What Audience Response Systems can do for Conferences, Events & Classrooms?

Audience Response Audience Response Systems

All of us must have seen Kaun Banega Crorepati and have seen how the audience poll is conducted. Have you ever wondered how the audience response poll in the show got conducted and how the results get disclosed within a fraction of seconds?

You most likely would have given more consideration, got familiar with the theme, and recollected crucial focuses long after the presentation. Audience responsive systems have for quite some time been considered adequate, intellectually-stimulating, and engaging tools used in adult education and scenarios requiring real-time data collection and audience participation.

These agreements casting ballot frameworks and administrations have been around for a long time, however, have as of late turned out to be moderate enough for across the board use in gatherings, center gatherings, instructive conditions, and other live occasions all things considered and scopes. 

While remote voting keypads and surveying programming have turned out to be all the more dominant, compact, and dependable as the years progressed, the genuine advantage of these Audience response systems originates from the experience of the specialist co-op and the specialized ability of the on-location crowd reaction expert. From the most sophisticated ARS accessible today to charge card size keypads and cell phone-based surveying applications, crowd responsive framework improvement groups have an answer for meeting all financial limits at all degrees of modernity.

What is an Audience Response System (ARS)?

An audience response system is an accessible way to accumulate responses from various individuals in a split second. The audience response system (ARS) is also known as an interactive wireless voting or electronic voting system. The system is a blend of equipment and programming that enables users to submit votes on a handheld keypad.

Moving onto next, let us now understand how and where these ARS can be beneficial and what these ARS can do. 

Great for

Conferences of all sizes

Audience response systems for conferences are great for conferences/ meetings/ gatherings/ discussions of all sizes across several industries. The industries include healthcare, entertainment, marketing, corporate, and government. The software integrates efficiently with PowerPoint, and results summaries are provided at the end of your event.


Accuracy is always crucial. With Audience Response Systems, your data is captured in real-time and precisely. Results from data accumulated can be revealed in front of the audience immediately, or when the session is about to end.


Trainers/ Instructors/ Maters and human resource professionals rely on Audience Responsive Systems for the classroom to boost concentration and advance test comprehension.

Audience Response Systems for Polling, & Voting at Conferences & Events

Employee gatherings & surveys: Audience response systems are a reliable and confidential means to spontaneously assemble valuable insights and feedback from employees throughout conferences, sales and board meetings, and also during team-building training.

As of now, we are done with how these ARS can do for the customers. Let us now proceed ahead and come to the point and discuss the benefits of using an audience response system.

Benefits of using an audience response system

Live Q&A sessions

In classrooms, an audience response system for classrooms can assist teachers in collecting questions from students. It also lets voting on submitted questions. Students can raise queries anonymously without concerns about distress.

Live Polling

In live polling, results get updated in real-time as the responses by participants flow in. Live polls and surveys can be practised in classrooms creatively to foster conversations and highlight general opinion.


Quizzes can be an enjoyable practice in classrooms or conferences. Quizzes are poll questions which one or several options marked as the right answer.


It can be anonymous or not, which encourages learners to participate in real-time.

Fast and accurate data collection

ARS can instantly accumulate data, and you can get real-time feedback/ results and assess the understanding of your students.


An audience response system not only makes events and lectures more engaging, but it also connects with the audience for the discussions in real-time. By incorporating Audience Response System (ARS) into your training sessions, meeting or lecture, you will create opportunities to relax and have fun with your trainers or students, resulting in the development of a positive atmosphere. An atmosphere charged with positive energy elevates creativity and leads to innovative ideas, sparking invaluable contributions. 

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