How Educational Apps Will Transform the Modern Way of Learning and Teaching?

Educational Apps Educational Apps Transform the Modern Way of Learning and Teaching

IIn this contemporary highly tech-savvy world, we have become dependent on our gadgets for various services, receiving educational service is one major thing among them. Since the time in 2010 Apple invented iPad, the users worldwide have started studying from various android education apps installed in iPad. Then iPhone, Tablet, Kindle, smartphone all gradually resumed focusing in providing this educational service in more than one way. The statistical analysis has concluded that the class equipped with the educational apps in their gadgets have performed quite better compared to those who have learned only in a traditional way.

Features of education apps

While choosing an education app it is important to check that it has the features which will keep the learners engaged.

Lessons videos and test series

The learning app should have a series of videos of lessons. Once a learner finishes watching one module, he will have to go through a test. There should be a score board depending upon his performance in it. If his performance is well enough, a higher level of lesson module will be open before him. So, there should be a list of lesson modules and a list of test series to judge the level of knowledge of the learner. The learning app should be moduled in such an encouraging way that the users have the desire to get back to the application again and again. These visually attractive lessons give an audio-visual sense and make the learning very appealing to the students.


The education apps should consist of informative lessons so that the students can remember those and can perform well in their classroom tests when they are asked objective questions.

Offline facilities

The application should be well operational in the offline mode so that the learning process for the students become very convenient even when they are in no network zone.

Teaching materials

The teaching material should be relevant to any examination which the members aspire to clear. The success in those examinations will help the members to rely on the education apps and will certainly give good reviews about the application.

Interactive sessions

You are sitting in a classroom and the teacher wants to test your knowledge and to engage all the students in a discussion on the topic which she has already taught in the class. She made a group of five students and asked each group to open different test series in a particular Web app as she handed a digital device to each team of the students. She made sure that each group put collaborative efforts to solve the problems. It instills team spirit, positivity and digital learning capability among them.


  1. It playfullypromotes learning and teaching.
  2. The teacher or student can track the previous learning performance.
  3. It gives insights to the students as the learning process is self-initiating, not seems like a traditional compulsive one.
  4. It saves paper.

These E-learning mobile apps are not only used by students for academic benefits, rather by professionals of various fields as these E-learning mobile apps helps the professional to know about new policies, training, concepts, and idea. In a way, education and knowledge gaining have been entertaining by the bliss of these apps. It has a very high retention rate as the user interface is made to produce a highly inspirational environment. It results in the saving of time and money that would have been wasted in classroom-based training. The flexibility of learning at any place and any time, even while traveling makes people engage in learning as their favorite task.

Smart class board

Smart Class Board is an interactive whiteboard which helps the teachers to show any subject materials to the students that all the students can understand easily. The smart class board can accommodate different style of learning in a visually lucrative way. These smart white board is connected to the computer and internet so that the teacher can present various topics available in the educational website and educational applications. As the teachers will no longer need to give handwritten notes to the students so it is very eco-friendly educational process.

Learning management system

Learning management system is a software application which is utilized for administration, documentation, tracking, reporting, delivery of educational courses and training. This LMS has emerged from eLearning. This acts as a platform for online educational contents. It has been designed utilizing analytical data and to provide the learning and training gaps.


Educational learning and training application has brought revolution in the way the knowledge is received. In all walks of life, we have been very depended on these android education apps to keep as updated and remain informative so that we can place our point of views with information and idea in the time of professional meetings. The students have been greatly benefitted as learning through these education apps has been as entertaining as watching television or playing video games.

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