Blockchain Technology

Is Blockchain Technology a Solution to IoT Security Issues?

Blockchain Technology

There are tremendous possibilities in the field of Internet of Things and Blockchain technology. IoT deals with receiving and transmitting large amounts of data through system and devices in real-time.

There has been recent adoption of blockchain technology in the last years.  Since it has provided the underlying framework for the cryptocurrency Bitcoin, many industries are depending on the technology. It ensures the protection of data and communication, and it successfully provides privacy and security to the businesses. The data in the IoT has to flow across various devices, machines, and integrated solutions that have analytic capabilities. While the data moves in the network of devices, it has to pass through a variety of administrative borders. In such a scenario, to manage the data and have proper functioning of the entire IoT system, there is a need to collaborate with security technologies like Blockchain.

IoT Security Issues

The IoT ecosystem is based on a centralized model, which means that the devices and machines are recognized, linked, and tested using cloud facilities with a large amount of data storage. The internet is the mode of conduct for these devices, even if the devices are miles away or as near as two steps. Massive amounts of costs are incurred in setting up an IoT Ecosystem, as many devices are required to connect via the internet. Accordingly, the rate of communication through these channels will also increase that will need managing issues like their scalability and maintenance. Furthermore, Cloud services are the next bottleneck that is essential for the smooth function of the IoT system.


In the blockchain, the data is upheld in a dispersed record book called the ledger to retain data proceedings and dealings. Transactions are related to participants and recorded in the form of blocks with an associated timestamp. Since technology is dispersed in nature, there is no dominant power or supervisor. The main aspect of this technology is that it is based on the cryptography algorithm that prevents distortion of data and ensures high security. With the hash included in every record to the previous record, it is impossible to replace and make any alterations with the records. Hence, it has a security mechanism that saves it from any tampering.

IoT and Blockchain

The amalgamation of blockchain with IoT has led to the protection of IoT. The decentralized facility of blockchain to IoT network will solve many security issues of the ecosystem, making it more scalable, trustworthy, decentralized, and autonomous. The team of both technologies will ensure effective processing of multiple transactions, and help in tracking and coordinating millions of devices, machines, and so on. The entire approach is to manage the tasks and things at all levels in the IoT ecosystem.

Blockchain technology can be easily used in two ways to provide IoT network security. The company can incorporate all the devices and machines to carry on transactions and transmit the data, and then it can be linked with the Blockchain network through the Blockchain app development company. Or another way is to implement the quick contact via Ethereum that will automatically automate the smooth process of secure exchange of messages between the connected devices and machines.


Business companies have many IoT security challenges. Whatever ways one may organize the IoT system and networks; there will be one or the other nitty-gritty that will come up now and then. Especially in the case of large IoT ecosystems, that has scalability and maintenance related issues. So the new combination is trending these days. Our iPhone app development company has been dealing with IoT app development and blockchain app development as it helps in the smooth functioning of the IoT network system. Contact our expert developer to discuss your idea about your IoT business app development.


Blockchain Technology, Mobile App Development

How Blockchain and JavaScript Best Suited in Mobile App Development?

Blockchain and JavaScript

The Blockchain and JavaScript development company together have realized the potential in combining the two technologies in the process of app development. The blend of two techniques offers developers and programmers facility to develop applications with pellucidity, improved security, and at low costs.

Technology today is evolving at high-speed and has accelerated the growth of app development at the stake of innovations. One of the promising platforms- Lisk allows users to develop apps using Blockchain using JavaScript code without any expertise in Blockchain technology. Being a quite flexible multi-paradigm, JavaScript is an object-oriented programming language that has many functional patterns that people are still keen to learn and work on it.

Abecedarian developers can also have benefited from Blockchain technology.  It has restructured the traditional app development processes by enhancing the transactions and efficacy of the application. It has been seen that Blockchain and JavaScript form an unprecedented combination. So what makes the above technologies so better.

How has this combination altered the approach of developing a platform for apps?

Whatever platform is chosen, there is always a need of authority at the central level to look into the interactions with the user, like for instance it is the case with eBay or messaging portals like Twitter there is a body that takes care of the interactions with the users.

Next, it becomes essential to safeguard and manage the data owned by these authorities. With decentralized platforms like Blockchain, there is no need to secure or maintain the data. One is only accountable for its data without depending upon the data provided by any other party. It helps in improving the network size and interactions with the user.

How developing an app on Blockchain different for the developers?

No wonder that traditional and Blockchain app development technologies have much in common, like the way of fetching data from API, front-end development. But the significant difference that the developers feel when working with the latter technology is that there are a variety of options to collect data from trustworthy sources.

As the developers need to be aware of the traditional database and the Blockchain, they should know to use the nodes to solve inconsistencies that keep arriving and be competent enough to handle and take security measures as and when needed.

How is JavaScript a suitable choice for Blockchain?

Using JavaScript with Blockchain application makes apps readily available to everyone. It is best to choose JavaScript as it keeps upgrading itself with new developments and improvements, for instance, ES 2015. The reason that it is available on any browser with any of the front-end and back-end processors, with the facility to be used on any number of nodes, like GUI clients and command-line interfaces has made it a suitable choice to team up JavaScript with Blockchain.

What type of applications are developed using the above combination?

When combined, both the technologies work to develop decentralized applications that need the developer is used to create at least the server-client apps. In the Blockchain, a developer has to deal with nodes and other complexities, which requires one to have experience with handling the nodes. This helps in developing applications that are pellucid with no particular authority to make changes to the data and information that is available to everyone. The apps provide efficient communication and interactions, and the data which is once available in the system remains their forever.


Though the programming language has several resources to work on, a developer needs to be an expert in JavaScript to develop anything on Blockchain. Our expert, JavaScript and Blockchain developers, create highly customized business apps for social media, gaming, networking, e-stores, etc. These two technologies are dominant now and in the future. Contact our mobile app development company now to develop a useful business app using the latest technologies to maintain your competitive edge today and in the foreseeable future.


Blockchain Technology

Is Blockchain a Boon to Mobile App Development in the Tech World?

mobile app development

Blockchain has come into the limelight after its first design of Bitcoin Cryptocurrency in 2008. Blockchain created digital ledgers to keep an account of all transactions distributed all around the network. It allows all the members of blockchain spread around the network to have the view of the transaction and contracts that are committed securely between two parties. Its unique problem-solving features are making the leading fields of industries adopt it to channelize their businesses. Blockchain app development company have begun to deliver blockchain development services to many areas like health, banks, media, education. The technology is used in many websites and mobile applications to increase the performance by all means.

Mobile application development and blockchain

Increased security

Transparency of blockchain makes it reliable to use for committing a transaction. The robust nature of technology makes it tough against any crash. The availability of data at every point in the network again makes it reliable. This makes it impossible to fake transactions and contracts. Thus, blockchain is secure to use. It can safely store more data as per the need by expanding itself. The blockchain is anytime suitable for blockchain app development that needs to save vast amounts of information.

Tamper resistant

Since the blockchain is reliable due to its robust nature to survive any crash, it is not possible to fake any information or data into blockchain. The data is stored at every point in the network called blocks. Changing any information in one block leads to alter the neighboring block. Blocks count can vary from million to billions making it impossible to change the cryptographic information. The blockchain application development company is familiar with all properties and benefits of the technology to use it for blockchain app development.

Simpler – The better

Blockchain being a simple technology to use, develop applications, integrate into the system; is a fast growing technology as compared to other technology serving a similar purpose. On cutting down the development time opposite to the sophisticated techniques that take long development time, blockchain considerably reduces the cost of development.

Agile in itself

The blockchain is developing at a lightning fast speed with the latest innovations taking place. With the ease to access the blockchain technology, there is an excellent scope for delivering exceptional applications shortly concerning all leading fields of technology.

A digital ledger

The blockchain technology works like a digital ledger, where the information is stored at different locations around the computer network. This works in maintaining consistency among all the members of the system. Whenever there is a change in one block, the changes are conveyed to all the other blocks holding the same data, and the data is maintained at the same time.

The blockchain is proving out to be an exception in mobile application development. The technology is so new with huge scope to show its grandeur. There are immense prospects to use Blockchain in association with other leading technologies like artificial intelligence, augmented reality and so on. Blockchain so far has shown how it can securely improve businesses against the malicious attacks that intend to degrade the performance of the system.


With the budding features of Blockchain technology, there is a visible growth in blockchain app development services in the mobile industries. Blockchain application development company is using the technology to prove it a boon for mobile app development. With the level of security that it provides along with the benefits offered by blockchain development services, avail the blockchain app development services for your business and get secured.


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What is the impact of Blockchain Technology in the Entertainment industry?

Different ways the blockchain will benefit the entertainment industry in upcoming days

Blockchain has emerged as the most popular and sought-out technology all of a sudden. And it is finding itself being utilized where no one has thought before. People certainly don’t need to understand the blockchain technology to reap the benefits of it. It is making its foray into the glorious world of the entertainment industry, and it can be said that it will transform the industry for good in every period of time.

Easing the way of content creation and consumption globally

When it comes to entertainment industry launching new music isn’t as simple as it sounds. One has to get a deal with a label which takes the task of recording, distribution as well as monetizing the product in the form of music to reap benefits both for the artists and the firm. Same goes true for the film and television segment content. Blockchain will help in making it easier and streamlined for the entertainment firms to distribute content and resolve the unwanted disputes erupting in between the artist and the firm.

Blockchain technology will also help in getting rid of the problems which are plaguing the access to the content on a variety of online channels. Digital public records being managed by the Blockchain technology will help in efficiently handling the assets, digital rights as well as financing. These factors are known for causing a rift between the labels and artists which simply spoils the overall experience of the consumers.

Piracy will start becoming a thing of past

Privacy leaks are bigger concerns for the entertainment industry as it gears up to bring a wider audience to music, movies, and shows across different segments. Any kind of leak will not just result in loss of product but also the valuable privacy of the users which will undoubtedly hurt them more than one can assume.

Some of the major players in the entertainment industry namely YouTube, Warner, Netflix, Sony Music, and others are tweaking and improving their royalty payment dealing to resolve the unwanted disputes. Blockchain technology, in this case, will help in making the entertainment industry much fair in dealing with the artists and keeping the privacy of the frequent users under military grade security. A number of tech experts have stated that bringing blockchain technology into entertainment will only result in the elimination of the middle players like Satellite and cable TV. However, this elimination is not expected to happen overnight upon the broader adoption of the Blockchain technology in the entertainment industry.

Concern over digital rights will subdue

Apart from the micropayment, the primary concern for entertainment industry happens to be the dubious digital rights management. It has been a difficult and quite laborious task to track down the person or firm who owns the right for any particular content. Blockchain technology will be a valuable addition for the industry as the task of record keeping will be present in the public domain which will make it easier to track down not just the owner as well as users with ease. Blockchain technology will embed the content with a unique ID which will help in keeping a close eye on the performance of the content across the globe.

Distributors, artists producers will get paid quickly

In the world of music and entertainment getting paid isn’t a simple process. But the implementation of the blockchain technology will be boon for the artists, producers, and distributors as they will get paid instantaneously the moment their content gets distributed or sold on a variety of platforms globally. Secondly, the cost associated with this quick service offered by the Blockchain technology is next to near zero value which isn’t the case right at the moment in the industry.

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