Essential Tips to Make a Good Mobile Application

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Do you have a great idea for a stunning app and you want it to be on App Store? If yes, you either need to have ample app development experience or enough money to hire a reliable app developer for your next big thing. Presently, the mobile application market is flooding with applications! So, it is very difficult to make your app tops the chart no matter how great your idea is. Until and unless you hire a good mobile app development company. Furthermore, there are some essential tips to make a good app. Some of the tips are mentioned below.

Essential Tips to Make a Good Mobile App

Validate your idea

First and foremost, it is very crucial to be sure about the success of your idea. get rid of any ifs and buts before indulging into the app development process. For this you can make an animated video to let users know what your app is going to be about. This is one of the easiest ways to find out whether your idea is worth investing in.

Know Your Audience

It is very important to be capable of understanding your audience. According to a recent stat,  it was found that 14% of service providers failed as they were not able to define their target audience. Surely, you wouldn’t want to be among the 14%. The target audience identification processes my feel easy but it totally depends upon your project. For example you shouldn’t promote a soccer mobile game to housewives aged around 40 or 50. So,

Go for the Right Platform

Even though the majority of new titles are firstly developed for iOS, but developing an android mobile app first should be considered due to certain factors. The choice of platform generally depends on numerous like identifying Operating Systems your target audience is mostly available on. Android is currently ruling the market of developed countries like UK, US, China and Germany. When it comes to developing countries, the shares of Apple are even lesser. But this doesn’t mean that Android is perfect choice of platform for your project. Apple’s App Store receives 75% more revenue compared to Google Play.

Focus on Performance

As per some statistics, low performance is the reason that almost 90% of mobile application users dump a mobile application. Always ensure that your application functions seamlessly on any sort of gadgets within your Operating System. Also ensure that it is bug-free and loading is faster. Even after you deploy a mobile app successfully, it is your job to keep your app updated and keep on enhancing software quality through updates as per the modern trends.

Marketing is Necessary

As per some statistics, it has been found that an average Smartphone user uses about 25 apps every month, with 21% of the time is spent on social media applications. One more survey represent that about 65% of US Smartphone users don’t download any applications over the period of a month and while only 40% of users search for mobile apps on the Google Play and App Store. Therefore, marketing of application is very essential to ensure its success. For this job, good software development companies appoint digital marketers, content managers and a sales team. All these marketers and strategists make sure that your app reaches to targeted customer audience.

So, these are some of the essential tips to make a good App. Considering these tips will help you be assured of the success of your application.

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