How AI is becoming a Propitious Tool in Response to the Global Outbreak- Coronavirus

AI Artificial Intelligence

The start of the year 2020 isn’t pleasant as it was thought to be, as at the end of December and the rear start of January an outbreak of a deadly virus was detected in the world’s most populated country and our near neighbor i.e. China. The virus named Coronavirus(2019-nCoV) was first reported from Wuhan, China on 31st December 2019 and has now reached up to a number of 20,438 confirmed cases in China with a death toll of about 435 people. The virus possesses a potential threat of becoming a worldwide epidemic.

Another outlook to the outbreak- AI

A positive outlook among this obnoxious news and thoughts is the use of Artificial Intelligence towards the global virus outbreak. In the present scenario with the outbreak of a fatal and deadly virus that possesses the threat to abolish the human population, any help would be a sight for the sore eyes. And believe it or not, AI is proving its worth by becoming a useful tool in monitoring and responding to the crisis.

For the past years because of the minimalistic data and ideas, AI wasn’t that useful in monitoring outbreaks and witnessing or checking the spread of the epidemic. But with today’s tech-savvy approach and smartphone oriented era, the spread of millions of posts about coronavirus are spreading faster than the virus itself. That allows algorithms to generate lightning-fast information about the virus for the health officials and helps in a better understanding of the virus and finding aid.

AI Smart Aid

AI-backed technologies are used to help contain the virus by using robotic cleaners spraying disinfectants to Artificial Intelligence voice assistants calling people to give advice at home. In addition to these AI, powered voice robots are in use to monitor the health of the individuals and provide necessary and important medical instructions to the needy in need. According to the local news report, AI bots can categorize the collected information and help to maintain daily reports thus helping in monitoring the spread of the virus. The use of AI by Mobile App Development Company to create apps that monitor the symptoms of the people is also in great use and has proved to be very useful.

AI and machine language are very good at identifying patterns in the data and the risk factors that might supplement the virus outbreak and might help the medical officials towards effectively identifying and stopping of the coronavirus outbreak. AI tools may help to accelerate research and in responding to the coronavirus outbreak.


By the above thoughts, you can have an idea about the propitious use of AI as a tool against the coronavirus outbreak and its related consequences. Furthermore, that isn’t even a hint of something more substantial. AI Chatbot App Development Company has developed various AI chatbots application for medical agency and hospital that help you in defeating this deadly virus, So if you are planning yourself to have an AI chat over your symptoms or might want to take advice, feel free to step yourself in AI automated treatment that will keep you stay ahead of the curve.

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