Why Choose Android App Development for Your Business?

Android App Development

Android App Development

There are plenty of reasons why Android app development is winning in a stiff app development competition. Between developers and businesses, Android applications are clearly proving worthy instruments by spreading out user engagement and tapping into a growing hub of Android subscribers.

As per some recent survey’s it has been found that Android has a significant lead over iOS, with Android Smartphone sales outscoring the iPhone by a considerable percentage. Along with its dominant market captivity and numerous other factors, Android undoubtedly makes a lucrative application development option to look at.

Advantages of Android Application Development:

Low Development Barriers:

With almost no licensing charges or costly development tools, Android app development has the least ifs and buts to get into. Most Android applications can be build at very lower costs compared to apps development on other platforms.

Swift on the Uptake:

Most of the Android applications’ parts are coded in Java, which is known for its rich aggregation of libraries.  Android itself holds brightly documented SDKs which smoothens development process across an extensive range of genres. In addition, Google Play is without any doubt a perfect marketplace for businesses and developers to leverage the monetization opportunities. This makes Android exceptionally great from a small business viewpoint.

Wide Range Of Distribution Channels:

Android applications can be syndicated in the number of ways. Google Play is unquestionably the most feasible option, but there are also plenty of third-party app stores available that can help in growing your business outreach. Moreover, you can also make your own distribution channels to look better and unique into vertical market app requirements.

Open Source:

Being an open source platforms Android can’t be missed when it comes to selecting a viable mobile application development platform. Choosing Android saves you greatly on licensing fees and royalty cuts charged by other platforms. The open source nature of Android attracts developers, manufacturers, and users across the board, thus building up a strong platform engagement ensuring the flow of updates is smooth.

Platform Integration:

Android is a boon for businesses looking for cross-platform integration. If you are also looking at carving out a niche market out of a pack of integrated applications– go no further than Android. While most of the other platforms permit just for background integration, Android brings the power of combining applications for a more closely interlaced user experience.

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