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Indian Mobile App Development Company Charges Lower Than USA Developers

Mobile App Development

Without a doubt, the US is the worldwide hub of IT sector, but the average cost of developing a mobile application is extremely low in India than the US. So, in case you are looking for a career in mobile application development in India, it is best to tap into the mobile application market. According to a recent survey, it has been found that an average cost to build an application for Android/iOS is almost 10 times lower than to mobile app development companies in USA.


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Snapchat To Let Brands Know The Number Of Users Saw Their Ads & Visited The Place


In the rising competition between Snap Inc. and Facebook Inc., the strategy of both seems to be copying each others. While Facebook is copying product feature of Snapchat, the later is also seems to be copying business playbook of Facebook. Not more than a year after Facebook officially began computing the brick-and-mortar traffic that its advertisements generate — taking from Google’s playbook — Snapchat is gearing to launch its own version of this measurement and including additional ways for marketers to send users from Snapchat to their stores.

Paramount Pictures, Wendy’s and 7-Eleven, were some of the earliest brands to test Snapchat’s measurement tool that tracks the number of users who use Snapchat in a brand’s actual location, like a restaurant or retail store, and then checks how many of those users had seen an advertisement from the brand on the mobile application. Snapchat is capable of telling if someone visited the location of a brand and that person uses Snapchat in that place. However, for this the app should be opened as the app is not allowed to track user’s location when the application is running in the background.

The measurement tool of Snapchat’s Snap shows advertisers the number of people who visited their location had seen the ad of the brand ad on Snapchat. Not only this the tool also tells as how many visitors didn’t see the ad but use Snapchat. Although, advertisers can’t see Snap to Store measurements for single locations, according to the spokesperson, allude to privacy concerns.

In addition, marketers can also use the measuring tool to see number of visitors who got attracted to its ad by comparing the group that saw a brand’s advertisement on Snapchat with the group that didn’t. These comparisons will show that how many visitors visited the location without seeing the ad and how many came because of the ad. Moreover, advertisers can even classify these visitors as per their age groups, gender, region, state, and region and ad type. If things go smoothly, Snapchat might also introduce classification Categories such as gamers, sports fans and beauty expert.

Snapchat is also planning to add location-related categories to its Snap Lifestyle Categories, like and “department store shoppers” and “big box store shoppers.” Also, the company is amending some changes is present categories such as “fitness enthusiasts” and “travel enthusiasts” to appeal to people who use Snapchat at places such as gym, airport etc. Snapchat is also going to use data from PlaceIQ (a location-based analytics firm) to define the audience segments for location-related targeting categories.

Well, it seems that the competition between the Snapchat and Facebook is going to stiffer and bigger in coming times. Only time will tell what exactly the companies have in their mind.




Now, iOS Developers Can Reply To Reviews on App Store

iOS Developers

On March 27, 2017, Apple released MacOS 10.12.4 and iOS 10.3 version. With the launch of new iOS version, it is the third major update of the iOS 10 operating system. The iOS 10 was introduced last year on September 13, 2016. The latest iOS 10.3 version was in testing phase since January 24, 2017, but now it is available for free update for all the iOS 10 users. The new version available through iTunes for updating. Moreover, Xcode 8.3 is also available with support for iOS 10.3, tvOS 10.2, Swift 3.1, as well as MacOS 10.12.4 and WatchOS 3.2. Now, iOS developers can reply to reviews on apple app store.

The fresh updated version of iOS 10 includes major additions along with some design tweaks and modifications. The updated version is highly useful for developers as it comprises a special feature for developers that allow them to be able to reply to the reviews of the customers in the app store. Before this update, the developers were not allowed to communicate with their app users or visitors for their reviews or feedback. Every developer whenever build a new app and launch it on the app store, they wait to know how users are responding. But, the one sided communication refrained iOS developers from responding to the reviews or feedback of users. However, fortunately Apple has brought the feature that will let developers to stay communicative with their customers in order to enhance not only the app usability and functionality, but also the relationship with customers.

There are numerous suggestions that Apple has provided to the developers that how they can respond to the reviews of the users. It has suggested developers about some of the best ways they can reply to their app users.

  • Use clear tone to communicate
  • Spamming is not allowed
  • Filter facility
  • Live interaction with your users for review
  • Priority to reviews can be given
  • Need to follow review process


Letting OS developers by Apple that they can respond to app store reviews has provided developers great opportunities to enhance their support to the users by providing precise and quick respond to their valuable reviews. This feature is very helpful for iOS developers in order to interact with their target audience and comprehend their expectations and include them in their in their future apps or updates.


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Cloud and APIs for Easy Android Applications Development

Android Applications Development

Android Applications Development

A lot of developers prefer Apple’s iOS platform more compared to other OS. Also, a lot of iOS applications are missing Android equivalents. This is because android applications development requires more resources. Plus, developers need to develop applications for a wide range of hardware, OS versions, etc. In this topic we will talk about cloud and APIs for easy android applications development.



Mobile App Market to Grow 270% to $189 Billion by 2020, with Games Accounting for 55%

mobile app market

Mobile App Market to Grow 270% to $189 Billion by 2020

It is projected that the mobile app market will grow 270% i.e. from $70 billion in 2015 to whooping $189 billion by the year 2020. It has been noted that time spent in apps usage has increased 114 percent from the last three years i.e. 2014 to 2016. By the year 2020, it has been calculated that games will have a share of 55% of app store revenues. Also, other categories such as shopping and transportation will witness growth as well.


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Artificial Intelligence in the World of Mobile Application Development

Mobile Application Development

Artificial Intelligence in the World of Mobile Application Development

With an intelligent assistance in your Smartphone all the time is just like a dream come true. Performing daily task using the intelligent applications is remarkable. Well AI feature of the application is not confined just to the digital assistance, but it is integrated with a range of security to eCommerce applications. Many companies are using AI with the modern mobile application technology for a more promising and efficient customer experience. AI in the world of mobile application development plays a crucial role. So what exactly is AI?


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Benefits of PHP Developers and PSD to HTML CSS


Websites plays a major role in shaping e-commerce business in the World Wide Web. In order to appeal to maximum visitors, your website must be very professional and engaging. CSS is a styling language useful for designing smooth and sophisticated web pages. It plays a very crucial role in PSD to HTML conversion and also offers plenty of benefits, making the whole process much simpler and easier to operate. Moreover, it is preferred by many developers for its user friendliness. Below we have mentioned some of the benefits of PHP developers and PSD to HTML CSS.


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Essential Tips to Make a Good Mobile App

Mobile App

Do you have a great idea for a stunning app and you want it to be on App Store? If yes, you either need to have ample app development experience or enough money to hire a reliable app developer for your next big thing. Presently, the mobile application market is flooding with applications! So, it is very difficult to make your app tops the chart no matter how great your idea is. Until and unless you hire a good mobile app development company. Furthermore, there are some essential tips to make a good app. Some of the tips are mentioned below.


Mobile App Development

PhoneGap Application Development to Improve Customer Experience

PhoneGap Application Development

According to some statistics, it has been found that one out of every 26 unsatisfied customers raise complaints. Rests of them simply discontinue the service of the provider. And in today’s digital world, this fact can be noticed in the abandoning of the business application. Nowadays, reaching out to the customers is not the only essential aspect which a business should consider, but they should be capable of delivering the best customer experience. PhoneGap is a perfect tool for this. Let us know about PhoneGap application development to improve customer experience.


Android Apps Development

Merits & Demerits of Android Application Development

android application development

With the increasing number of Smartphones selling in the mobile market globally, the number of OS for app development for the Smartphones has also risen. As it was anticipated earlier, Android has gradually replaced iOS in terms of the most popular operating system for development of mobile applications. Though Google’s Android faces tough competition from other major modern platforms, it has grown as the highest selling OS of 2016. Well, there are pros and cons of everything; similarly Android has its own. Below we have mentioned merits and demerits of android application development.