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Reasons Why Python is Popular in Enterprise App Development


Python, with its flexibility, robust traits, along with the availability of resources, has been one of the top choices of the developers of a Python development company. Being one of the best programming languages, many business companies are investing in enterprise app development and counting on the Python app development company to develop their business applications.

It is significant to understand that to survive in today’s market; it is essential to growing with the ever-evolving digital technology. For this reason, enterprise software development is carried out to improve the productivity and other operations. The software consists of tools that are customized to satisfy the need for big organizations. ---------


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How Blockchain and JavaScript Best Suited in Mobile App Development?

Blockchain and JavaScript

The Blockchain and JavaScript development company together have realized the potential in combining the two technologies in the process of app development. The blend of two techniques offers developers and programmers facility to develop applications with pellucidity, improved security, and at low costs.

Technology today is evolving at high-speed and has accelerated the growth of app development at the stake of innovations. One of the promising platforms- Lisk allows users to develop apps using Blockchain using JavaScript code without any expertise in Blockchain technology. Being a quite flexible multi-paradigm, JavaScript is an object-oriented programming language that has many functional patterns that people are still keen to learn and work on it. ---------



Apple’s Next-gen iOS Operating System: iOS 13 Preview Expected in June

iOS 13

The whole world is set to witness the launch of the latest operating system, Apple iOS 13 at the annual iOS app developer conference. The WWDC known as the Worldwide Developers Conference will commence on June 3 to continue up till June 7.

Rumors from credible sources throw light on the features that are expected to show up in the upcoming latestios operating system that is already being developed in California. At the June debut, several leaks are expected to be seen deciding the new look of the UI. It is possible to receive the all new dark mode, and a new volume interface. The iPad will have new multitasking abilities, fresh un-doing, and redoing gestures, expect to have a merged panel for Find My friends and Find My iPhone. The restructured Reminder and Mail apps, with few cross-platform abilities for the iPhone app developers to quickly transfer the apps to the Mac, are some of the upcoming features. Let us even expect to know about the official launch of the forthcoming release of the iPhones. ---------


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All About the Advanced Features of Android Studio 3.4

Android studio 3.4

On 17th April, tech giants launched Android Studio 3.4, which is now available to download on various platforms like Windows, Mac, Linux, and others. Being the latest version of an integrated development environment, it aids in the workflows of Android app developers in building an app and managing its resources.

The new version is backed up with many improvements at the performance level with bug fixes as a part of the Project Marble by the Android Studio Team. Though the release has a small set of new features these address the core issues faced by the developers in building applications and managing the resources as exclaimed by the product manager Jamal Eason. ---------



Google I/O 2019: Announcement at Google’s Developer Conference

Google I/O 2019

On May 7th, 2019 Google I/O conference inducted at Shoreline Amphitheater in Mountain View, California was a 3-day event where like last year, Google made announcements of its latest releases. This time the emphasis was on the privacy, AR, AI, and many other technologies.

Below is the Complete Summary of the Event:

Formal Announcements

Google’s latest announcements were inclusive of new releases – products and services. The discussion followed by the declaration exclaimed of what new is being launched for the Android app developers and users. Here are the major highpoints of the event where Google expressed what it has launched, keeping a panoptic vision of how it will affect the lives of the people and the society on the whole. Even the spectators are evaluating how these new issues are going to affect the consumer class. ---------


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How Emerging Technologies Completely Redefining Education Apps?

education apps

Classroom teaching has always been evolving. Earlier, where the blackboards were the only display item to look at and to explain the concepts now, there are innumerable ways implemented to make education a real-life practical experience and one such example is the advent of education apps. These emerging technologies have the ability to make studies enjoyable, complementing the methods of teaching and learning.

Now a single tap or a click can help students with their tasks and experiments at schools and colleges. With the variety of devices that can simulate and track experiments, students take up online courses from the education applications like ByJu’s, Khan Academy and so on to supplement their study. Education app development has made learning simpler and fast. Edtech has a significant impact on the way of learning. ---------


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How Mobile Apps are Transforming Real Estate Business?

Real Estate Business

Nowadays, almost all sorts of companies need to be digitally present on the online platform to become successful and one such business is real estate business. Being online is proof of one’s existence in the market that is available throughout the world. The technology has transformed our lives too much extent, and it continues to do the way we spend our time and money.

It doesn’t end with having a website for a business. Sites alone cannot generate results; it needs mobile optimization to have a positive impact on sales. Companies now showcase and reveal their services online. Real estate investments add to almost 5% of the nation’s GDP.  So, Real estate mobile app development is undoubtedly an excellent decision to bring the required hike in the business. ---------


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Effective Strategies to Market your Mobile App Free

mobile app

Many business owners or entrepreneurs spend much time and funds in making the best application possible. With proper planning of selecting widgets, designing layouts, placing relevant and informational content, people get an application developed for a variety of businesses and activities.

Mobile app development company puts a lot of labor, pays attention to minute details, but still many apps are not getting the same response and love from the public. Many would comprehend it as a quality issue and that developing an app was a poor idea or the concept wasn’t right and so on, but it’s the other way round. Anything new that is launched in the market needs promotion. ---------


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A Comprehensive Study of Pioneer Features in Ionic 4

Ionic 4

With the all-new features that push it beyond the front end framework, Ionic 4 is one of the most dependable frameworks. It is an excellent choice for creating PhoneGap applications, prototypes before building the native applications, and HTML5 app development. Over years of research and consistency, ionic has upgraded itself to a powerful user interface and app framework.

With the latest release, it is a set of web components with custom elements along with the shadow DOM application program interface in all most recent browsers. This allows all web developers to use standard web API’s so that the Ionic component API’s stay stable without getting affected by the frontend and framework opted. ---------


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Google’s Latest Launch Android Q Beta1 and Its Installation Process

Android Q Beta 1

Google has launched the first version of its Android new version called Android Q beta which will tell how the next Android OS will look. Google first released it on pixel devices and pixel 3 series.  With the release of the beta version of the Android Q, there are questions already in the market for the release of the stable version of Android Q. 

Android Q Beta has fantastic features for which it is in the hype in the year 2019. If not till now, you can update your pixel smartphone soon to the Android new version. Our Android app development company has integrated Android app development to Android Q beta 1 operating system. ---------