Apple’s Next-gen iOS Operating System: iOS 13 Preview Expected in June

iOS 13 iOS Operating System

The whole world is set to witness the launch of the latest operating system, Apple iOS 13 at the annual iOS app developer conference. The WWDC known as the Worldwide Developers Conference will commence on June 3 to continue up till June 7.

Rumors from credible sources throw light on the features that are expected to show up in the upcoming latest ios operating system that is already being developed in California. At the June debut, several leaks are expected to be seen deciding the new look of the UI. It is possible to receive the all new dark mode, and a new volume interface. The iPad will have new multitasking abilities, fresh un-doing, and redoing gestures, expect to have a merged panel for Find My friends and Find My iPhone. The restructured Reminder and Mail apps, with few cross-platform abilities for the iPhone app developers to quickly transfer the apps to the Mac, are some of the upcoming features. Let us even expect to know about the official launch of the forthcoming release of the iPhones.

Compatibility issues

So far, Apple has sustained with the first 64-bit chipset phone, the iPhone 5S. But it is expected that the latest iOS can again choose to discard its oldest devices. As the rumors have it all iPhone 6, six plus, iPad Air 2, iPad mini 3, and iPod touch 6th generation may be the oldest devices on the compatibility list of iOS 13.

Rumored features expected to be present in iOS 13

Dark mode

For the first time, Apple will finally have a dark user interface to soothe the eyes of the users, especially for night viewing. This was one of the much-wanted features by the iOS users from some time now. Let us see if we get a dark mode in iOS 13.

New volume interface

It is expected to have a new head-up display for volume interface as well.

Sleep iPhone mode

The forthcoming iOS 13 will have a refreshed sleep mode that will toggle to DND- and enable the Do Not Disturb feature, turn the screen darker and silent all the incoming notifications with a few enhancements in the bedtime tab of the Clock app of the phone.

Improved gestures

It is expected of the new launch to release a unique gesture for undo and redo an action on the iPad while working on the text. It will also allow to collectively selecting multiple items in the table and then drag them all together to a new place, which is very similar to the click and drag practiced on the Mac.

Updates and changes in the pre-existing apps


The UI of the messaging app will be transformed to have features similar to an app-WhatsApp, which will allow the users to have a profile picture and a display name, along with an option to decide who can see it. It will also come with a dedicated menu bar for emoji and stickers.


The mail application will be categorized on the bases of searchable like promotions, shopping, travel, relevant, not essential and so on, with a queue that will contain emails that are to be read later, it will be able to mute emails from a particular thread along with a tool to block contacts.

Reminders app

The fresh reminder app will have four categories displayed in a grid inclusive of tasks that are finished today, a list of all functions, a list of scheduled tasks, and the flagged tasks.

Some new features

  • The iOS 13 will also offer speed improvement for the device and will work on fixing the bugs.
  • The Keyboard will come with a new Swipe-oriented keyboard with new Font management menu.
  • The safari in iOS 13 will enable loading desktop version of the sites on the iPad depending as and when vital, and the Apple team is testing downloads manager to allow the users to access the downloads all at one place.
  • The live photo video that lasted for 3 seconds will now last for 6 seconds.
  • The Hey Siri app will for better filter noises like laughter and cries.

Latest additions for developers

  • The developers will enjoy better Siri integration in iOS 13 w.r.t. media playback, search, voice call, message, flights, and so on.
  • With the ARKit, the developers will be able to develop augmented reality experiences visually and support game controllers and AR headsets.
  • It will have fresh frameworks for extended usages of the Taptic engine, scanning documents for third-party along with the feature to click photos from external devices without using the photos app.
  • There are just a few days left to the final beta iOS 13. But as the days come to pass, it is difficult to hold onto the curiosity levels. These were the details of the upcoming changes and additions expected to release with the launch of iOS 13 in June 2019.

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