Corporate Job or Startup? – Know Which is Better For You.

corporate job or startup

With social startups and the Internet gaining attention in the media from the last couple of years, many people would think that joining a small business is the best career move. And, as there are plentiful benefits of working in a startup environment, big companies also offer a lot. So which is better- Corporate Job or Startup? Read below to know in detail.

Reasons to Work at a Startup


Most startups are popular for having a laid-back, fun environment. You will rarely find a formal dress-code policy or thick book of the employee manual. Startups generally offer casual dress codes, a fun atmosphere which often fades the line between fun and work, and plentiful of employee morale encouraging activities. However, never let the casual dress code make you think that everything is fun and a game. Successful startups employ people who are very innovative and motivated and will expect the same out of you. You want your colleagues and boss to have great expectations so you will give your best.


Startups generally operate at the swift pace. They are persistently trying to impress customers, develop technology, functionalize processes, appoint employees and pitch investors. With such persistent efforts increased the opportunity for more projects per person than you will find at a big organization. Moreover, if there are a lot of responsibilities, it means that there is going to be a lot of opportunities to shine and excel.


Most of the start-ups are not able to achieve the objectives they aim for. However, for those which do, the employees who joined at the starting can make out quite well financially. This can happen in many ways; quick promotions within the company, better earning, stock options, and a better job in case joining a different company. After all, every company wants to hire winners.

After reading this, don’t straight away jump from your big company job to join a startup. Like everything, there are boon and bane of working in a startup, and big companies can provide a lot of advantages that startups just can’t contend with. Below are some reasons to work at a big company.

Reasons to Work for a Big Company


Looking to learn a new technology, want to attend a seminar, or want to get reimbursed for further education? It is almost not possible in the startup. On the other hand, a big company has the cash to fund such types of training. Beginning a career at a large company can provide long-term value by enhancing your job skills through training and education.

Large Workforce

In the big organization, you’re more likely to come across a lot of smart, skilled and creative people to learn from and connect with. Having such connection down the line in your career can be very helpful. Also, searching mentors to guide you in your career moves may end at large company as you may easily encounter such people in there.

Startups Are Tough

In clear words, if working in a startup atmosphere would have been easy, everyone would have joined it. The working hours are long, the advantages are slim, and the risk is big. Employees who are searching for a stable environment and a “comfy” job shouldn’t look for a startup.

Deciding whether to work at a big Corporate Job or Startup can be quite difficult. There are pros and cons to both. Anyone switching a job from one type of company to another requires understanding what’s crucial in their life and then figuring out which type of organization to go for.

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