Add Me To Search: Enhance your Business with Google Virtual Business Card

Google virtual business card Enhance your business with Google’s virtual business card

Google has launched a new feature named ‘people cards’ that will work as a google virtual business card on the internet. With this Google’s ‘people card’ feature individuals can link their website, contact info, name, social media profiles, and other relevant info they want to share with the public.

This will offer a great platform to grow business on a huge level. As much as the info you will provide it will be easier for the public to reach you. Initially, Google has launched limited access. Google is testing out the performance of google virtual business card, they are shown up when the name of the person is searched. This will benefit the people looking for mobile app development services to engage their customers.

Now entering India, Google’s new ‘people cards’ will let individuals highlight themselves individually. This will result in a great appearance on the internet that was never before. Gaining a specialized presence over search results might be challenging for every individual and mostly for the people that are not already famous and share the same name with many other persons.

For search persons, it will be very difficult to find out a specific person’s business card if they do not have a strong presence online over fame. People opting for digital marketing services will get benefit from this and for website links, there will be a need for web app development.

Google included this to their recent post to address the following challenges with people cards:

“Today, we are comprehending these difficulties with another element called individuals cards. It resembles a virtual visiting card, where you can feature your current site or social profiles you need individuals to visit, in addition to other data about yourself that you need others to know.”

People cards at google will act as a virtual business card for business professionals like freelancers, entrepreneurs, performers, job hunters, influencers, or anyone looking to grow their presence online to enhance development. A people card can have the social media profile, website link, and any other relevant page or link you want your audience to know.

When you search for someone and if they have their people card you will see a module with name, location, and profession along with relevant inks like social media presence and email id, etc. if you will tap on the module you will see the complete info, it will show full card.

If you are searching for the person sharing the same name with multiple people then google will represent multiple modules. A search person can use multiple info to search for that particular person.

Add me to search: Enhance your business with Google’s virtual business card

Steps to Create a People Card

People who can create their own people cards and do not need any kind of tutorial can create their own virtual business card by searching their own name or entering ‘Add me to search’ in the google search bar. Before getting started make sure you have already signed in to google with the account containing all the info you wish to add.

After entering “add me to Search” click on the prompt appears ‘get started’.

After tap you will get the form and fill up the details you want to add to your people card:

  • The image from your Google account (you can edit in account to change avatar)
  • A description of yourself
  • Phone number
  • Email address
  • A website link
  • Links to social profiles
  • Hobbies
  • Workplace
  • Education
  • And many more…

You can customize the information you want to add or remove into the people card according to purpose and convenience.

Although, as Google says: “The more information you provide, the easier it is for people to find you.”

The people card does not have the compulsion of adding phone numbers to it, google just asks for it for authentication. Google has aimed to contain relevant as well as reliable information with strong security and control measures.

Google says in a recent post.

“Our objective with Search is to consistently ensure individuals can discover supportive and solid data, so we have an assortment of insurances and controls set up to keep up the nature of data on individuals cards.”

You can think you should be getting better results with your Google Ads? It will benefit every person looking for assistance in professional growth.


The new feature from Google for its users is very amazing and useful as well. Now the task for search engine optimization companies has raised in order to the ranking of people cards. You can create your card, contact us for amazing software and mobile app development service so that you can share your mobile app link there, will lead to the great growth of the business. The website link people card ask for is available here, contact us for web app development, we are the leading web app development company globally.

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