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How to develop an iOS App make it compatible with the Android operating system?

iOS App

If you are searching for a thorough guide on changing from an iOS app to an Android app — you are at the perfect spot. Through believer iOS app development to Android this post, we will assist you with doing precisely that. On the off chance that that sounds energizing, we should work. 

Having an iOS mobile app for your business or brand to advance it among your clients is an extraordinary thought because the stage has ended up being the correct decision for a beginning. It permits you to get more cash-flow from the App Store

Presently, if you are believing that for what reason to change over iOS app to Android, here are a portion of the significant reasons that will persuade you and recruit a development group for the equivalent. 

Why develop an iOS App for the Android App? 

  • A Better Opportunity to Occupy Consumer Markets: As you realize that Android OS makes sure about 80% of the mobile OS renditions market and for this situation if you just have an iOS application, you are losing a major level of possible clients. 
  • Expand Your Reach: Android phones are received all the more broadly, and there are colossal users that you are missing and there are high possibilities that they can turn into your expected clients. 
  • Monetize Options for your Android App: If you are believing that you can’t adapt a mobile app, you have to alter your perspective since you can without much of a stretch adapt your app with various alternatives. Indeed, even the overall iPhone app development income equivalents to $52 billion, as indicated by the ongoing measurements report. Normally, the number will develop to $100 billion by 2020. 

More Number of Features: When you choose to change over your iOS app to Android, you can likewise focus on different conceivable outcomes that have been added by Google. 

  1. The Physical Back Button 
  2. Android Intents 
  3. Widgets and Push Notifications 
  4. Android Wear 

Regardless of whether you have decided to change over an Android app development to iOS or iPhone app to Android, the significant thing that you ought to consider is the cycle of transformation to Android resemble? Is there any instant converter or device that can be utilized? 

No, there are no such instant instruments or converters that you can use to port your iOS app developer conversion to Android. Rather than looking for such instant devices and converters, you ought to decide on customized and demonstrated practice to change over iOS apps to Android apps. Here are 3 stages that you can follow: 

Analysis and Make a Plan With regards to dissect and make an arrangement, it suggests your present iOS app, its highlights, plan, work process, and qualities. You can likewise consider the potential blunders and issues that can emerge and should be resolved about those issues. 

You can consider the arrangement or improve the Android app variant. Back-end independences, app porting cycle, instruments, and structures must be checked profoundly for similarity. 

Valuation and Execution of Plan 

You have to assess all the specialized issues with the code, libraries, and outsider administrations. Presently, pick the correct tech stack to make app porting exact and less-an an ideal opportunity to burn-through and at last start the development. 

The app development or building up an app without any preparation time relies on the kind of the app that you need to change over, and by and large, changing over the iOS app to Android or we can say one stage to another is very like building up a solitary android app, so you shouldn’t anticipate that it should be finished in seven days. 

It contains highlights and material plan change by creating Android-explicit UX and usefulness, setting up the back-end, and adaptation apparatuses. 

Testing the App and Releasing 

Like any app development measure, quality affirmation is critical to change over iOS app to Android or Android and iOS applications. You can utilize genuine Android gadgets or imitating apparatuses for testing, contingent upon the acts of the iPhone app development company that you have recruited for your change necessity. 

Aside from this, you can likewise go with various types of versatile app testing, including load testing, approval, user acknowledgment testing, and beta testing. Once, it appears fine to you, you can present the application to the Google Play Store, and begin promoting your app. 


Thus, these are the customized steps that any expert iOS app development company named AppSquadz software will follow the changeover iPhone app to Android over OnDemand. Instead of picking any instant apparatus or iOS to android converter, you can examine your app engineering prerequisites with any veteran Android app designers’ group and get the correct arrangement.


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Apple renovates user experience now in iOS 14

iOS is the most engaging and popular operating system in this world. Apple has its tagline “think different” the iPhone app developers at apple company are motivated to think differently from the world that has resulted in the apple’s amazing status in the gadget market. The devices and operating system of apple make it unique this is the reason the apple company has sold its device more than the people living on this globe. Well, the company has sold its Phones alone more than the population of earth that is 7 billion. The company has worth more than 29% in the international market.

How iOS different from other operating systems?

Apple always thinks of user experience, it has always eyed on the user experience and user interface. iOS app Developers at the apple company only think of giving the feel of safety and cyber protection of their data. People love to use iPhone devices in well-developed countries there are 90% iOS devices including MacBook, iPad, etc. Users and on another hand 100% iPhone users. Similarly, the youth of this country always reams for iOS devices only. Once the person opts for any iOS device it never thinks of switching operating systems. Apple has everything unique, despite these things’ apple has the largest number of customers in global market share. The market size of an apple is beyond our imagination despite the costliest products. Apple devices are a gamut of amazing features and integrity. The level of comfort appl provide keeps the user engaged to it for a long time.

iOS 14 vs previous versions

With this status apple always thinks of introducing something new, in its new operating system version or a device like the iPhone model. Whether in terms of model design or features trend in the iOS, apple always stays unbeatable. Now have a look at the iOS 13 that was released last year, it had camera improved and other features that iOS 13 users might have experienced. Likewise, now apple is going to launch iOS 14. Every company and iOS software development research persons are making several assumptions on expected features of the new iOS model and version. Now as iOS is famous and popular. A maximum number of people use the iPhone, that the businesses and enterprises that stabilize their market by the help of applications must make their app compatible with iOS 14.

To keep business as it is for the years it was, your iPhone app needs to have features to keep it synchronized with the iPhone. For this, you must know the new features. All the iPhone app development companies look for such research reports. Go through the context you will know about the expected features your app should be integrated with to run better in iOS 14.

To understand the needs of iOS 14, what changes and features need to be added to your application are can be understood by the help of points mention here.

Dark Mode 

The dark mode is the greatest client confronting change that we saw, bringing a framework wide appearance that fulfilled the evening people among us. Actualizing it very well may be amazingly simple, and it allows you to refine your advantages, evacuating copy hues as you make new ones that can react to the framework interface mode.

Modal Presentation Styles 

You’ll see when you utilize the framework applications in iOS 13, or anything that has been upgraded, that modals present somewhat better at this point. This is because the default introduction style has changed from UI Modal Presentation Full Screen to UI Modal Presentation Automatic, which changes depending on its specific situation. The default introduction style for programmed is UI Modal Presentation Page Sheet.

Scene Delegate 

iOS 13 carried with it the spic and span Scene Delegate and backing for numerous windows. You ought to consider if your mobile app development is one that may profit by this — most efficiency applications will see an incredible improvement by permitting clients on Mac and iPad to open various occasions. Take a gander at how notes act on your iPad, permitting you to open two one next to the other.

App Library 

The new iOS 14 brings a genuinely necessary design to patch up to the home screen. Rather than utilizing old fashioned school-home screen with all the symbols masterminded in lines and segments, iOS 14 will permit sorting these applications in envelopes. It incorporates organizers like Suggested Apps which are applications dependent on the client’s use. At that point there are a lot of different classes of organizers with application symbols inside that clients can just tap and open.

App Clips 

One of the promising highlights that iOS 14 shows up with is App Clips. The element lets clients use applications that they would prefer not to introduce however attempt previously. It is a lot of like Google’s Instant Apps where you look at a good application on Play Store, give it a shot and download it on the off chance that it merits your time.

Changing Default Apps 

For a considerable length of time, iPhone clients needed to depend on a default application, for example, Safari for perusing, etc. With iOS 14, Apple has changed the viewpoint by offering clients alternatives to switch its default iPhone app development however they see fit. Even though the component is restricted to program and mail applications as of now, one can anticipate that it should turn out for different kinds of applications too. 

The changes in iOS 14 can give a solid idea to come up with a unique and productive iOS strategy. These points are mixed up with the changes coming in iOS 1 and the changes required in your iOS app development


The content is an analysis over expectations from the iOS users and the pattern with which iOS has introduced itself in its every new version till now. the company introduces something new every time. iPhone app development company, AppSquadz has a professional iOS developer team that keeps coordination over new ideology. Contact us now.


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How could Flutter be Beneficial for iOS App Development?

iOS app development

Recently launched Flutter has already created a strong presence amongst the mobile app development community. Launched by Google, the Flutter app development framework is a mobile UI framework. It allows developing an app for both Android as well as iOS platforms, with a single codebase. Isn’t it amazing? With a single piece of code, you develop an iOS app that can run on both Apple as well as Google devices. Moreover, it’s an open-source platform that allows the developer to develop an app in a faster time. We can say that the Flutter App development framework is all set to revolutionize the overall speed of the iOS app development process.

Why Google Flutter benefits the iOS apps development process?

The big question here is, why should you port your native iOS apps to the Flutter platform? Already, the word from the developer community suggests that Flutter is a better and efficient platform than the native iOS platform. Let’s quickly check the reasons behind his. This should also help you to understand as a developer, why Flutter is beneficial for iPhone app development.

Better technical architecture

It is an open truth that Apple’s development kit is a secret recipe, secretly developed by Apple for its iOS platform. But this secrecy has not hindered Flutter’s development as a hybrid platform. It has been able to provide equivalent or many occasions’ better features for developers, than ones available on the iOS platform. For example, say goodbye to Swift programming and use Dart which is an equivalent programming language but with better features, used on the Flutter app development platform. Similarly, Atom or Sublime is better to text editors than XCode on iOS. Dart has got a rich library with powerful typing options. It also facilitates async-await effective app building. Dart doesn’t communicate with the native app modules; it provides native features even without that. Also, its compiler is equipped with the tree-shaking feature. Undoubtedly, Flutter is a boon for iOS apps development with its rich features.

Faster development

Quick or faster development is the USP of Google Flutter, apart from being a hybrid mobile app development platform. With the usage of dynamic scripting language, app development can be much faster. This what Dart does on the flutter app development platform? Data comes with two distinct modes that are interpreted mode and compiled mode. The interpreted mode comes reloaded with experience which makes the development of apps much faster than the traditional iOS apps development platform. However, if you still want to compile down to the native machine code for the app launch, then you can use the compiled model.

UI development

If you are a member of an iOS apps development team, then you should be aware of the number of days it takes to develop the UI on the iOS platform. There is no doubt that UIKit used for UI development on the iOS platform is one of the most useful packages on iOS. However, Flutter has got UI components that are completely different from UIKit. UI components in Flutter are available in the form of widgets which allows faster iOS app development. These widgets also support Cupertino for the iOS platform. Even a complex layout could be designed at ease, in a shorter period.

Better support for testing

Flutter has a better testing framework. Some of the key features which are going to help the iOS developers are, data-driven testing, snapshot testing, and test grouping. Moreover, Flutter allows the developer to write test scripts at UI level, Functional Level and unit level. With the help of the widget testing, one can perform a quick UI testing. Flutter contains a Flutter Driver package that facilitates testing. So, we can see that the testing framework of Flutter is way better and comprehensive than XCTest, which is the native testing platform on iOS.

Continuous Integration/ Continuous Delivery (CI/CD)

iOS developers rue about the fact that CI/CD XCode is a pain for a broader team. Even Apple has introduced BuddyBuild for CI/CD but it is still at its nascent stage. On the other hand, Flutter has already engaged with Nevercode and introduced its Codemagic CI/CD solution. It is one of the most scalable CI/CD solutions which is capable of developing, detecting, testing and packaging the applications on the Flutter app development platform.


It can be said that Google Flutter is the future of iOS app development on the iOS platform. The reason is simple, it offers multiple benefits to the iOS developers, which are way better than the native development platform. So, should you hire a mobile app developer who is trained on Flutter? Yes, you should, if you are looking for the development of an app within a limited budget, with great UI and faster delivery.


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Android Q vs. iOS 13-Which One Makes a Difference?

Android Q vs. iOS 13

The two most popular platforms, iOS, and Android are contesting ever since their genesis. Both the platforms are always in constant debate as and when new iOS and Android operating systems are launched every year by Apple and Google. None of them is in the shade due to the launch of a new feature in an opponent’s platform.

The consistent strife among the two platforms leads to the development of new features without fail, and their launch in the market makes it challenging for iOS and Android app development companies to figure out which is better. As per the latest trends and features prevalent in the market, there is similarity in the list of features found in both the apps developed by the iOS and Android app developers. The latest software updates of both, i.e., Android Q and iOS 13, which are in beta stage as of now launched by Google and Apple respectively, are currently in the market. The mobile phones are a slab of metal and glass without the operating systems that powers them.

The iOS 13 in its beta version is only available to developers yet with a dark mode for the whole system, better control on the privacy settings and scads of improvements made to make iPhone secure and convenient to use. In comparison, the Android Q also offers the dark mode along with an emphasis on the privacy issues with artificial intelligence enhancements. So the comparison is on the features that were revealed by Apple at the WWDC 2019 along with the features released by Google so far. A few of the most important features of both platforms are discussed below.

Privacy assurance

So far, the privacy is concerned; this has been the selling point of Apple for so many years. Apple declared at WWDC that since its business is not like that of Google that depends on the user data and targeted ads, it will provide its customers with better location permission services while using apps, that will allow the user to choose to share the location once and again ask the user next time whenever the location is required. Likewise, Apple’s new method to sign in will let the user sign in incognito to websites and apps without being trailed.

Whereas with Google, as its significant way to generate revenue is through ads that take into account the user search, for instance, what website they look for, etc. So in the Android Q, it has taken a significant step to enhance the privacy of the users by letting the users control what information they want to share via apps and various services.

Overall dark mode

The dark mode is favourable; the reason being it saves the battery life as it needs to light up fewer pixels along with reducing the strain on the eyes. The Android Q, unlike the previous update of Android Pie, has the dark mode evenly distributed on the mobile operating system and allows the user to switch between the bright white screen and the dark mode.

Apple, on the other hand, has a dark mode for its mobile operating system in iOS 13. The dark theme mode, as declared at the WWDC is available in wallpapers, notifications to widgets, calendar to messages offering a consistent dark experience for its users.

Photos- Editing and sharing

In Google’s photo service, there is everything that is required. With 15 GB of free online storage, the powerful editing tools along with effortless backup and photo sharing, Google offers a perfect photo editing tool. The night site also uplifts the scale to Android. Being a Google tool, it is easy to look for people and places on assigning the tags to the photo.

Apple, on the other hand, comes with a productive photo editing tool, and in iOS 13, the tool can adjust the portrait lighting with the help of the slider. With the ability to recognize faces, objects, and scenes, it helps the user to sort all the images along with the 5 GB of free iCloud storage space.

iMessages and Facetime or Google’s Duo and Hangouts

Apple offers its users end to end encrypted communication facilities via FaceTime and iMessage. The quality of video and text chat and seamless messaging among the iOS and macOS devices cannot be surpassed by any other platform so far.

Google provides messaging apps on Android like Duo, Hangouts for voice and video calling, Google Voice for voice calls again, Messages for chat or text message. Hangouts website offers to message on Mac or Windows devices along with the web version of the app.


The comparison between the leading platforms has displayed a picture of equal parts of positive points. Besides competing with each other on many features, they individually have many features that so far have not been surpassed by the other. Our Android and iOS app development company have skilled iOS and Android app developers to indulge in app development to extract the best out of the platform for the clients. Contact our android development company for your business app now.


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Apple Introduces New UI to help iOS Developers to Build better Apps with Less Code

iOS Developers

One of the latest announcements made by Apple at the Worldwide Developer Conference 2019 which gained the maximum popularity is for the iOS developers that are Swift UI which is a declarative syntax tool for developing a native app for Apple users with actually less coding.

The Swift UI code has already been doing much good to the iOS app developers. Being fast and easy to use, it produces clear and crisp, to the point code. The cutting-edge UI design will establish a new standard for the already existing visual coding model, which has been in use successfully for the past many years. The latest UI design will provide the apple developers with the ability to develop applications for iOS, macOS, and tvOS. It works by saving time and resources required by the app developers by providing them with various tools and application programming interfaces. The features like the increased speed of the mouse and Track-pad, Touch Bar are icing on the cake.

The original plan is to bring the Swift programming language into the market for developing cross-platform applications. Its many features attract Apple developers to work on the language for the development process. Various features that have and are still entering the Apple app development market are as follows:

Native-like features

Swift is a native programming language, and it is even designed to work effectively on all platforms. So it able to access all the native features of any platform and deliver interactive user interface at a quick pace. It is also integrated with application programming interfaces like ARKit and automatic language optimization to enhance the user experience as well as the developer’s job.

Declarative Syntax

The syntax is simple to comprehend and easy to write, which makes it easier to decide what functions the interface must perform. The declarative syntax as is the nature of the code lets the developer even mention the items he wants to fix like font, alignment, color, etc. There is a gradual shift in the time taken, performance and maintenance of the programs, for instance, in the case of Animation. There is even availability of a collection of ready-made effects and features that are written using just a few lines of code.

Select, drag, and drop

Another impressive feature of the Swift UI is that that the developers can now easily select a feature they want and drag it and drop it on their canvas. Not just that the developers can then even customize and modify its properties and arrange their controls. The best part of Swift is that these visual editor codes are also available in the code editors which let the developer modify each feature when they are writing the code on their own.

Preview the development

With the Swift UI, the developers can easily create several previews of the UI/UX development and then have it run of various displays with varied orientations. This allows the developers to fully play with their creativity to design and develop new features and functionalities.

Presenting dynamic preview

In Apple’s WWDC 2019 it was declared that the Swift UI compiler and its run time will be embedded with Xcode 11. This has allowed developers to develop and run the applications in real-time. In simple words, the design canvas will not just present the image of the app developed, but instead, it will play the live application of it to the developers.

Compatible with iOS 13

The technology comes up with a default provision for the Dark Mode, Dynamic type, and accessibility options to have a smooth Framework to write the code.


The latest generation of Swift UI has reduced a hundred lines of code to just a few lines of code. With the new XCode11, a preview of the most recent changes is available immediately on the device. With the facility to add graphical modules to add a segment of codes, it can merely modify and control the features. Along with these and many other features, the Swift UI has transformed how the developers develop the applications to enhance the overall experience of the app without losing and native app detail. Contact our mobile app development company to build your latest mobile app.


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iOS App Development- How It Can Expand Your Business

iOs App Development

In this age of motion, it is not only difficult but it seems impossible to live and manage without smartphones. The cause of this dependency is the mobile apps that have made human life so simple. The mobile apps do anything and everything to assist us in our daily lifestyle.  Not just that, we still need many more apps to suit our needs so that we can get our things done. This revolution has pressurized many iOS app development companies to develop more iPhone/iPad applications. The numbers are big and will get bigger with time. This only tells how promising it is going to be to have a brand application for one’s business. There are several benefits of having iOS apps, mobile apps for industries, be it small or large.

The iOS app development services render a platform to promote the services of an industry. Therefore, iPhone applications should have an innovative way to attract customer at the earliest. Be it healthcare industry, restaurant industry, the entertainment industry, none of the avenues are now restricted to their four walls. They have rapidly shifted to mobile usages due to the iOS apps, Android apps, iPad apps. Improved revenue, the growing industry, and brand responsiveness are certain rewards of having iOS apps.

Why does a business need an iOS app development?

The iOS apps, iPad apps are relentlessly refining, since the apps and mobile have become a lifestyle, in order to get the most out of them. The iOS app development company develops apps for varied categories in the industry. The company makes changes for good of business and the users in the apps. iOS applications have come out to be very advantageous for a variety of industries. It assists as follows:

Building an Audience

Due to growth in the mobile phone usage, industries are considerably taking benefit from the iOS apps and iPad application development to increase their patron database. Such mobile apps make interactions easy with users.  Building an audience is one of the huge benefits of owning a mobile app for small business in the industry. For small scale industry, it is a great help to gather customer though mobile applications.

Creating brand awareness

Mobile applications are a one-stop shop where one can get relevant information about the brand. It is even here where one can showcase what he has got. Latest products and services are made public on the apps and endorsed via advertisements.

Analytics for business strategies

Mobile apps help in tracking business analytics. Such as the number of visitors, users most viewed product, time spent on each section of the app, and a lot more. Analytics are critical for marketing and advertising as it makes sure that the targeted audience is right.

Competitive advantage to businesses

There are sadly many companies that do not use mobile app services to their full potential. There are even some industries who do not own a
iOS app development -website mobile app.

Helping small businesses in the industry

iOS apps for small scale businesses are very advantageous. As the applications acts like a sole medium to gather customers from a cheapest way possible. Mobile iOS apps for business are the topmost instrument for progress.

Ease of payment

E-Commerce, travel, etc. and other industries usually need online payment for their products and services. Again for secure payments a business needs mobile app for hassle-free experience on the customer support request.

Deliverance of Powerful Messages

Powerful messages are conveyed to the customers at the preeminent conceivable rate so that the business organization saves money. These messages are effectively delivered to the potential customers. Thus it is an effective way for business promotion and adding more customers to one’s list.

iOS is more secure as it offers its clients to stay away from external threats, which is the best part of the iOS platform. Also iOS mobile app interface is very attractive and liked by all. Thus, mobile apps are extremely useful in satisfying user hopes. Customers are happy to discover an iOS app that is cool; app that connects and offers customers the needful to interact with the business application.


The reason why many industries are investing money to go mobile is quite clear. On for app development service, many industries have witnessed rise and improvement in profits. There are notable benefits of mobile apps for business. However, there are many other industries too that have benefited from mobile apps. Others like, social network, e-scooter, have gained popularity now. Businesses that have gone mobile have noticed a speedy increase in their business revenue.  


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Trending Social Media Apps for Android and iOS Platform

social media apps

Most of the social media revolves around communication and posting pictures and videos on a public platform. Now the smartphones come with inbuilt social media apps that allow for messaging, video calling and posting videos. But there are many more options in your store that you shouldn’t miss out on. Here are the latest trending social media apps that you can use on both Android and iOS.  If you are looking for an app development company, then you might want to consider that which has worked with the following apps:

1. Telegram:

With more than a million active users, Telegram has been declared the fastest messaging app.  It lets you store chat history in the cloud and share files of any size, and the chats are protected with Diffie-Hellman secure key exchange.  Telegram supports GIFs, stickers, photo and video editing, and group chats with even 1,00,000 people. This free app doesn’t annoy you with advertisements and promises that it will remain free.  Funded by a donation, Telegram is funded by a donation and they have declared that they will not sell user data and that generation of revenue isn’t its motive.     

2. YouTube:

It might seem like YouTube is an outdated app and would not be anywhere on the trending social media apps list, but believe me when I say that it has been visited by teens almost twice in the past three years. With the brand-new vlogger base and a strong influencer instead of a mere passive content consumption website, YouTube has remained the teens’ favorite. It was voted the most popular social app in 2018 among the American teens aged between 13 to 18.

3. Facebook:

It is undeniably one of the most widely used social networking sites in the world and one of the largest as well. It is probably the first site to exceed the landmark of 1 billion user accounts. Apart from networking with your friends and relatives, Facebook also permits you to sell online through different Facebook apps. It even lets you promote your business and products using paid Facebook ads. It even has its own messaging app called Messenger which is a convenient platform to chat, voice call and video call with your friends and family.

However, it has breached the trust of millions of its users when it gave third parties access to the personal data of 87 million users. This led to the #deletefacebook campaign which encourages people to remove themselves from Facebook and use other networks instead. Many companies ask for custom Facebook like app development for their businesses, both iOS app development of this kind and Android app development of this kind can be done.

4. Instagram:

Although Facebook has reigned over the field of photo-sharing on the internet, Instagram has become more popular on mobile devices. It doesn’t reveal how many of its users are teens, but it is evident that most of its users are between the age group of 13 to 18. Instagram lets you share photos, like other’s photos, chat, video calls and even search popular hashtags.

5. WhatsApp:

It is a free and convenient social networking app and is one of the most widely used messaging apps in the world. WhatsApp lets you chat, make voice or video calls and even to share your location, photos, contacts, and documents. You will have to permit it to access your contact list such that the app can automatically update it as soon as you enter a new contact.  Apart from its popularity, what attracts more users to WhatsApp is the end-to-end encryption which has been added for privacy and security. 


Viber is a popular app that automatically adds your contacts and permits you to share your photos, send text messages, emoticons, stickers, and to make video and voice calls. It also has a feature called the Viber Out which lets you make international and domestic calls at cheap rates. Moreover, calls from Viber to Viber are free. It also provides the color-coded encrypted messaging facility.

7. Twitter:

With around 320 million active users per month, Twitter is a widely used social networking site which lets you post short text messages, popularly known as tweets, which can only contain a limited number of characters, i.e., up to 140 characters per tweet. Twitter is commonly used to convey your message to the public. This free app also lets you promote your business and with the increasing demand for online shopping, it lets you shop directly through tweets as well.

8. Hangouts:

Available on both Android devices as well iOS, Google Hangouts can be set as the default messaging app on Android devices. It can also be used on your laptop or PC. Hangouts have become one of the common ways to chat with your family and friends. However, you need a Google account to operate on Hangouts. This app provides a wide range of facilities including sharing photos, GIFs, making video calls and group calls as well. Hangouts are popular for its convenient since it can be used both on the desktop as well as on your mobile phones.

9. Snapchat:

The youth and the celebrities have embraced this social networking app and have made it immensely popular over the years. Like most of the other apps, it lets you share your photos and videos which self-destruct after a definite period of time. There is also an option where you can send your friend a “snap” for a short period of time, after which it disappears. What has made Snapchat popular throughout the years among all other social media apps is its feature of a wide range of funky filters. Snapchat also lets you edit your photos, and has been established as the most fun way of socializing.

10. WeChat:

Most popular in China, WeChat has around 700 million users in China. Although it offers the usual features of every messaging app like sharing photos and making video and voice calls, it also provides you features like People Nearby, Friend Radar, and Shake which aids you to find your friends who are nearby.


With around 555 million active users per month, Tumblr is a social media platform as well microblogging platform that can be used to find and follow your favorite things. Owned by Yahoo since 2013, Tumblr can be used to post anything from multimedia to a short-form blog. It also lets you customize anything and hence is popular for its flexibility. 

12. Skype:

With around 300 million active users per month, Skype has become one of the most popular communication based social networking platforms. Owned by Microsoft, it allows you to connect with your family and friends through voice calls, video calls, as well as text, messaging. It also has the feature of group conference calls. The best feature of Skype is that calls from Skype to Skype are free of cost, even if they are international calls.

Therefore, you can get the best of these applications through social media apps development services offered by the top app developers in the USA.


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Android Pie vs iOS 12; Which is Better For Industries?

Mobile App Development

Today we are asking the question in  – “Is Android Operating System extra enjoyable than Apple iOS?”

Android Pie vs iOS 12:- Google’s Android OS is about openness (but that can lead to fragmentation), whereas Apple’s iOS is about making a tight device work properly (but many offerings solely within Apple’s extraordinarily slim device ecosystem).

Android Operating System

Google’s acquisition of Android Inc in 2005 had the Android Operating System is called robot names in inner releases (Astro; Bender). Allegedly modified to muffins to keep away from trademark issues.

The inquiry remains “Is Android better than Apple?” (Android Pie vs iOS 12)

Apple’s working gadget is only supported by way of units offered by way of Apple, their Apps go via a lot more rigorous approval technique than Google’s earlier than being hosted in the iTunes Store.

Google has made Android 9.0 Pie respectable — it is out of beta and working on current phones, Android Pie vs iOS 12 while iOS 12 is nevertheless in beta. That capability we can determine their contemporary points facet by means of the side, but with the understanding that Apple and Google are probably to store some surprises for the true launch of their rumored devices.

This isn’t a closing evaluation by any stretch.

Android Operating System is an open source OS, used by means of many manufacturers from all over the world to produce Smart Phones and Tablets with many exclusive designs. No Android Phone producer has managed to compete with Apple’s iPhone in phrases of the wide variety of gadgets sold – iPhone is currently selling about 375000 devices per day!

Android has about 500000 income per day and climbing!

Apple makes it is earnings from producing fantastic (and some would argue expensive) products with its exclusive iOS. Google on the different hand has never been a manufacturing company, but alternatively has a net presence that is unequaled by way of any other company in the world! They saw, a large market that used to be just opening to emerge again in 2005 – The Mobile Smart Phone/Tablet. They knew it would be the next step for not only Cell Phones, but also the WorldWideWeb! Everybody would favor to be Mobile and connected!

Android 9 Pie vs. iOS 12

Gesture controls

Android Pie vs iOS 12:- Android is sooner or later doing away with buttons and adopting easy swipe gestures for control. And they’re almost exactly like those currently introduced to iOS for the iPhone X. The massive distinction between Android 9 and iOS 12 on the iPhone X is that Google lets you select which navigation method you prefer. If you don’t like the swipe gestures, you can proceed to use on-screen navigation buttons. In fact, Pie makes use of on-screen buttons with the aid of default; the swipe gestures won’t emerge as general till the arrival of the Pixel 3 later this year.


Android’s notification device has been vastly most appropriate to iOS’ for years, however, Apple is catching up with iOS 12. Grouped notifications are eventually coming to iPhone and iPad, alongside with a number of different welcome improvements.

iOS 12 will enable you to control your notifications in real-time from the Lock screen. You can press an alert to disable notifications from person apps that won’t maintain quiet. Or you can have them despatched quietly to the Notification Center.

Do Not Disturb

Apple is additionally introducing Bedtime Mode in iOS 12. This sends all notifications you obtain all through the night time to Notification Center. That way, if you appear to wake up and test your cell phone to see what time it is, you can’t be distracted by content messages and different alerts.

Android nonetheless gives customers a little extra manage over notifications. Its priority machine lets you choose which notifications you see at the top of your lock screen, and which ones show up silently. You can also do a lot greater with Android’s notifications.

Notch support

Apple’s rivals along with plenty of Android fans mocked the iPhone X’s notch when the machine made its debut ultimate September. They all concept it was laughable. Less than a year later, nearly each and every flagship smartphone has one.

As a result, Google had no choice but to add notch guide to Android P. This potential Android will mechanically adapt for handsets with cutouts in their screens so that producers don’t have to put in force changes themselves.

Facial recognition

Another function rival smartphone makers are adopting from iPhone X is facial recognition. And in Android P, there’s a new biometrics API that makes these structures simply as beneficial as Face ID.

You can liberate your phone, log into apps, and authorize purchases clearly through looking at your telephone (if it has facial consciousness technological know-how or iris scanning). Some handsets are additionally using this technological know-how to replica iPhone X’s Animoji.

Augmented reality

Apple has been creating a tremendous push into expanded reality with ARKit. The iOS system considers a wide range of applications and recreations that let our gadgets connect with this present reality more than ever. Subsequently, the App Store houses a developing inventory of amazing AR encounters.

iOS 12 even presents Apple’s first AR application called Measure, which, as its name proposes, gives you a chance to gauge questions in reality essentially by pointing your camera at them.

ARCore in Android gives engineers similar chances, however, it doesn’t yet bolster all gadgets. There is a possibility, at that point, that the Android gadget you pick won’t have indistinguishable AR abilities from an iPhone. You additionally won’t discover very the same number of AR applications in Google Play.

Virtual assistants

Apple has created tremendous enhancements to Siri in iOS 12. Its virtual partner is altogether more helpful at assisting when you require it, and with Siri Shortcuts, you can do nearly anything utilizing voice directions.

Siri can do straightforward things like propelling your most loved applications or do more mind-boggling undertakings that require a few distinct advances. For example, you can make Shortcuts that transform Live Photos into GIFs or compute your time for a gathering. The open doors are interminable.

The Google Assistant doesn’t pretty much offer similar performance in Android Pie, but users can imagine being ahead with smart home controls, brand new voices, and more. Its most dazzling new showcase is its ability to make calls and reservations for you.


iOS 11 introduced outstanding latest multitasking functionality to iPad. It, in the end, gave users the potential to execute2 applications side-by-side, while using other apps in the background, and to the drag-and-drop content material between two windows.

Sadly, the same enhancements aren’t available on iPhone. So, when it comes to multitasking, Android stays on top. Android Pie lets you use 2 applications simultaneously on smartphones and tablets.

Some units can even be attached to a monitor, keyboard, and mouse, permitting a desktop-like interface that lets you run apps in person windows simply like on your PC. It’s a dream for staying productive on the go, and there’s nothing like it on iOS.


It’s nevertheless too early to tell which operating mechanism is best. These are all super trends for consumers, and humans are completely happy that Apple and Google are striving to create new improvements like these. Also, every one of them has its wonderful blessings and it thoroughly relies upon on you that what is most treasured to you. This competition between Apple and Google is the benefit for users because it encourages software groups to decorate their products fastly.

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Top Trending Payment Mobile Applications in 2018

Trending Payment Mobile Applications

With the need to create superior customized mobile applications, the subsequent need to employ mobile apps developers who have an eye for what’s in-trend and additionally amazing has expanded as well.

While these builders are doing an amazing job of it, let us take a seem to be at what is catching their eye as some of the most promising tendencies in the iPhone app and Android development today.

Top Trending Payment Mobile Applications are:


PayPal is the granddaddy of fee companies, with records since 1998,  and gives the capability to transfer cash to and from any U.S.-based financial institution account and many overseas accounts.

Square Cash

Square Cash is a mobile app which acts as a credit card processing device. It is a reply to the growing reputation of peer-to-peer payments. It does pretty much the same issue as Paypal, however except the social features. You can send money to, or request from, all people with a Square Cash account, and dollars are drawn from a linked financial institution account with the aid of debit card at no cost.

SquareCash has pocket features, like PayPal, or the capability to ship from a linked account without preserving money in your digital wallet. It recently brought the capacity to purchase and sell Bitcoin to the Cash app as well, which gives it a unique feature compared to other famous fee Mobile applications.

Google Wallet

Google gives a route to do almost the entirety you can do online, and sending money is no exception. Google Wallet is unique in its integrations with other Google products, which include Gmail. Yes, you can send or receive money to anyone or by anyone by email with the use of Google Wallet and Gmail. If you have a Google account, you are actually already signed.


Facebook Messenger

Since almost everybody is on Facebook, you can send them cash. They simply add a debit card to receive money. Payment information is private. Once payment is accepted, it appears in the financial institution in five business days. It is easy to transfer money with facebook messenger.


Zelle gives a special way to pay buddies or household proper from your bank. If you have an account at a partner bank, you can send cash with same-day transfers to each person else with an account at a partner bank. The growing listing of participating banks consists of titans such as Chase, Bank of America, Citi, U.S. Bank, Wells Fargo, and online banking leaders, Ally and Capital One.

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How to Re-download old image and videos on WhatsApp?

WhatsApp is an essential part of our ordinary verbal exchange, and any loss of statistics is tremendously irritating. Losing your WhatsApp photos and videos is sort of a nightmare. However fantastically it happens often than you realize, and restoring these deleted WhatsApp snapshots and WhatsApp videos is not smooth until you have a strong answer like a Re-download image and videos on WhatsApp.

How to Recover Deleted WhatsApp images/pictures selectively on iPhone?

There is a couple of recovery software to be had in the market. However, to get the validated results, you need to attempt dr. fone – recovery (iOS), the arena’s 1st iPhone and iPad statistics recovery software. This software gives entire solution for the repair and restoration of deleted records which includes contacts notes, messages, pix or even WhatsApp facts from an iPhone or iPad.

Immediately get deleted WhatsApp pics from iPhone

  1. Download dr.fone and release it in your laptop, and click on recover.
  2. Connect your iPhone for your pc thru a USB cable, then choose to get better iPhone records.
  3. Tick “WhatsApp & Attachments”.
  4. Click on “begin experiment” to scan the deleted WhatsApp images.
  5. While scanning completed, the recovered items will seem in categories.
  6. Pick the items you need to get better and click on “recover to laptop”.

Repair Deleted WhatsApp pictures/pictures from iTunes Backup

Step 1: download & launch dr.fone – recover (iOS)

  • Download and launch the software program, click Recover.
  • Choose to get better iOS records and then pick get over iTunes Backup document tab.
  • All of the iTunes backup documents in your pc could be displayed.
  • Select the folder containing your deleted WhatsApp photos.

Step 2: WhatsApp pix Recovery

  • When the process has concluded, review the data and choose the WhatsApp files you want to recover.
  • Tick on “Recover” to save the file to your computer.
  • You could additionally immediately keep them for your iPhone.
  • Now you can Re-download image and videos through WhatsApp.

Recover deleted WhatsApp pictures/videos Selectively on Android

Step 1: Don’t Overwrite

  • while you lose WhatsApp information, do not overwrite it. Never update documents or ship messages else, you may lose the facts all the time.

Step 2: download and release dr.Fone – get better (Android)

  • download and install the software in your pc
  • connect your Android Apps tool to your pc the usage of a USB cable.

Step 3: Debug the device

  • permit debugging of your Android tool.
  • For debugging, follow the instructions of dr. Fone – recover (Android).

Recover WhatsApp pics from Backup (Android)

Usually, we accidentally delete photos and regret later. But, you do not need to feel dissatisfied approximately the lost gadgets as you could get better them the use of car-backup that WhatsApp creates every time you use it.

The simple technique just requires uninstalling and re-putting in of WhatsApp to your phone. This can enable WhatsApp to get better all of the deleted records using car-backup. Check out the easy steps to accomplish the assignment in no time.

Step 1: Uninstall WhatsApp from your device

Step 2: Re-install WhatsApp for your device

Step 3: click “repair” when requested.

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