Factors to Be Considered by an Android Apps Development Company in the USA

Android App Development Company in the USA

Android App Development Company in the USA

Android applications enjoy a huge popularity as compared to its closes rival iOS applications. This is because mobile applications for Android OS are based on the Java. This implies that a developer with knowledge of Java and having a bit programming experience has great chance of developing Android based applications. He/she can get hired by a reputed by Android app development company in the USA. Also, Android Operating System has brilliant support for 2D and 3D graphics. And, this factor has a crucial role in the determining success of any application. Moreover, the licensing fee is inexpensive and thus, Android app developers incur less expenses for using this platform for the app development. So, these are some of the advantages of android app development.

So, for developing the Android based application, you have an option of appointing the best android apps development company in the USA or else you can hire freelancer for your development project. However, before coming to a decision, you need to ensure that your preferred developer test your application by taking in account some parameters.

Factors to Consider Before The Launch of Android Mobile App

Data Security

Important data can be stored and acquired easily by another device, which is generally the common problem that app developers often fail to understand. however, if you are looking to avoid this threat, some measures should be taken into account at the time of testing. This will guarantee that no crucial data is available loosely on the device.

Server Security

Hacking or misusing data from application servers is quite common nowadays. It is seen that several apps are based on APIs, including REST, SOAP, and JSON and in this regard, API requester is needed to settle the bill. Hence, it is a serious consideration which should be followed for secure coding at server at the time of development process. This will help in resolving the weak server issue.

Encrypted Communication

It is always recommended to use encrypted communication with the back-end application server. At present, 1024-bit key length is considered as the weakest method for encryption and thus, android application development companies should ensure that all certificates contain 2048-bit length.

Implement Best UX Practices

There are some crucial things to be followed by an android app development company in the USA. The first one is to keep the design interactive and simple at the same time. This will help in increasing user engagement. Also, remember to make interactions fast. For this, you can go for guerilla UX test at the time of Android application development process and cater app users with amazing experience.

At the last, It is said that when your application is removed from the app store due to negative feedback and reviews, then it is quite difficult to transform negative impression to positive one. Therefore, all the above mentioned points should be taken into consideration by a android app development company when developing apps.

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