Google’s Latest Launch Android Q Beta1 and Its Installation Process

Android Q Beta 1 Googles Latest Launch Android Q Beta 1 & Its Features

Google has launched the first version of its Android new version called Android Q beta which will tell how the next Android OS will look. Google first released it on pixel devices and pixel 3 series.  With the release of the beta version of the Android Q, there are questions already in the market for the release of the stable version of Android Q. 

Android Q Beta has fantastic features for which it is in the hype in the year 2019. If not till now, you can update your pixel smartphone soon to the Android new version. Our Android app development company has integrated Android app development to Android Q beta 1 operating system.

Installation process

Various Android app development company recommend installed Android Q beta version on the smartphone using the following steps. Before installing the Android Q beta on the phone, it is recommended to back-up the phone.

First, in case if you have not enrolled your Pixel smartphone with Google Android, then visit and enroll the android Q beta program.

On enrollment, the own smartphone gets the notification that the phone is ready for the update.

Once the update is complete, there will be another notification seeking permission to install the setup. On installation of the setup the phone will automatically restart. The Android Q beta 1 version is all set.

Also, go to settings in your phone, and visit about the phone, then check if the build number begins with QPP, to make sure if the phone has the beta version running on its system.

Note: You can anytime opt out of the Android beta version by just visiting the same website and checking “opt out”. The smartphone will update to the previous Android public version in the next 24 hours.

Features and Functionalities of Android Q Beta1

Supports new foldable phones

Google supports Android devices with its latest update that provides more support with the battery life of the devices. Android app development services enable the android app developer to deliver services at low battery usage.

Resuming multiple apps

With Google Android Q Beta 1 version the Android app development delivers features in which the user can simultaneously use many applications. By just returning to the application will not put the other running applications to sleep or inactive mode. The user can any time switch to the application running in the background.

Dark mode

Though, the complete dark mode is not available in the Android Q1 beta version as of now. The Android app development services are working on it. But there is a battery saver mode that enables a darker theme, but it delays the notifications and other functionalities as it is meant to save the battery from being drained.

Better privacy

With this version of Android OS, the android app development users can choose whether to allow Google to access the location while using the app or not. Such a setting can be different for all the apps running currently on the phone.

Facial recognition

The Android Q beta 1 version comes with the facial recognition feature. The Android app developer with face recognition feature allows the user to make payments and use applications via face and other security options.


With the release of the Android Q beta 1, the above are few of the features of the version that have made a huge hype in the market. Enjoy the Android app development services with our Android application development company for your company on the new Android OS.

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