Will Android 11 Features Impact Your Mobile Apps?

Android 11 Android 11

In the operating system environment, the android 10 was a huge shift and has impacted a lot in past years. With Android 10, Google has brought its operating system all behind the halt and has created its new segments in the mobile application streams. The android 10 has a testament towards its growth and maturity graph which will be carried away and will impact the mobile app market in numerous ways. The same kind of principles is being carried away for the android 11 developers now and that has made mobile application services a seamless growth in the market.

All this has set an edge of their seats every time and has announced that somewhere in the mid of May a new version of android will be launched soon.Well, we all away from the final battle for having android 11 away, the sufficient peak where Google needs to take the operating system locked more. With every new update, it is not only the android app developers who are excited about it but also the stakeholder on the other side of app owners is excited too.

New feature set of Android 11

Before we dive into the ways how android 11 will change the app domain for the startup companies or the app development company who owns android application development, let us have a look at the new feature set of Android 11 as below:

1. One time permission

If we look back to the android 10, one of the difficult ways to handle it was to take app permissions can resolve. Hence, android 10 has given a lot many users control over the applications and what else they could do for it and the android 11 is still kept on the rolling train. Whenever the mobile applications ask for intrusion permission and they grant it for one time basis that they might require using when you have it on mobile application.

2. Preparation of 5G

We all have been hearing about the making of the 5G network since last year (in the mid of the year) and that will be blown away in 2020. But, due to coronavirus pandemic that has affected several industries and business along with the huge number of technologies, the requirements for 5G adoption has grown in the world. Therefore to assist android 11 it has supplemented a very important role to help in smoothing processes.

3. Built-in Screen Recorder

This is another powerful feature that android 11 will have in the coming days that are the built-in screen recorder and provide the chances to anyone that they might require it regularly. It will show a very slim screen recorder that will accomplish the functions in very pretty ways and will polish the user interface and toggle for the recording section and the audio that will be played in touching the screen.

4. Multiple improvements for messaging

If you look at the android app development latest new features, there is a lot of things that need o to be improved for users messaging experience on android applications that will give an immersive experience to users. The new upgrades that have been introduced in android 11 are chat bubbles that hide all the ongoing conversation in the form of bubbles on the side of the screen. In this way, if the user wants to reveal the specific conversation, then they can tap around the bubbles.  Android 11 has also introduced a dedicated conversation section in the shaded form of notification that makes the process of getting messages in real-time.

5. Adaption on different screen types

If there is any space where people can say that an android app development company has taken place, it is in foldable devices. The years 2020 is going to witness the lots of new addition in the building foldable device for large screen mobile applications that have turned the entire market to run on a different screen and sizes resolution. The operating system 11 has been developed to run those foldable devices in no effort and thus market out the time to start working on foldable mobile app development in the coming future.

What does it mean migrating apps to Android 11?

If you have ever looked at the preview documentation of any android app developer, then you might find that it is summarized into 3 different categories such as behavior changes, privacy features, and the new features & APIs. All these 3 categories have different aspects in different modules to carry out the impact on the application’s performance. Let us have a look at changes that makes migrating apps to the android app means for your android app as below:

1. User’s Restriction

Android 11 will impute the discourage for the repeated request for every single permission, therefore, if the user clicks on the button of “deny” twice when asked to deny or allow for the specific permission, then it will imply the “don’t ask again” option in front of users. There are some of the methods that can help you to ruin your marketing tactics and can help your mobile application to grow more.

2. Stats to be private

In android 11 the betterment of your mobile application techniques can help you to keep private and other credentials in more fascinating way. Hence, until certain coding functions are not performed, neither the app nor the system can get access to your data.

3. Lowers data redundancy

The mobile applications might sometimes want to use the same dataset even if the media playback or the machine learning process involves the same situations. In earlier android 10, you and other applications have to download the different or can say separate copy for each dataset. But with android 11 it is not required, it will lower the data redundancy by own.

4. Greater clarity on apps

The android 11 has covered many new features which can report to carrying the reasons for recent nations that can generate data to be able to gather around crash diagnostics and whether a process has been terminated even due to any reason such as memory issue or anything else, this is considered as one of the most demanding features of android 11.

5. Infrastructure benefit to 5G

Numerous benefits give huge advantages to 5G and thus bring mobile applications a vulnerable change. With android 11 that extend to full support towards technology, the organizations can now take advantage of greater streaming speed, zero latency, heightened user experience and more.


We all know that our android developers have already started persuading the android 11 developers and hence will gain huge popularity in terms of experimenting to test applications. Let us see what happens in the coming near future for android 11 and how will it impact your mobile applications or mobile app development company.

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