Developing a Secure IoT Application for Smart Household

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The emergence of IoT apps has transformed the market in various fields such as automation, smart city, industrial automation, smart house and much more. Due to technological advancement and low cost of the internet connectivity Internet of things application has been very prevalent. Secure development technology (SDL) is a security system which has been incorporated in IoT for enabling advanced security. IoT application developed by IoT app development companies are going to open a new door of financial growth in the time to come.

Features to include while developing IoT apps

While developing the IoT apps it is very important to take good care of the security, privacy, connectivity, and compatibility of the IoT apps in order to bestow a smooth experience to the users.

Challenges of IoT

1. Data Protection

As these IoT apps receive a lot of data from the users, these should have the encryption facilities so that the data can remain secure in the application.

2. Authentication protocols

Cybercrime has been very prominent in this highly technological era and IoT applications become a soft target for those. The IoT apps should have an inbuilt authentication protocol between the encrypted devices in order to maintain security.

3. Latency and capacity

It has been observed that if the capacity of the IoT apps is upgraded, the latency of the IoT apps decreases. So, it is the challenge for the IoT app developers to maintain a perfect balance between the latency and capacity of the IoT apps.

Important consideration for developing mobile apps

Use of a readymade platform

It is advisable to build an IoT app using an existing platform as an existing platform has few reliable features such as authentication, encryption on a well-designed framework.

Use of secure hardware

It is very important to buy the sensors from the trusted vendors. The IoT developer should purchase from those vendors who can help in ensuring user privacy with EPID technology.

Hiring the Expert developer

It is very important to hire mobile app developers who have worked with various platforms and has the necessary experience. It is also important to define the user base in a way that it can target the right audience.

Security system

Mobile app development companies are ensuring that smart security system is enabled in the IoT application. This SDL enables things such as static/dynamic analysis, threat modeling, secure coding, Authentication to all IOT services has been made compulsory. Authentication deals in end-user communication, machine to machine communication. The system should have the features of updating of the user’s information during the lifespan of the product. Also, IoT should have inbuilt encryption system which needs taking information from the customers and it runs the information through a mathematical formula so that only someone having the special key can unlock the data. A secure update mechanism should also be instilled which ensures that a cryptographically signed update has been received from the vendor to ensure that the update has come from the same vendor.

Smart household

Using of IoT application, the rooms can be decorated with various lighting. The light can be set or the temperature of the room can be regulated using IoT application.


Developing an IoT application for smart home devices will transform our way of living. You will be habituated to a contemplative life as the burden of turning off the device, cooking in low heat, maintaining the speed of the car will be taken care of by these automated devices. You will be able to utilize your time and be thoughtful in your activities that you can run parallelly. 


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Impact of AI and its Implementation in Mobile App Development

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In the epoch of cutting edge technologies, several devices and technological tools are available in the market. Smartphones namely, Google’s Android and Apple’s iPhone are the most widely used smartphones and are profoundly popular nowadays. With a combined mobile app development market share close to 99%, both Google and Apple work to bring more innovations and new features into their smartphones as billions of people all over the globe are utilizing them daily.

In the limelight comes the significance and role of Artificial Intelligence in mobile application development, which gives more fuel to Google & Apple to bring advanced changes to their respective platforms. AI is beneficial for developers and even for the general users. With implementing AI features into application development, then the smartphones can perform various advanced technology functions like face recognition, text recognition, voice recognition, image labelling, and barcode scanning etc. Being an entrepreneur or a business owner, you must understand how AI will cause an immersive user experience and how it simplifies the work for smartphone users?

Benefits of AI in mobile apps

AI plays a pivotal role in mobile app development, as it has several advantages. Also, Smartphones with AI features in it are playing a significant role in mobile phone experiences for the end-users. For instance, Apple’s iPhones, Google’s Pixel phones, Samsung’s Galaxy phones, and Huawei’s Mate range phones have specialized hardware designed specially to perform AI-based tasks efficiently. A couple of years back, this capability was possible only in 3% phones, and by 2020 it is supposed to rise to 35% of all smartphones.

AI features and capabilities needed in smartphones

All mobile application development companies aspire to present the best user experiences to their users. Accelerometer, Gyroscope, GPS, Barometer, Camera, and more things which are inbuilt within your phone closely observe the usage behavior. By implementing AI (Artificial Intelligence) and MI (Machine Learning) in smartphones leads to the learning of the users’ behavior and producing fantastic results.

According to a recent report, annual global AI software revenue is projected to rise from $9.5 billion in 2018 to $118.6 billion by 2025. With introducing the advanced features, AI is at the center of the customers’ demand for a swift and real-time response for their queries. AI has helped in taking mobile application development to the next level. The role of AI in mobile application development can’t be underestimated as of now, and AI is bringing so many innovative mobile applications to us.

Let us now examine how innovation in AI is causing remarkable results in mobile applications and the Smartphone world.

Applying AI ideas in mobile apps

There are multiple ways by which a mobile application development company can implement AI in its mobile application development solutions. As per the responsibility, mobile app developers learn to incorporate AI within their app development project so that it becomes more innovative and productive.

AI in face recognition

Both Apple and Google have been using AI for years and working in this significant technology, and they have become successful now. Both the companies mentioned above state that their new system for recognizing faces is the best one that recognizes faces with high accuracy. Not only this face recognition technology can detect and recognize an individual’s face, but it also serves the digital image/video into various frames.

Mobile app development companies employ AI for unlocking the phone and securing folders and applications comprising confidential and sensitive data through a phone’s camera. AI algorithm also assists in several additional simplistic features like smile shutter, creating depth in an image, adjusting the camera’s lenses in different light conditions, and more to deliver the best user experience.

AI in voice and image recognition

Undoubtedly, AI is changing the mobile app industry for better. With AI, apps are now integrated with image recognition and voice recognition features where users can search by text or by using images and voice. Siri on Apple iPhones is an example of AI which works like a Virtual Assistant using voice recognition. For Androids, Google voice assistant is an example of AI technology. This is possibly due to AI and ML technologies that these assistants are also more efficient than humans. AI Algorithm is powerful, and also works in noisy backgrounds with up to 98% of accuracy for voice recognition.

AI backed automatic intelligent digital assistant or chatbots

Now, people dislike writing long letters or making calls to access customer support services as most of the process is done online. Hence, customers do not expect opening hours, unlike the traditional one as customer service should be available round the clock. This is why numerous mobile app development companies started to adopt AI integration and built an intelligent digital assistant like Chatbot to provide customers with 24×7 support services to answer their queries. Chatbots need no recognition anymore as they have already become famous for their exceptional conversational experience. It is expected that the world business will be using Chatbots for grievance handling by 2020 as Chatbots can handle multiple queries at the same time and provide quality responses.

AI for video or audio recognition/ optimize the searching process

AI can also be used to recognize the videos or audios which the smartphone users watch or listen. Also, AI-based algorithms and techniques help in optimizing the search process for the users who are using it on either the Android or iOS platform. When it comes to entertainment purposes, AI is doing incredible work for mobile app users. When talking about Siri, it can do such a job if programmed to do so like for using the implemented AI technology. You can tell the singer of the music audio/video, the name of the movie/ album it belongs to, and or the actors playing roles if you are searching for an audio or video. Also, to search for something you can instruct Siri and you will get the desired results.

AI technology can analyze a large amount of users’ data

AI requires a large amount of data to operate effectively and accurately. Its efficiency depends on its capacity to efficiently analyze data like the upcoming trends, past trends, market changes, the effectiveness of an app, behavioral patterns, financial ratios, comparisons, historical data, likes and dislikes data, and much more. Therefore, AI is essential for many business verticals which are operating over mobile apps.

AI helps in securing your mobile app

These days, there is a sudden jump number of cybercrimes and safeguarding highly sensitive data, and personal information is a big challenge. Therefore, mobile app development companies are looking forward to using AI for building highly secure mobile applications for keeping sensitive data and personal information secure and safe. AI can be adequately used with other technologies to provide a speedy and highly-secure authentication process to provide an extra bit of security to the users’ data.

AI can help in mining big data

Big Data domain is notably accessible these days. Many apps are created to mine the big data; however, if AI is used to develop these apps, they become more efficient and produce astounding results and patterns. Also, AI helps in refining the method of acquiring precise information by analyzing different kinds of data.

Final thought

Artificial Intelligence has got a lot of potential in mobile application development. We have discussed the benefits of AI, how AI technology is helping us in enhancing the quality and the features of mobile apps, and its implementation in the mobile app. If you are too need an AI-based app and are influenced by AI and apps developed based on AI, then should explore this field more. Also, you should endeavor to find out a renowned mobile app development company which can effectively do it for you. Also, Contact it today to get your AI-based mobile app developed and attain your desired success.


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New York may soon be going to Witness the Idea of Legalized e-Scooters

New York may Witness Legalized eScooters

It is expected that the roads of New York will soon be packed with e-Scooters. Since the time Germany has allowed the e-Scooters to be on the streets; New York is poised to take it easy on the idea of legalizing e-Scooters. Soon two-wheeled e-scooter will be seen in the streets of New York. Various e-Scooters app development company has taken charge to provide a dockless electric scooter app for vehicle sharing platform.

The people much like the popularly trending e-Scooters because of its mode of operation through the crowd on the road. It can be operated on the sidewalks amidst the trees. No wonder, the eco-friendly ride offers many benefits on the environmental level and even affect the economy for good, it is still considered an under-rated option to commute. It is also because of the carefree attitude linked with the ride that bothers people walking on the sidewalks and makes it more accessible to accidents.

The lawmakers of states have been working on getting rid of all the restrictions to launch e-Scooters and ebikes, though municipalities are yet to give their green signal for e-Scooter companies with the designated set of rules to go on with the plan. For example, the state-bill may agree to the fact that riders would not need to wear helmets, but the municipalities would require the helmets on! Even the local authorities will take some time to finalize the rule and policies before one can ride an e-Scooter or an e-bike.

What makes it so desirable?

e-Scooters are now linked with companies like Bird, Jump, and many more have a new set of standards to define the terms and conditions to use the e-Scooter. Since the companies are in close association with the local government, they are trying their best to ensure that no local traffic laws are broken to promote and bring the new ride into the states. The labor put in by the companies and other officials have not gone un-witnessed by the government whereas the country is now in favor of having these economic rides on the streets, with the best efforts to maintain the rules and regulations of the roadside.

Effect of legalizations on the eScooter Industry

On the general note, it is good news that e-Scooter rides will be a legal business soon. But the trend is a little different at the city end. Just in case the government agrees to the industry, the cities will have their regulations to allow the scooter companies to act in the cities. The company owners are positive about the spread of the rides once the legalization is completed. They are expecting the business to prosper in many other countries.


With the news that the New York Policymakers have managed to crack the deal to legalize the electric scooters and bikes have proved that New York can take any action to authorize immediately. But the city has its right to prohibit its use in the city. The safety and security on the road is their priority as they say! If you have a plan in your mind to own an E-scooter business, then hire our E-Scooter Mobile App Development Company and have expert app developers for your E-scooters app development.


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IoT Bringing on the Change in eLearning Now and in the Future


Knowledge is not limited to just books. Learning is no more limited to schools or educational institutions. E-learning app development has helped the education system to adapt to the changing education norms, technical innovations, student mobility, and age-groups. The internet of things besides smartphones and the web are transforming the process of eLearning now and in the future.

People in this era are making most out of the technology; internet availability has made procuring data and staying connected very easy. The internet of things, which is just an extension of internet connectivity into hardware to aid in everyday tasks, with the help of sensors has the potential to connect and interact with things over the internet; control and monitor their performance.

So when the internet connects the electronic device to other devices that are the internet of things and in the coming future remaining some devices will also be part of it. The burgeoning technology has affected the process of education and learning for good. Now, learning is not always carried on in the classroom; instead, it is easier to carry a class with oneself with the help of IoT app development.

Effects of IoT on eLearning

IoT has brought eLearning and learner closer

With the help of IoT, the students, educators, and almost everyone who wants to learn something have earned a benefit. Smart schools and universities have infrastructures that allow highly personalized learning.  It is easy to have access to the desired knowledge in real-time with the help of devices that connect to the internet like smartphones, tablets, laptops, smart boards. With the absolute freedom at the time and place front, the learners can enjoy the improved educational experience comfortably. It helps them to stay updated with all the information they need and verify the content they are not sure about.

IoT has enhanced the teaching process

The group of teachers and professors that are connected by technology can quickly process and assess their student’s eLearning assignments easily and efficaciously without being biased. Educators can prepare their lectures by conducting in-depth research on the topic and have their prepared lectures anywhere on smart devices through cloud support. Making lesson plans, managing the schedules, and delivering lectures with no time and place constraint will become more efficient.

IoT soon will enable people to have access to the internet almost through everything like pens, notebooks, glasses, etc. Even students have switched to laptops and tablets for taking notes on e-Learning applications, one of the reusable technologies. Also, it will surely help institutions to cut down on the operational costs by switching over to tablets and laptops and turning ‘smart.’

IoT has transformed the content

Students no longer have to carry every other book to their classrooms. IoT has allowed carrying more than hundreds of books with the use of ebooks. The classwork and homework can be done on the same device and submitted to the teacher before the deadline. With the availability of highly visual content, there is no longer black and white plain text.  Videos, images, infographics are preferred to engage students and escalate their acceptance of the study material. Since modern learners are used to watching content on the internet, they cannot participate in anything less than that, even if it’s e-learning.

IoT has prospects for special learners

With artificial intelligence, even now special people can have access to the outside world through IoT. Smart devices will change the way of learning for such people. E-Learning will be available on a more significant number of devices, which will attract more learners. Kids with ADHD, dyslexia, and other learning impairments have been benefited by technology. It is seen that autistic kids respond to tablets very well. Smart schools with loT now have space for such challenged students, which will make the general public more understanding and sensitive to special people. It will help such people function smoothly in public environments and make them independent.


With the tremendous potential that IoT and e-learning app development holds, there are unlimited opportunities in the field of education in the future. It is incredible to visualize where the IoT and other software development tools will take the world in the coming time. Our e-learning mobile app development company will design an app for your unique idea to add more to the e-learning experience.