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UPI Payment Gateway: The Future of Online Payment

UPI Payment Gateway

UPI stands for Unified Payment Interface, which was launched earlier this week with 29 banks. The new payment means designed by NPCI, National Payment Corporation of India is intended to bring about a change in the way online transactions are done in India. The payment architecture will allow users to make transactions effectively without needing to disclose account details and IFSC codes through aliases. Also, this allows pull-based payments. UPI Payment Gateway architecture enables users to send and receive money as well as make payments with merchants.

What is UPI Payment Gateway and How Does It Work?

UPI payment Gateway is a kind of online payment interface that allows all bank holders to send and receive money through their Smartphones. With the payment interface, users don’t require to provide account information or net banking user ID/password.

It is easy to use the interface. First of all, users need to download UPI app such as iMobile (for ICICI Bank customers). As the installation is finished, you are asked to create your own Virtual Payment Address known as VPA such as xyz@pockets or xyz@icici to start using UPI. The payment architecture can be used to make payment directly to merchants as well as send and receive money from other individuals.

What Should You Know About UPI Payment Gateway?

This payment architecture has drastically changed the payment system. High level of security, ease to use and swift responses are some of the prominent features that make the UPI Payment Gateway the most popular of all online payment means in India. Here is a list of some essential things you need to consider:

  • Payment architecture from the National Payment Corporation of India (NPCI), Unified Payment Interface allows easy and fast transactions via aliases. It enables pull-based payments and you do not need to provide account details
  • With UPI, there is no need for payment gateways to maintain relationships with each bank for settlement or to have a relationship with the NPCI
  • Allows merchants to have an alias to facilitate payments
  • No need of wallet or net banking for payment

UPI Payment Gateway enables users to pay and receive payments across all accounts without needing to give account details. Merchants can too build up aliases to facilitate payments. In addition, there are much more advantages of using UPI Payment Gateway for both individuals and merchants as well. UPI is now publicly available. Check if your bank has released an updated mobile app with UPI support already.

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Developing Work Culture in New Startup

Developing Work Culture

Every office has, and requires, its own specific work culture, regardless of the size of the company. And, new startup businesses are no exception to this fact. While company cultures do not build in a day, businesses that cover the globe or even a couple of countries have varied traditions to deal with. Developing work culture in a new startup takes a lot enough. Having employees of diverse customs interacting with each other can sometimes make bad things worse – but what about nestling new startup businesses?

“Company cultures” can have different meaning varying from company to company. Traditions of a business may influence the type of talent which is attracted to it, the company’s clients, the good or bad reputation the brand has developed, and even the reputation of its products/services – this is all comprised within the hood of ‘company culture’.

Each year, hundreds of thousands of new startups are established all around the world – and right from their outset the management or the business owners start to think of ways to go worldwide. Most of them will blur almost as soon as they are instituted. Some will survive to see international shores, but only a few will get themselves rid from the label of “new startup” and move to the other shores. The answer for this is in their cultural work traditions only. It unites the employees and the company together in one strand.

The companies which wish of going worldwide but fall short , more usually than not have a management for establishing company traditions – which is usually a combination of customs, ethics, and a way of life.

And, for companies which have gained success, the team that has been together from the start must scatter to other countries and set up branches of the company as a new startup on every new place. They take the culture of their company with them and adapt them to the new work environment without giving up on the core values of the company on which it was founded. This in itself is a task and very crucial to overcome.

While it is essential for a company, comprising a new startup, to have some specific traditions, ethics and a style of working, but these should not be carved in stone. It is equally imperative to have a flexible work culture. This will make it easy for new employees to adapt to. But, it best not to bend the core values of the company so much that they are violated.

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Benefits of PHP Application Development

PHP Application Development

With the widespread access of internet and the coming of a wide range of at affordable cost, the people are spending a chunk of time over their Smartphone. Be searching information or products or shopping goods, the internet has emerged as the single most convenient and effective tools for millions of people across the world. If you want to target those people using the Internet to meet more of their needs in daily life, it is a good idea to have a responsive website application. And that is what PHP is all about. Here is a crucial insight into some great advantages of PHP application development and how to find a company that can take on your project effectively.

Benefits of PHP application development

Comprising of a number of cutting-edge features, PHP provides plethora of benefits. Features like Easy LDAP communication, formation & manipulation of PDF, Adobe flash & image files and solid capabilities for parsing of strings and most importantly compatible with different data source systems make it a great platform widely used for building web applications that provide hosts of benefits. Look at some of the most prominent benefits below.

  • Affordable: it is the best choice for developers. Being open source, PHP costs nothing. If you have a low budget for your project, it is by far the best option for you. All you need to do is just check those top PHP application development companies providing world-class affordable solutions to businesses in diverse verticals across the USA.
  • Compatible: It is user-friendly and versatile and can work with a number of database management systems including My SQL, Oracle, MS Access, SQL server, IBM DB2, and Poster SQL.
  • Responsive: Applications built using PHP is very responsive faster processing and quicker navigation as well as efficient page loading. With powerful output buffering, it increases the output flow.
  • Protected: Safety is what makes PHP one of the most widely used platforms for web application development. It is used to develop safe and secure applications that are well proven and tested through frameworks such as Cake PHP, Zend Framework, and symphony.
  • Flexible and SEO Friendly: The applications built on PHP are more flexible in terms of architecture. Also, the apps developed in PHP have more potential for customization.

So hire a PHP developer who has got the right acumen to build a robust highly responsive application that works across multiple databases effectively. If you want a great app for the competitive cost, AppSquadz Technology Pvt. Ltd. one of the fastest emerging top apps development companies in the USA with expertise in developing apps using all major platforms.


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Which is better – Corporate Job or Startup?

Corporate Job or Startup

With social startups and the Internet gaining attention in the media from the last couple of years, many people would think that joining a small business is the best career move. And, as there are plentiful benefits of working in a startup environment, big companies also offer a lot. So which is better- Corporate Job or Startup? Read below to know in detail.

Reasons to Work at a Startup-


Most startups are popular for having a laid-back, fun environment. You will rarely find a formal dress-code policy or thick book of employee manual. Startups generally offer casual dress codes, a fun atmosphere which often fades the line between fun and work, and plentiful of employee morale encouraging activities. However, never let the casual dress code make you think that everything is fun and game. Successful startups employ people who are very innovative and motivated and will expect the same out of you. You want your colleagues and boss to have great expectations so you will give your best.


Startups generally operate at the swift pace. They are persistently trying to impress customers, develop technology, functionalize processes, appoint employees and pitch investors. With such persistent efforts increased the opportunity for more projects per person than you will find at a big organization. Moreover, if there are a lot of responsibilities, it means that there is going to be a lot of opportunities to shine and excel.


Most of the start-ups are not able to achieve the objectives they aim for. However, for those which do, the employees who joined at the starting can make out quite well financially. This can happen in many ways; quick promotions within the company, better earning, stock options, and a better job in case joining a different company. After all, every company wants to hire winners.

After reading this, don’t straight away jump from your big company job to join a startup. Like everything, there are boon and bane of working in a startup, and big companies can provide a lot of advantages that startups just can’t contend with. Below are some reasons to work at a big company.

Reasons to Work for a Big Company-


Looking to learn a new technology, want to attend a seminar, or want to get reimbursed for further education? It is almost not possible in the startup. On the other hand, a big company has the cash to fund such types of training. Beginning a career at a large company can provide long-term value by enhancing your job skills through training and education.

Large Workforce:

In the big organization, you’re more likely to come across a lot of smart, skilled and creative people to learn from and connect with. Having such connection down the line in your career can be very helpful. Also, searching mentors to guide you in your career moves may end at large company as you may easily encounter such people in there.

Startups Are Tough:

In clear words, if working in a startup atmosphere would have been easy, everyone would have joined it. The working hours are long, advantages are slim, and the risk is big. Employees who are searching for a stable environment and a “comfy” job shouldn’t look for a startup.

Deciding whether to work at a big company or startup can be quite difficult. There are pros and cons of both. Anyone switching a job from one type of company to another requires understanding what’s crucial in their life and then figuring out which type of organization to go for.

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Mobile App Development

Mistakes to Avoid When Hiring a Mobile App Development Company

mobile app development company

You are all set to make a striking online presence by launching a dominant mobile application. Because of high penetration of the handheld devices and internet, it proffers massive business benefits. Hiring a mobile app development company is crucial, but a lot of times entrepreneurs make a blunder of their app by hiring services from a wrong company. They hire such companies based on lucrative ads and discount offers proposed by them. Consequently, they end up with an annoying mobile application which is not able to entice and retain users. As there are millions of apps available on the Internet, it is necessary that your app is easy to use and moreover it is capable of getting attention of people. Below are some of the common mistakes that may lead to nuisance:

Entrepreneurs Don’t Consider That it is a Global Business:

It is not necessary to hire a local development company for your mobile application development. Even if you hire a company which is present at the other part of the world, it doesn’t matter. What matters is to look for a company that meets your requirements and have a reputed status in the market. Make a list of you app requirements and hire the best company that possesses rich experience in building similar apps. Professionals say that if you confined the search because of inhibiting factors such localized developer, you may not get an appropriate app.

Hiring a developer that starts coding without requirement analysis:

When the developer begins coding your application quickly after preliminary requirement accumulation, the result is more likely to be frustrating. An ideal mobile application development company strictly goes through preface and complete requirement accumulation, design, and analysis phases. It is a methodical way of mobile application development. Many mobile app development companies do not consider mobile app development as an intricate task. However, it is actually quite a tough job.

The Mobile App Development Company Doesn’t Have Relevant Experience:

Though mobile application development is a common activity, but it is equally essential that the developers possess a relevant experience of applications in the same forte. For an instance, if you are an owner of hotel hiring an app development company which has not developed a single application of hotel or related field, then you may not be able to get expected output.

Hiring an Application Based On Price:

Cost is a crucial factor when hiring a mobile app development company, but it is not an appropriate way to finalize a developer based on cost only. Low-cost developers may not provide a good quality app which can make your presence impressive on the Internet. So, try to not to hire a company only on the basis of cost reasonability.

So, these are some of the mistakes when hiring a mobile app development for your mobile app.


Android Apps Development

Appealing Benefits of Android App Development

Benefits of Android App Development

Looking for mobile application development but not sure whether you should choose android or should go for some other platforms? Like many businesses, you would also prefer android for your mobile application development but still may feel unsure that why you should choose this technology itself. Do not worry at all. Just go through this post that will showcase you some of the most eminent benefits of the great Android technology for mobile application development requirement. Some of the significant benefits of android app development are mentioned below.

Excellent Graphics Support

Android unlike other mobile apps development platforms, offers a superior graphics options. It has built-in support for powerful 2D and 3D graphics that play a vital role in appealing more and more traffics to the website. High-quality graphics are a crucial part of gaming applications.

Low on Budget

Businesses looking for the down on cost should go with Android for their mobile application development. With a wide range of free android app development tools, you can easily find a company that can create a robust and high-quality app for your project at the most affordable cost.

A Great Tool for New Venture

Startups with a limited budget will find the Android something that makes an excellent sense for their mobile application development requirement.  A developer with basic practical knowledge of Java can create an efficient and effective mobile application. So you do not waste your time searching for a company that can best meet your requirements.

Agility and Flexibility in Development

Android platform offers a great flexibility and therefore apps developers can work with full freedom and extend the source code while exercising their development acumen to design a robust and effective unique app that best meet your needs, helping you in your strategy to grow your business.

Stable and Secure Platform

Based on Linux Kernel, Android has features very similar to Kernel. And because of that, it provides a stable and secure platform for mobile application development for businesses. It provides the smooth and hurdle-free environment in which an application delivers its best performances. And therefore, Android is thought to be a great option for those businesses and organizations that are looking for mobile applications which do not get crashed or hanged while in use.

Easy For Inter-Application Integration

Android is the best choice over the other platforms when it comes to inter-application integration and inter-process architecture.  Looking for a mobile application that can run on multiple devices and platforms, Android would be the best choice for you within the most competitive cost.

These are some of the benefits that businesses and organizations can reap through this innovative and widely used platform. To learn more about its advantages in today’s competitive business world, you should better contact a renowned app development company such as AppSquadz Technologies.


Web App Development

Tips for a Better Web App Development

Web App Development

Web App Development

During the time of custom web app development, the intention is to accomplish the specific requirements of the business within the budget and deadline. In these parameters, there are numerous ways of innovating and making most out of the web application. Having the appropriate colors, images and tools being delivered in the most suitable places, your business can surely have a productive web application with the help of an expert web programmer. But understanding how to merge these different elements in suitable and efficient manner could be hard without the backing of experienced web programmer.

Some of the most significant aspects of web app development can be overlooked if you focus extremely on the requirements of the business and not that much on the User Experience. Below we have a listed some tips that can help you get a successful web application.

1) Use the Tooltips

If it is about showing your design to a customer, it is important that you keep your rectitude at priority. Tooltips can be very useful in guiding the user all the way through the system which you have designed without affecting the User Experience. As the customer knows about the functionality of icons and buttons, they usually get more involved within the application. So, hire a web developer who had enough experience and is capable of presenting the good portfolio of his/her past projects.

2) Don’t Depend On the User Memory

Always develop your web app in a way that it should not need the users to remember the information. Instead of that, make them moving between multiple tabs and pages, present them only with the relevant information which they need for accomplishing their task. Develop a web app which remembers the information instead of making user to re-enter the details.

3) Use the Modals Prudently

Modals are the name given to a new version of the pop-up ads, especially when it is hackneyed. When you execute the modals on your web app, do that to catch the attention of the users at fine moments. If you burden the app with modals, the customers will navigate and divert away. Make the modals easily dismissible by using a cancel or a simple “X” button. Moreover, allow the users to close the modals by just clicking outside the window.

4) User Testing

Early user testing is recommended so that the early user can test your application and can provide you with a fair feedback. Good candidates for this job could be the customers you trust and those who are well aware of your brand. You can invite such people for beta testing.

5) Focus on the Data

It is essential for your web app development company to examine the processes that are involved in the building of your web application, also taking into account your user, your end objectives and the way your business requirements are fulfilled. Before coming to any decisions, you should recognize your own needs and the way this app will fit within your business tactics.


Android Apps Development

Hire Service from Top Android Application Development Company

Top Android Application Development Company

Being a top Android Application Development Company, AppSquadz Technologies don’t need any introduction. When talking about different Android application development companies, this company name always charts the list. The services offered by the AppSquadz undoubtedly are the best in class. The company accommodates industry’s best Android experts to stay ahead in the stiff competition of mobile app development.

AppSquadz Technologies is known for offering numbers of highly innovative and appealing mobile applications based on the Google’s Android platform, assisting businesses of every level to enhance and upgrade their marketing strategy and collaboration. Persistent research and thorough understanding of different Android platforms lets AppSquadz bring cutting edge Android solutions for different business verticals. Our dedicated team of Android experts specializes in developing highly scalable and robust Android applications for different business sectors such as news, lifestyle, mobile portals, and location-based applications, entertainment, gaming, education, finance and informational topics.

The reputation of AppSquadz Technologies in the domain of android application development has reached the saturation of reliability as small to medium level businesses along with big corporations have been satisfactorily making use of its service. The Android development services offered by AppSquadz Technologies are purposely designed to deliver solutions that are developed around the specific business requirements of the client across varied market verticals.

What Makes AppSquadz Technologies an Ideal Android Application Development Company?

Reasonable Pricing:

At AppSquadz Technologies, you will find robust solutions at very reasonable prices. Their products and solutions are supported by performance guarantee that makes sure highest Return On Investment.

24/7 Technical Support:

At AppSquadz Technologies, communication channels are open 24/7 that lets clients connect with the right team of technical professionals, quickly to minimize complexity and improve productivity.

Proven Methodologies:

AppSquadz Technologies has immense expertise of working in varied business environments which enables them to makes use of business’ best practices and proven methodologies.

With Android Operating System making a massive jump in usage, worldwide businesses require professional Android application Development Company as a partner to craft and implement successful mobile strategy. At AppSquadz Technologies, we render applications that keep our clients stay ahead of the curve. Get in touch with top android application development company AppSquadz to share your idea for your growth and profit of your business.


Android Apps Development

What Benefits you Get from Android Application Development

Android Application Development

Android Application Development

A range of android application developers have came up in the industry in the recent past. In fact, there are numerous strong reasons to support this. Android is an open source platform which enables the developer to get an edge over his/her opponents. The developer’s community is persistently working on different apps and integrates it with some of the modern technical and refined advancements. This makes sure that the Android platform is less susceptible to breakdowns, apart from being bug-free. We have mentioned a several benefits associated with android application development.

Large Earnings with low budget

It is exceptionally affordable to invest in an Android powered system. Other than that, you can hire an experienced android app developer at reasonable rates. Android has no licensing charges and you can build advanced apps with minimum outlay. Loads of distinctive apps are now being developed with Android, used by millions of devices all across the globe.


There is no restriction as far as building apps for Android is concerned. The android application developers can create number of apps, without paying license expenses. Apart from this, a simple SDK construction does not require more resources. You can provide multiple revisions to your clients. Alteration programs are available for free, which further cut down the cost of development. Businesses have put on a lot of profits from these Android powered programs, mobile phone suppliers and Wi-Fi workers in particular.

Advanced integration

Android application development is appropriate for all sorts of inter-app integration. In a condition where you have numerous programs and you are looking to integrate or cross-promote them, Android is a perfect platform. Android technology is ideal for any closely knit connection between different software.

As per your budget, you can hire an experienced team of android app developer to craft innovative apps for your business. Before you hire services of a developer, you should always perform your own research in order to plan the best Android application. Technology keeps on changing at a swift pace and thus it is very crucial to select a developer who is well versed with such changes, so as to make sure the compliance of your Android powered apps.


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Super Mario Run is Available on iOS Store, Android Users Will Need to Wait

Super Mario Run

Super Mario Run Brings Back the Fun

Nintendo’s much-awaited title Super Mario Run was released yesterday. The one-handed playable is now available for download on the Apple’s iPhone and iPad. As announced earlier, the Super Mario comes with a $10 price tag, although Nintendo will be making a few levels available as a preview of an end-of-world castle downloadable for free.

Earlier the game avoided the mobile platform in favor of its own hardware. In September, the creator of Mario Shigeru Miyamoto announced the Smartphone debut of Mario at the stage of iPhone 7 event in San Francisco.

The Super Mario Run game provides an interesting take on the much loved format, designed to play with a single hand (portrait mode). As the title of the game itself suggests, Mario runs automatically from left to right. And as he runs, he will jump over certain enemies, vault over low obstructions, and make some surfaces on his own. Simply tap anywhere on the screen to make him jump. The longer you tap, the higher he is going to jump. This is basically a key to achieve high scores.

In further levels, you will find blocks which will change Mario’s direction, and others which will start and stop him with accurate timing. However, the target remains simple: accumulate as many coins as you can, and get to that classic flag pole at the end of the level before you run out of time.

In addition to the classic Mario gameplay, Nintendo has introduced a multiplayer battle mode titled Toad Rally. The first thing you will need to do in this mode is to select an opponent – for example, one of your friends – from a list. Then you will simply need to beat their high score.

Moreover, the battle mode will only let you play against your friends, but also players from all across the world. Winner is judged on the number of coins you collect and also the number of toads you impress. In addition, you will not find any flag pole in battle mode.

You will need to keep running, jumping, and collecting coins and other items until time runs out fully. As you run, you may also encounter a little sticker of Mario, which will be showing what your opponents did during their run. The matches you will win in this mode, the toads which you would have gathered will be reflected in your Mushroom Kingdom.

Another great feature in the game is that you will be able to expand your Mushroom Kingdom using the coins you collect.

When the battle mode ends, Toadette comes to reveal who won. It is really going to be huge hit in the coming future. The game is available on iPhone, iPod and Tablet but Android users will need to wait a bit.