new information techniques with no extra exertion with respect to application developers.

As Per from Developer Preview

The bad news is that your hardware options are pretty limited right now. It is only compatible with LG watch and Huawei watch.

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