Things to know before Developing your Mobile App

mobile application

Pre-planning always comes handy, especially when planning something complex such as developing your mobile application. Below we have mentioned some of the things to plan thoroughly before developing your mobile application.

  1. Define your Objectives:

What are your objectives when developing a mobile app? What are you trying to accomplish with the app? Are you looking to create an application to make life easier for your staff? Are you looking to make new revenue streams and earn money? Is your application targeted at customer loyalty and facilitate better customer self-service?

Once you define your goals it becomes much easier to determine as where to start and which direction to take the development work.

  1. Understand your Audience:

Always remember – Your audience is everything. Your user base is capable of making or breaking your application.

For a successful mobile application, you should know what technologies and devices your users are using as well as what they are actually looking for in a mobile application. Understanding the user’s expectations is very crucial.

If you understand your user-base well, you can then easily build an application, expressly tailored for them. If you do adequate research and identify your audience’s likes and dislikes, you are more likely to develop an app which is appreciated.

  1. Early User Feedback:

Now that you have defined your audience and have built the first version of your application, you should listen to your users. By discussing ideas and asking for reviews and feedback with your user base, you can easily plan your further steps and determine various areas to improve or modify in your application. Remember your early users are your best testers, as they are the one who will be using your app; and in ways that you would have never thought of.

  1. Minimum Viable Product (MVP):

As an alternative to tackling the whole problem at first, it is best to develop a simple version of the application as a foundation. Test it in the market before investing your whole time and money for a full product. This will allow you to improve your app and release it faster and launch it the market more quickly. This not only saves your time but also money.

  1. Multiple Releases & Application Updates:

Do you know that users re-engage with your application when new features are updated in it? As per some statistics, it has been seen that every time an app is updated, users that are gone cold are more likely to get engaged again with your app again.

This is an ideal strategy to keep your users engaged and active with your app. So, instead of releasing a big update after a long period, try to release smaller but more frequent updates.

  1. Research:

It is very important to know what is out there exactly. Download other similar applications and see how you can make your app better and enhanced using other apps’ positive and negative aspects.

  1. Choosing the Right Technology:

The technology of mobile application development keeps on changing constantly. So, it is important to revise your business objectives and determine the right technology to build your application.

  1. Analyzing Results:

Without analyzing and measuring your app data and usage, you won’t be able to ascertain the success of your app, ascertaining your key metrics beforehand is important. It will help you measure success easily after your app is online. Make a list of all your key metrics and then thoroughly analyze your application usage to know whether those goals are met or not.

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