5 major reasons why you need LMS with social media integration


We all know that social media has become one of the most crucial parts of our day to day lives. We all are constantly connected with friends, family, relatives, colleagues, peers, and the entire world for various purposes with social media. We all can even gather the knowledge in the form of video, blogs, podcast along with engaging with people through games, discussion, and experiences as well.

 This interaction is not just limited for chatting for sharing useful information but also has become one of the prominent tools for personal as well as professional growth in terms of learning. Therefore, many organizations are now opting for Learning Management System (LMS) which can integrate social media to make eLearning more engaging, interactive, and interesting at the same time for their employees.

The Learning management system along with social media integration not only helps to support online training goals but also helps to increase the participation and engagement of the users. The major effectiveness to include social media in your learning or training programs will surely depend upon the fact that how positively your business supports the use of social media in your entire work culture.

We all know that as there are more and more people logging into Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn on daily basis and are connected on social media platforms for latest updates and what’s happening in the world, but it becomes imperative to customize your LMS and align your training session with social media and analytics. Your LMS can be highly measurable by adding social meaning features and analytics to your training and learning programs.

In this guide, we have listed the 5 major reasons to explain how social media integration of LMS can provide an engaging and interactive eLearning as below:

Content outreach

As your LMS users are highly connected online, hence they can share the information in the real-time world by various social media channels. They can share what they have learned using your LMS and what best practices you have to create an impactful eLearning mobile app platform. All this is not because you need to boost the outreach of your content but also it helps to increase online visibility. Social media integration also provides you an opportunity for connecting with your target audience swiftly and thus builds credibility among them in the most natural way.

User-generated content

We all love to share our experiences, achievements, and success on social media so that the world would come to know about us. The learners can also share their experience with their peers, who all would be benefitted from your training. This will provide them an opportunity to use your leaner’s feedback as original content and reach out to potential target audience by posting it on various platform or industry forums with lms mobile application development. In addition to all this, it is the user-generated content that can help you to organically promote your business, eLearning course, etc.

Measurable analytics

With the increase in demand for internet and mobile devices, the learning has gone beyond time, demographics, and physical appearance. When your LMS has social media integration, then it can offer 24*7 accessibility to all the leaners and can encourage them to help themselves in achieving their daily goals. Along with this, if the learning program is using LRS, then you can store data about your learner experience thus analyzing their social media habits.

Interactive learning

Social media when connected with the Learning management system, allows the admin to create interest-based polls, surveys, and discussion thus to engage learners as well as the trainers. We all know that people are constantly connected with their mobile or laptop, therefore they tend to interact more by sharing their common interests. It not only helps to spread the main aim of the eLearning program but also enables to close communication among all the leaners.

Compound learning

With social media integration along with LMS, the learners can get to learn things in multiple styles such as by video, audio, infographics, and distribute the same by using social media. By doing so, the learning methods will become more interactive and shareable hence every one or the other person enjoys learning things quickly. This way you can also opt for third party integration which can act as a medium to deliver your training with the help of LMS.


If you are still wondering whether you should incorporate social media learning in your eLearning system or not, then you must think about it once again and perform these actions. The customized learning management system will enable social media connection, user analytics, payment integration for all learning, and business solution needs.


Mobile App Development

Top 10 Mobile App Development Companies in June 2020

If you are running your business in this era and you do not have your own in the online marketing platform. It will be a question of the growth and development of your business. This is a technically dominant era, where most of the processes are technology occupied. Obviously when it is smooth, fast, and easy then the physical process people would surely prefer the technological aspect of the mobile app development. Successfully developed countries are also looking forward to better stability, with technology. As you are now aware that everything is easy with technology.

An app development company can explain the systematic management of the business with the help of software. Various integration in the app can help to get a sober infrastructure of the app and it keeps your customers engaged to your business. Any kind of order, navigation, product, or service update all in one would be available in the app. your clients and seekers can easily reach you. Most of the literate and rich people perform all the work through online mode even they love to get the service at their doorstep. Usually eMarketing of your product can be beneficial for you at all so you must get software development service top to bind your customers with your unbeatable facility.

1. IndiaNIC

About IndiaNIC: The organization is one of the top versatile application improvement organizations in India which confers its assigned assistance in giving a rich encounter and hoists business with, especially high-class application structuring. IndiaNIC is distinctive in light of its nonindigenous approach in making cross-stage application improvement that pulls in a more extensive crowd.

2. AppSquadz Technologies

About AppSquadz: AppSquadz technologies is a multi-design and purpose reputed mobile app development company willing to provide amazing services. The company is serving globally trusted for exemplary software designs proposed by the expertise developer team. High functionality with unbeatable UI and UX is the major identity of our organizations. We are the squad (group) of experienced professionals who create the best infrastructure of your application. We have our appearance in major well-developed companies like UAE, UK, USA, Australia, etc. with headquarters in Noida, India.

3. Concealed Brains

About Hidden Brains: Hidden Brains is one of the top Indian versatile application improvement organizations with its wings in the US too. Directly from the new company to a huge scope venture, Hidden Brains bolsters its customers with custom portable application improvement and planning. Portable applications are created thinking about solid techniques to pull in a wide crowd and satisfying the point towards the change of things to come verification association.

4. Octal IT Solution

About Octal IT Solution: Innovative application plans obtain to changing and rousing business by drawing in esteemed clients. Octal IT Solution is one of the top Indian versatile application improvement organizations that redo portable applications fitting your business prerequisites. Octal embraces various working frameworks, present-day apparatuses, procedures, and improvement processes in building versatile and connecting with applications which are amazingly utilitarian and benefit making.

5. Appinventiv

About Appinventiv: Business gain prevalence when their application pattern in the application store and draw in a large number of clients. Appinventiv is one of the top application engineers in India which professes to make applications that become mainstream among the crowd in a matter of moments, in this way giving your business a moment support. Appinventiv is a group of hand-picked center technologists who have involvement with working with the best organizations in the ventures.

6. FATbit Technologies

About FATbit Technologies: FATbit is a famous website architecture organization that helps new companies and SMBs increase an edge with online turnkey commercial center arrangements, computerized entanglements, structure and advancement administrations, and development arrangements. FATbit holds mastery in conveying world-class iOS and Android application improvement benefits across industry verticals. Flourish in the ever-changing eCommerce showcase with more noteworthy returns and unending development.

7. OpenXcell

About OpenXcell: OpenXcell is a Mobile App Development Company with an establishment in IT administrations, business arrangements, and redistributing for programming, portable, eCommerce, and web improvement. Aside from planning till the improvement of portable applications, the organization has likewise been helping its customers in other basic procedures like quality affirmation testing, application testing, and in the advancement of continuous arrangements, visit bots, and so forth. The organization additionally gives oversaw cloud administrations.

8. Techugo

About Techugo: Techugo is one of the top application improvement organizations in India which has left its imprint in nations like Dubai and the USA. The organization has an extraordinary way to deal with in-application structuring. Techugo guarantees attempted best techniques and innovations being developed and structuring instead of going the contemporary way. The top application improvement organization structures applications that work easily on Android, iOS, and Windows.

9. Presentation Infotech

About Debut Infotech: Debut Infotech has built up itself as one of the tops of the line portable application engineers in India. The organization is a gathering of high-gifted engineers who have stunning involvement with application advancement and curating unimaginable, easy to use plans according to the business needs. Presentation Infotech offers brief client care and guarantees total customer fulfillment.

10) Prismetric

About Prismetric: Prismetric is an inventive designer with calculated craftsmanship in the application creating the world. The organization has confidence in giving savvy answers for any mind-boggling necessities of the business. Prismetric designs, creates, and conveys extends expeditiously and satisfies the guarantee of furnishing activity plans with best UI structures. The application arrangement supplier assembles applications that reflect business aims freshly and profoundly adds to ease of use.


The content is represented by the leading app creation firm named AppSquadz, here we are trying to get you the best companies so that you could know and choose the service on your own. Get the best mobile app development services at the AppSquadz willing to serve worldwide as a top mobile app development company has the best mobile app developer to hire.


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Major challenges Startups face after Mobile App launch

mobile app

As an increase in smartphone users, the mobile app industry has gone broaden with time. These are a list of uncountable reasons that can readily explain why mobile apps are so incredible. Software installed in a smartphone can avail you the proper service any time, like pop up notification, regular updates representing changes and modifications in services as well as the app design.

Business startups are now widely opting the service of the mobile app development company. Every young user and the well-settled person that s dependent on itself and no lack of money is using a smartphone and prefers almost remote services on its doorstep because no one has much time to visit the place. Most of the working people stay busy in making life simpler. These all are enough reasons why people look for online services, mobile apps are the best platform for both to opt as well as provide services online through the web or native mobile apps.

Most of the businesses are conducted through the help of mobile software designed for smartphones especially. An application having a smooth interface helps to navigate through the different sections easily. Startups need time they take time and money, consumes lots of strategies with unbeatable efforts to stabilize the business. After the stabilization, it requires to mobile app development by the implementation of ideas at a huge level to create a stable brand image in the market for sure. A vast number of developers are now willing to establish a career in mobile app development looking current trend but it requires few terms to take care of.

As there is a huge career in mobile app development, but if you have a start in this field than must know the points listed down:

1. Establish your self in a crowded market:

If you imply most of your strategic ideas, the app design you will create even after that the app will show real effect after entering the market. The second thing is it does not matter how unique your app idea is, there will be some deficiency. Your app will not have something that people have not seen before. The world is very big and according to the rule of evolution and integrity, there are any similar people in the world as well two or more people may have the same pattern of thinking.

As the market for mobile apps has gone broaden and spreading across the globe. There is mobile app development company more than types of smartphone brand. A startup requires manpower, the mind thought lots of funds. But as being an independent person and looking to establish a good business with less investment according to budget, then must prepare a blueprint for your app and the money has to be invested in promotion.

2. Get a team together:

When you get to design an app or for example doing anything morally not possible or to make it perfect alone. Many ideas gathered from different minds to ensure a successful app with a superior interface and incredible functionality.

It seems to be easier theoretically to get it done. May be easy in saying but the management of design and interface pattern is not possible alone. You have to create a strong team of expertise and experience. A mobile app developer, a resource person for content management, simplified settlement of the elements in proper synchronization with graphics, required. A team can work together a make perfect software. Application is not too easy to create; it not only depends on the coding but also represents

Gathering a team and then getting work from them in a mutual rhythm is very difficult. Synchronization between time and process is very important it helps to reach expectations soon with less effort. It also reduces mistakes that consume time to be solved and sometimes remain unresolvable.

3. Adaptability:

One of the significant errors that application business people make is mistaking versatility for development. They imagine that adaptability, similar to development, is expanding the business seeing when the income inflows are on an unequalled high, and so on.

When there is an extremely slim however unmistakable line of contrast among versatility and development. While, if there should arise an occurrence of extension, you realize you need to bring about costs to arrive at the following level, adaptability, in its thought itself, implies that you should chip away at developing your business while the costs are kept exceptionally low and steady.

Presently experiencing the basic meaning of adaptability, something that we should experience for it is one of the most essential to be followed in the long run tips in the wake of propelling an application, some different issues get led on. Issues like the planning of adaptability and its extent. On the off chance that you broaden your business too early or past the point of no return, you will confront a disappointment and on the off chance that you scale at the ideal time in an inappropriate area, you will confront disappointment.

4. Advertising:

The assignment turning around finding a response to how to advertise a startup application isn’t even half as brilliant and bits of cake as the numerous bullet point articles on the different showcasing stages let you know.

There are various things you need to settle on the correct stages versus the financially savvy stage more affordable versus more extensive reach-and the rundown of disarrays and battles goes on.

The response to how to advertise an application effectively itself has been the reason for the death of various splendid application thoughts, for example, you’re in the market and it won’t stop. Truth be told, the extra the stages coming up to open your image to the world; the more prominent is turning into your odds to get sidelined.

Use of your organization’s expectation to make a nearness in the market and not recovering any outcomes as it tends to be unnerving and actually, this upsetting climate is what is keeping businesspeople alert each night.


You try to venture business lots of time but the blog is represented by AppSquadz the reputed mobile app development company to help you and promise you for good opportunities in future for better app development career in various fields. We tend to make sure about the progress in the world with the help of technology that leads to the process simpler and smoother.



AWS launches Amazon AppFlow: Its New SaaS Integration Service


Amazon Web Services (AWS) on 23, April 2020, (Wednesday) has announced the launch of its new third party application which is AppFlow. Amazon AppFlow is one of the fully managed services that allow the data between third party that assist you to create custom code. This new integration service assists customers and thus makes it easier for the developers to transfer the data between the SaaS applications and AWS such as Slack, Google Analytics, Marketo, and more.

Unlike the competitors, AWS (Amazon Web Service) are highly positioned with these services more and more as the data transferred services can help to automate the workflow. This dataflow can be bidirectional in many ways and therefore, this announcement can be mostly focused on moving data from SaaS application and can be read out for more future analysis. This AWS AppFlow offers a very easy and intuitive way to its customers thus merging with the data from AWS and SaaS application, even though it does not move across the public internet. With the help of these mobile applications, the customers can help to bring together and can assist to manage the petabytes, megabytes, and exabytes of data spread all over the globe in applications.

This is all because without having a custom connector you can manage the underlying API and network connectivity in best possible manner. The customers have also stated that they have appreciated and loved the ability for storing, processing, and analyzing their data in the AWS stage and are also using the variety of third-party SaaS applications. They also tell that it can be even difficult to manage the flow of data between all of these mobile applications and AWS.

How the AppFlow Application Runs?

There are millions of customers who can run mobile applications and data takes with large scale analytics and therefore it creates a workload on AWS, machine learning, and IoT. In this, the customers have to often store the data in dozens of way for the SaaS application, which highly results in silos and are disconnected from the data stores in the AWS live class software. The organizations also need to combine their data from all these resources but it also requires the customers to spend a lot of days writing the code in such segments.

With the SaaS applications, the customers can end up to sprawl the connector and this can lead to release the difficulty level of real time data transfer. All this can create a delay between the data when it is available in SaaS another when it is on another system to access the record. In big organizations, business users have to wait for a longer period for skilled and expert developers to create custom connectors.

Amazon AppFlow solves major problems with its user’s can, therefore, can allow the customers with various diverse technical skills which usually include CRM administrators. Customers can also use this mobile application just to create and build the data transfer between each flow and with just a click, the customers can configure multiple types of triggers that data flows can occur at the time of launch. With the help of some instances, the Amazon said developers must have the additional choice of some instance type that ranges from small CPU instances to multi-GPU instances which will allow them to choose the right ratio for cost and performance for their infrastructure prediction.

The developers can spend a large amount of time writing code that can provide the integration so that they can pass data between the SaaS applications and the AWS live class development services than can be analyzed as these are quite expensive and can often take months to finish. If data requirements can change then the cost and complicated modifications have to be made perfectly for the integration process. The organizations that do not have the luxuries engineering resources, sometime might find themselves manually importing and exporting data from applications which is time-consuming and risk data leakage which has the human potential error.


Android Apps Development

Will Android 11 Features Impact Your Mobile Application?

Android 11

In the operating system environment, the android 10 was a huge shift and has impacted a lot in past years. With Android 10, Google has brought its operating system all behind the halt and has created its new segments in the mobile application streams. The android 10 has a testament towards its growth and maturity graph which will be carried away and will impact the mobile app market in numerous ways. The same kind of principles is being carried away for the android 11 developers now and that has made mobile application services a seamless growth in the market.

All this has set an edge of their seats every time and has announced that somewhere in the mid of May a new version of android will be launched soon.Well, we all away from the final battle for having android 11 away, the sufficient peak where Google needs to take the operating system locked more. With every new update, it is not only the android app developers who are excited about it but also the stakeholder on the other side of app owners is excited too.

New feature set of Android 11

Before we dive into the ways how android 11 will change the app domain for the startup companies or the app development company who owns android application development, let us have a look at the new feature set of Android 11 as below:

1. One time permission

If we look back to the android 10, one of the difficult ways to handle it was to take app permissions can resolve. Hence, android 10 has given a lot many users control over the applications and what else they could do for it and the android 11 is still kept on the rolling train. Whenever the mobile applications ask for intrusion permission and they grant it for one time basis that they might require using when you have it on mobile application.

2. Preparation of 5G

We all have been hearing about the making of the 5G network since last year (in the mid of the year) and that will be blown away in 2020. But, due to coronavirus pandemic that has affected several industries and business along with the huge number of technologies, the requirements for 5G adoption has grown in the world. Therefore to assist android 11 it has supplemented a very important role to help in smoothing processes.

3. Built-in Screen Recorder

This is another powerful feature that android 11 will have in the coming days that are the built-in screen recorder and provide the chances to anyone that they might require it regularly. It will show a very slim screen recorder that will accomplish the functions in very pretty ways and will polish the user interface and toggle for the recording section and the audio that will be played in touching the screen.

4. Multiple improvements for messaging

If you look at the android app development latest new features, there is a lot of things that need o to be improved for users messaging experience on android applications that will give an immersive experience to users. The new upgrades that have been introduced in android 11 are chat bubbles that hide all the ongoing conversation in the form of bubbles on the side of the screen. In this way, if the user wants to reveal the specific conversation, then they can tap around the bubbles.  Android 11 has also introduced a dedicated conversation section in the shaded form of notification that makes the process of getting messages in real-time.

5. Adaption on different screen types

If there is any space where people can say that an android app development company has taken place, it is in foldable devices. The years 2020 is going to witness the lots of new addition in the building foldable device for large screen mobile applications that have turned the entire market to run on a different screen and sizes resolution. The operating system 11 has been developed to run those foldable devices in no effort and thus market out the time to start working on foldable mobile app development in the coming future.

What does it mean migrating apps to Android 11?

If you have ever looked at the preview documentation of any android app developer, then you might find that it is summarized into 3 different categories such as behavior changes, privacy features, and the new features & APIs. All these 3 categories have different aspects in different modules to carry out the impact on the application’s performance. Let us have a look at changes that makes migrating apps to the android app means for your android app as below:

1. User’s Restriction

Android 11 will impute the discourage for the repeated request for every single permission, therefore, if the user clicks on the button of “deny” twice when asked to deny or allow for the specific permission, then it will imply the “don’t ask again” option in front of users. There are some of the methods that can help you to ruin your marketing tactics and can help your mobile application to grow more.

2. Stats to be private

In android 11 the betterment of your mobile application techniques can help you to keep private and other credentials in more fascinating way. Hence, until certain coding functions are not performed, neither the app nor the system can get access to your data.

3. Lowers data redundancy

The mobile applications might sometimes want to use the same dataset even if the media playback or the machine learning process involves the same situations. In earlier android 10, you and other applications have to download the different or can say separate copy for each dataset. But with android 11 it is not required, it will lower the data redundancy by own.

4. Greater clarity on apps

The android 11 has covered many new features which can report to carrying the reasons for recent nations that can generate data to be able to gather around crash diagnostics and whether a process has been terminated even due to any reason such as memory issue or anything else, this is considered as one of the most demanding features of android 11.

5. Infrastructure benefit to 5G

Numerous benefits give huge advantages to 5G and thus bring mobile applications a vulnerable change. With android 11 that extend to full support towards technology, the organizations can now take advantage of greater streaming speed, zero latency, heightened user experience and more.


We all know that our android developers have already started persuading the android 11 developers and hence will gain huge popularity in terms of experimenting to test applications. Let us see what happens in the coming near future for android 11 and how will it impact your mobile applications or mobile app development company.


education app

Virtual Classroom Learning: Enhance Study Potential at Home

Virtual Classroom Learning

Simply the bygone eras, arranged PCs, information analysis, web, online networking, cloud computing, and other rising innovations have changed the fields of instruction and preparation. However, students or youngsters of today’s time are misusing digital technology but it can be used in the betterment of the education process. These web-based apparatuses assume a basic job in permitting teachers and mentors to blend the best ascribes of eye to eye, in-classroom training with anyplace, whenever online guidance. They additionally help educators and heads get the most extreme effect from their web-based learning activities, giving various advantages as far as productivity, openness, and rate of profitability.

To assist you with growing to comprehend virtual classrooms and the points of interest they offer, we should investigate what’s behind the innovation, and how to distinguish the correct item for your necessities.

What does a virtual classroom look Alike?

A virtual classroom is a device-based educating and learning condition that mirrors the characteristics of the eye to eye classroom guidance. Educators and students Can take an interest in live online classes, speak with one another, have conversations and watch recordings or introductions, among different highlights. The physical classroom has meetings and learning practices with the help of whiteboard and physical elements.

Virtual classrooms interface students and educators from over the globe, making instructions and preparing limitlessly progressively open, as anybody can get the advantage of top-notch guidance with minimal excess of a gadget, Intermit associations, and a lot of client qualifications. Expenses can likewise be decreased drastically, as there is no requirement for transportation. Virtual Classroom Software can be a good deal to manage the education expenses in the arrangement of all the required elements. It is more safe and secure better makes it best. 

Online education software are likewise very adaptable as far as potential employments. They can be utilized to instruct and coach on the web, yet besides, make extraordinary alternatives for those looking to have communitarian bunch ventures or preparing work out. these are habitually utilized for worker and accomplice preparing an online course facilitating. Organizations can arrange gatherings or item dispatches and broaden regular office capacities into the computerized domain.   

How virtual classroom is beneficial for students?

Virtual classrooms have gotten substantially more conspicuous as of late, as enthusiasm for web-based learning has taken off. By moving classroom experience on the web, instructors, understudies, coaches, and executives can exploit various advantages that are absent with up close and personal guidance.

Probably the most significant use instances of an Online Teaching Software include:

Live on-request interaction:

The capacity to plan courses and gatherings when it’s advantageous. calendars adaptable, course times can be effortlessly broadened, and instructors or coaches can have online “available time.”

Student-focused guidance:  

Up close and personal guidance is an educator centered model where students assume a respective job. Virtual classrooms offer an alternate model; intuitive one, vivid innovation is driven and focused on the student. At the point when understudies or workers aren’t simply latent spectators, they can tap their inborn imagination and draw in with the learning procedure on a profound level.

The choice to record, audit and construct a study material:

If students fall behind during up close and personal guidance, looking for help outside the class from an instructor, mentor individual understudy or partner is their solitary practical alternative. Virtual classrooms take care of the issue, as recorder courses can be looked into voluntarily. Teachers, then again, can audit earlier courses to perceive what works and what doesn’t. this usefulness improves student execution while helping educators refine their aptitudes. The chronicle additionally takes into account the production documents that can be gotten to whenever. 

Directed educating, preparing, and coaching:

With eye to eye training, instructors by need must take a one size fits all way to deal with guidance. Virtual classrooms take into account more focused on guidance. Breakout meetings can be framed to permit students to advance at their own pace. 

Quick and precise assessment:

Reviewing tests and papers is one of the most tedious and monotonous assignments that educators face. Virtual Live Class Software help limit that trouble by offering a mechanized assessment. Educators can utilize the time they spare to concentrate on esteem included exercises. Mentors, in the meantime, can utilize Virtual Classroom to create progressively precise bits of knowledge about representative aptitude improvement. 

Simple and dependable criticism gathering:

In a physical classroom with 30 or 40 students, it’s hard to check who is learning and who isn’t advancing appropriately. Virtual classrooms permit instructors, coaches, and mentors to assemble input using constant surveying, hand raising, and other intelligent highlights. 

The open doors for Integrated learning:

The social and community devices in a virtual classroom permit understudies and workers to use the aggregate information on their companions. Understudies and workers can likewise give consolation and encouraging feedback when required. 

A virtual classroom enables you to study in leisure time:

With a virtual classroom, you can study flexible hours anytime you can access the study material and classroom course. Online notes help to learn anytime anywhere, a physical classroom includes the number of students, where some learners create a disturbance for the real learners. A virtual classroom offers you a comfortable and separate virtual learning environment.


A virtual classroom is a setup of online learning material, eLearning devices, live classes, everything is synchronized to create virtual classrooms. It is better and comfortable than a physical classroom. The digital world is in dominance now and virtual classrooms will be a trend in the educational world. It can help you to do better in your studies and keep them continue in panic conditions outside.


education app

AWS Sponsored AppSquadz at the Greatest Educational Event- EdTechReview 2020


AppSquadz is one of the top app development companies on international levels. The company is rising with excellence in order to contribute to educational domains by live class services, educational content, software applications, and a wide range of educational Pendrive software for the online e-learning process.

EdTech review is a premier educational community, provides useful news, insights, researches and product reviews to education stakeholders and learners. Edtech review is supporting educators and learners in the most possible ways about education technology. They are striving in technology to promote the educational experience of learners to endure incredible results in the future.


The event, named EdTech Review 2020 was a 2-day CONFERENCE | EXPO | PITCH | AWARDS at The Leela Ambience Gurgaon, Delhi-NCR (India) on 5-6 Mar 2020. The event was one of India’s biggest gatherings in educational history with 1000+ EdTech stakeholders (EdTech founders, venture capitalists, foundations, education publishers, institution leaders, educators, investors & NPOs, etc.). Moreover, visitors, attendees, buyers & investors, 50+ exhibitors, 20+ partners and international participation from 10+ countries. Likewise, the 2 days were full of keynotes, panel discussions, startup presentations, case study presentations from institutions, & awards.

Amazon Web Services (AWS), which are subsidiary to amazon, and the world’s largest cloud computing and AI assistance services provider in the technological world. So, we are pleased to inform you that AppSquadz is a leading, certified consulting partner of AWS. AWS was one of the main focuses of the event. Therefore, they sponsored AppSquadz to support education indigents with technology.

A great speaker, as well as motivator, says:

“Technology cannot replace teachers but,

Technology in hands of teachers can be transformational”

AWS represented AppSquadz, there to form the future of the nation that is learners of the country. Above all, in this golden era of the digital world, where almost things processed by technology like payments, learning, processing, data handling, etc. Similarly, our collaboration has a motto to renovate the education system with technology. Because, we are emerging across the world as the top eLearning mobile app development company in the USA, India, UK, UAE and throughout the globe.

Our educational products:

  • Audience Response System
  • Pen drive Classes Software
  • Smart Class Board
  • Interactive Flat Touch Panel Display
  • Encrypted Video Streaming
  • AWS Live Class
  • E-Learning Mobile App Development
  • Education Mobile App Development
  • Live Class Software Development

Key points radiating our cognitions:

  • India’s largest platform delivering Educational Live classes or E-learning solutions.
  • Trusted partner of the top Educational content provider.
  • 25 + premium partner in the Educational domain.
  • Serving 10M+ users across various Educational platforms.


education app

Developing an E-Learning Mobile App – Market Size, Statistics, and Trends

e-learning mobile app

Today, mobile apps have become an integral part of our day to day lives and therefore people are aware of such thing in a better way how to use such a mobile app. Therefore, to introduce a mobile app with high technology, there is no time now than ever. These e-learning mobile app developments are very appealing and will have the entire attention of learners. And among all this, one such concept is e-learning app development. Before these mobile apps came into existence, people will receive a warm welcome whether it is parents or teachers or admins which also provide major benefits to them.

In this way, we can say that mobile technology has transformed the education industry and hence make it more comfortable for the learners. At the same time, with the help of e-learning mobile app development they can be financially accessible to students; hence without worrying about the tuition fees go for these apps.

Amazing stats on e-learning mobile app

As per the statistics, to find accessing their training content from mobile devices, about 64% of people do this. 43% of the learners see improved productivity levels as compared to non-mobile users. When it comes to downloading, 89% of Smartphone users download apps, and among which 50% is of learning. It has also been recorded that 46% of learners use LMS mobile app before they get back to their sleep.

Reports have also suggested that 27% of growth has been observed in mobile-only users, by surpassing 14%, desktop-only users. Around 45% of faster course completion rate has been seen among Smartphone learners than selecting a computer. According to the reports, 65% of digital media is viewed on a Smartphone daily.

If we look at present stats, the average person generally spends 2 hours on their Smartphone’s and about 221 times they touch their mobile screens.64% of research has started on a Smartphone is finished on a computer or tablet. 70% of learners felt motivated when they have been given training on the mobile device.

Types of e-learning mobile app

Let’s learn the types of e-learning mobile app development which can help you to understand and choose better for your business as:

  1. Course Software: With the help of this software, learners can learn with the help of videos and other mechanisms.
  2. Software for classroom: With the help of this software, students can study on white screens or whiteboards.
  3. Test software: With the help of this software, students can highly take part in the quiz and test just to increase their skills and knowledge in the same.
  4. Software for reference: This kind of apps covers up the category where users get knowledge about encyclopedias and dictionaries.
  5. Specific educational software: These apps are developed for niche markets such as typing tutors, healthcare, and much other software.

Market size trends and Stats on e-learning mobile app

e learning app development statistics

As per the current statistics, e-learning app development is the third most frequently installed apps on mobile devices which have the current rate of 8.47%. And hence to hire e-learning app developers are increasing in demand. Other than that, there come stats that the global market of m-learning apps was seen $165.36 billion in past years and is expected to grow by $243 billion in 2022.

Hence, there is no doubt that it is a profitable opportunity for businesses to develop an e-learning mobile app development to scale up revenues from the best mobile app development company. After all, the demand in education mobile app has never witnessed a downfall and these mobile apps offer the best support to earn massive profits for each student thereby.

Working of e-learning mobile apps

The e-learning mobile app development has majorly 4 types of users such as students, super admin, teachers and parents as well. So, working for all 4 of these is entirely different from each other. Let us look at the working of e-learning app development on these 4 types of users as:

For Students

Students are considered as the largest target audience of these e-learning apps and therefore the entire business model revolves around them. With the help of the LMS mobile app, students can collect the entire course material and can learn anytime and from anywhere on their devices.

For Teachers

The e-learning mobile app development provides another special feature to the teachers and therefore teachers can sign up to the apps as teaches and can upload the entire course which is designed by students for their help.

For Parents

Not all LMS mobile app business models have dedicated app for parents and require parents to login and using this app, parents can keep an eye and can track their children’s activity and their progress.

For Admin

A super admin has control over each activity what students, parents; teachers are doing and can view all statistics like overall incomes, no of active users and so on.

Benefits of e-learning mobile app

benefits e learning mobile app

There are several benefits of the learning management system which we will be discussing today as below:

  • E-learning mobile app allows users to learn by using videos and other machines on their mobile phones or tablets which makes the entire process of learning quite easy and flexible.
  • This also helps to have better completion rates and higher retention rates and concisely present the content, so learners can finish the course and can start with a new one.
  • It also ensures higher engagement and is easily accessible by the students at any time and any place thus learners can stay on track with their training.
  • One of the best benefits of e-learning mobile app development is multi-device support therefore users can access it either on smartphones, tablets or desktop.
  • With the help of e-learning mobile app, you can offer collaborative learning with the help of online learning communities within the app.

Features of e-learning mobile app

The features of e-learning app development also include 4 users such as students, admin, teacher, and parents. Let us have a look at each user’s features from e-learning mobile app as below:

For Students
  • Easy sign/sign up for the user
  • Pay for the subscription plan
  • Students can search for tutors
  • Can post questions and can view and select tutor
  • Testing knowledge through the quiz and online exam
For Teachers
  • Teacher register account
  • Can enhance their detailed profile
  • Can manage their account setting
  • Can connect with students on video, audio and chat as well
  • Can view the available questions and can answer them
  • Can edit their account details
For Parents
  • Social sign up and log in
  • Course progress tracking
  • Check assessment
  • Track student attendance
  • Access leader board
For Super Admins
  • Admins can manage users
  • Can manage the badges and session
  • Can manage locations and subjects and credits as well
  • Can manage question and notification
  • Can manage subscription package


Educational mobile apps are becoming a hype in the current era and thus to ensure the creation of fully functional and innovative e-learning mobile apps, businesses need to pick the right mobile app development company.


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Microsoft’s Math Solver App is out, applies AI to solve Mathematical Problems

Math Solver App

Microsoft has launched the Math Solver app, which is an app-in-one solution to solve mathematical problems instantly for Android or iOS devices. The app runs by applying artificial intelligence (AI) which identifies numerical questions and suggests solutions for an extensive array of mathematical concepts. The users of the Microsoft Math Solver app need to add their mathematical questions by drawing, scanning, inserting pictures or typing on the screen. Additionally, the app is composed in a way that presents graphs and a step-by-step explanation of the answers.

How it works-

In the case of beginning with the Microsoft Math Solver App, you either have to capture a picture of your math problem or type the same through your built-in scientific calculator on the screen. Likewise, you can even add your problem statements by drawing the pictures using your fingers or stylus on the smartphone’s screen or tablet’s screen. After your question instructions are inserted, the app will make use of its AI algorithms to identify your instructions given and afterward show the question on your smartphone’s screen.

Once the AI algorithms identify and understand your mathematical queries, the Microsoft Math Solver app presents you with instant explanations to your questions asked. Not only instant solutions but the app also provides highlights step-by-step explanation to the questions so that you learn to solve your mathematical questions without taking the help of the app.

Which Languages it Support-

In the Microsoft Math Solver app, Microsoft has presented language support for 22 languages. Among the 22 languages, 12 Indian languages are included which are namely Assamese, Bengali, Gujarati, Hindi, Kannada, Marathi, Punjabi, and Tamil, to name a few. Foreign languages like German, Spanish, and Russian are also included in the language support. The language support is beneficial for the users as they can customize as per their preferred language to understand how different math concepts function with different questions.

How to Use it-

The Microsoft Math Solver app offers added learning support, which covers video tutorials and related worksheets, making it apparent for the students to practice and understand different concepts applied in the mathematical problems. Microsoft Math Solver provides multiple approaches to solve a single mathematical problem so that students can answer questions without finding any glitch. To make users understand the correlations efficiently, Microsoft has incorporated an interactive graph to the app. Thus, for linear and non-linear functions, you may scan or type and plot X-Y data tables.

Furthermore, using Bing the Microsoft Math Solver app notes related questions from Web search. Besides this, you also get similar concepts based on your mathematical problems. You have the option to bookmark questions of your choice or view the history of the app so that you can find the details of the math’s questions whenever needed. When you are on the app, you will also find the list of some examples for the sake of practicing the concepts.

You will find concepts such as algebra, fractions, rational equations, quadratic equations, arithmetic, trigonometry, matrix multiplication, and differentiation, and many more. The Microsoft Math Solver app is a distinct offering for the students who are weak at mathematics. This handy app comes certainly with simple problem-solving capability. The way the Artificial Intelligence works in this app makes it the all-inclusive solution for the students.

Mathematical concepts supported on Microsoft Math Solver app:

Elementary: Arithmetic, real & complex numbers, LCM, GCD, factors, roman numerals

Pre-Algebra: Radicals and exponents, fractions, matrices, determinants

Algebra: Quadratic equations, inequalities, rational expressions, linear equations, quadratic and exponential graphs, word problems on math concepts, number theory, probability, volume, surface & area

Basic Calculus: Summations, Limits, derivatives, integrals

Statistics: Mean, Median & Mode, Standard Deviation, permutations & combinations

The Android users and iOS users can seek help in solving your math problems on the Microsoft Math Solver app by downloading its package from the Google Play Store and Apple App Store, respectively. For compatibility, make sure your device is running at least on Android 5.0 Lollipop or iOS 11.0 to be compatible with the app.



After shutting down the VPN Service, Facebook now launched a new Market Research App, Viewpoints


In consonance with Facebook’s official blog, this all is going to take place:

  • Facebook is going to run ads for encouraging selected people to take part in the market research program.
  • On clicking the ad, the users can register in it. If they qualify, they will be requested to download the app.
  • As the user will sign up, they will notice a description of how the app operates. Apart from that, what information they have to share with Facebook if they are interested in participating.
  • All who contributed to the research employing the app will be rewarded. The company told all participants would be compensated monthly via PayPal. However, as of now, Facebook has not disclosed how much Americans and Indians would be paid. Despite the query, we cannot find out whether there is room for any bonuses, referrals, or other incentives for users or not.

What info will Facebook accumulate?

This time, Facebook has promised it will gather the least amount of data needed to help users in building better products. The goal apparently will be to locate which apps and features Facebook must copy, buy, and what is to be ignored. Periodically, the company will remind the participants to review the information they share with Facebook.

Here is the data Facebook will gather and interpret:

  1. Apps installed on the phone of the participants
  2. The time you spend using these apps in a day
  3. Participant’s nation, device & network type

Facebook’s Viewpoints, a new market research app launched by Facebook a couple of days ago, a couple of months after the organization introduced the Android data collection app named Study. The app is designed with a view for monitoring what and to which extent the users can access different software on the Google-owned operating system.

Both applications have a dubious history. Facebook had to shut down a market research app in January, the app which the company introduced as a virtual private network (VPN) provider in the market. It was advertised to teenagers, and it employed a special software certificate that Apple gives to businesses. It was chiefly structured to authorize the distribution of internal apps within the employees only (no general public to be involved).

Over the years, Facebook’s Market Research apps have violated Apple’s Privacy Guidelines

Facebook was using it for installing software on the phones of teens along with the survey partakers for collecting the information which the organization generally could not ask for, employing its basic iOS applications. The app would have overlooked Apple’s principles for the App Store. However, to distribute the software outside the standard iOS model, Facebook was using an Apple-provided enterprise certificate.

Apple drew the organization’s enterprise privileges of Facebook for violating the guidelines, and as a result of which Facebook has shut down the application, named Facebook Research VPN, for appeasing the makers of the iPhone. Even last year also, Facebook had to shut down a similar VPN app referred to as the ‘Onavo Protect.’ The app was shut down after Apple said the app is violating the standard App Store data collection rules.

Facebook’s examination endeavors presently live on in Viewpoints and Study. With Viewpoints, Facebook is not peering into how you utilize third-party applications. Instead, it is an app that will give you rewards for filling the surveys, testing new items, and much more. As per Facebook, the first survey is the “Well-Being Survey,” which will take around 15 minutes and acquire you 1000 “points,” which means $5 that will be paid to you through PayPal.

Facebook appears to have taken a few reactions of its past market research app to heart, as Viewpoints is open to individuals of 18 and above in the US with Facebook accounts. Still, when some of you try registering a Facebook account on the iOS version of the app, you may receive a pop-up message of ‘not available to you at this time,’ so it seems that some people probably won’t qualify all requirements for the current survey. Facebook says that it intends to give “extra ways for individuals to get you enrolled” and to extend the program to different nations next year. The company also stated it wouldn’t share information from the application to third parties. Along with that company also promised that it would not share your Facebook Viewpoints activity on Facebook.