Developing an E-Learning Mobile App – Market Size, Statistics, and Trends

e-learning mobile app E-Learning Mobile App Development

Today, mobile apps have become an integral part of our day to day lives and therefore people are aware of such thing in a better way how to use such a mobile app. Therefore, to introduce a mobile app with high technology, there is no time now than ever. These e-learning mobile app developments are very appealing and will have the entire attention of learners. And among all this, one such concept is e-learning app development. Before these mobile apps came into existence, people will receive a warm welcome whether it is parents or teachers or admins which also provide major benefits to them.

In this way, we can say that mobile technology has transformed the education industry and hence make it more comfortable for the learners. At the same time, with the help of e-learning mobile app development they can be financially accessible to students; hence without worrying about the tuition fees go for these apps.

Amazing stats on e-learning mobile app

As per the statistics, to find accessing their training content from mobile devices, about 64% of people do this. 43% of the learners see improved productivity levels as compared to non-mobile users. When it comes to downloading, 89% of Smartphone users download apps, and among which 50% is of learning. It has also been recorded that 46% of learners use LMS mobile app before they get back to their sleep.

Reports have also suggested that 27% of growth has been observed in mobile-only users, by surpassing 14%, desktop-only users. Around 45% of faster course completion rate has been seen among Smartphone learners than selecting a computer. According to the reports, 65% of digital media is viewed on a Smartphone daily.

If we look at present stats, the average person generally spends 2 hours on their Smartphone’s and about 221 times they touch their mobile screens.64% of research has started on a Smartphone is finished on a computer or tablet. 70% of learners felt motivated when they have been given training on the mobile device.

Types of e-learning mobile app

Let’s learn the types of e-learning mobile app development which can help you to understand and choose better for your business as:

  1. Course Software: With the help of this software, learners can learn with the help of videos and other mechanisms.
  2. Software for classroom: With the help of this software, students can study on white screens or whiteboards.
  3. Test software: With the help of this software, students can highly take part in the quiz and test just to increase their skills and knowledge in the same.
  4. Software for reference: This kind of apps covers up the category where users get knowledge about encyclopedias and dictionaries.
  5. Specific educational software: These apps are developed for niche markets such as typing tutors, healthcare, and much other software.

Market size trends and Stats on e-learning mobile app

e learning app development statistics

As per the current statistics, e-learning app development is the third most frequently installed apps on mobile devices which have the current rate of 8.47%. And hence to hire e-learning app developers are increasing in demand. Other than that, there come stats that the global market of m-learning apps was seen $165.36 billion in past years and is expected to grow by $243 billion in 2022.

Hence, there is no doubt that it is a profitable opportunity for businesses to develop an e-learning mobile app development to scale up revenues from the best mobile app development company. After all, the demand in education mobile app has never witnessed a downfall and these mobile apps offer the best support to earn massive profits for each student thereby.

Working of e-learning mobile apps

The e-learning mobile app development has majorly 4 types of users such as students, super admin, teachers and parents as well. So, working for all 4 of these is entirely different from each other. Let us look at the working of e-learning app development on these 4 types of users as:

For Students

Students are considered as the largest target audience of these e-learning apps and therefore the entire business model revolves around them. With the help of the LMS mobile app, students can collect the entire course material and can learn anytime and from anywhere on their devices.

For Teachers

The e-learning mobile app development provides another special feature to the teachers and therefore teachers can sign up to the apps as teaches and can upload the entire course which is designed by students for their help.

For Parents

Not all LMS mobile app business models have dedicated app for parents and require parents to login and using this app, parents can keep an eye and can track their children’s activity and their progress.

For Admin

A super admin has control over each activity what students, parents; teachers are doing and can view all statistics like overall incomes, no of active users and so on.

Benefits of e-learning mobile app

benefits e learning mobile app

There are several benefits of the learning management system which we will be discussing today as below:

  • E-learning mobile app allows users to learn by using videos and other machines on their mobile phones or tablets which makes the entire process of learning quite easy and flexible.
  • This also helps to have better completion rates and higher retention rates and concisely present the content, so learners can finish the course and can start with a new one.
  • It also ensures higher engagement and is easily accessible by the students at any time and any place thus learners can stay on track with their training.
  • One of the best benefits of e-learning mobile app development is multi-device support therefore users can access it either on smartphones, tablets or desktop.
  • With the help of e-learning mobile app, you can offer collaborative learning with the help of online learning communities within the app.

Features of e-learning mobile app

The features of e-learning app development also include 4 users such as students, admin, teacher, and parents. Let us have a look at each user’s features from e-learning mobile app as below:

For Students
  • Easy sign/sign up for the user
  • Pay for the subscription plan
  • Students can search for tutors
  • Can post questions and can view and select tutor
  • Testing knowledge through the quiz and online exam
For Teachers
  • Teacher register account
  • Can enhance their detailed profile
  • Can manage their account setting
  • Can connect with students on video, audio and chat as well
  • Can view the available questions and can answer them
  • Can edit their account details
For Parents
  • Social sign up and log in
  • Course progress tracking
  • Check assessment
  • Track student attendance
  • Access leader board
For Super Admins
  • Admins can manage users
  • Can manage the badges and session
  • Can manage locations and subjects and credits as well
  • Can manage question and notification
  • Can manage subscription package


Educational mobile apps are becoming a hype in the current era and thus to ensure the creation of fully functional and innovative e-learning mobile apps, businesses need to pick the right mobile app development company.

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