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AWS Media Live Expert

We enrich your project with media live services.

AWS Media Live Expert

AppSquadz Software is the reputed AWS Media Live Expert organization. We provide high-end services like AWS cloud consulting, media live, media package, migration, deployment, and managed AWS server and services. Being the prominent AWS Media Live Experts, we can help you out to bring your business to the next level. We identify your deficiencies and understand your requirement interrelated with your project. The team of 100+ professionals introduce the best possible solutions required for better performance of your project and introduces the amazing effortless integrative software design submerged with the AWS smart assistance directly from the organization. Our high-tech skills and experience help you to perform best in computing and storage operations better as compared to existing cloud infrastructure.

With AWS media live expert services no need for Pay to TV operators, broadcasters, and OTT providers even the cloud-based workflows can deliver reliable premium life and on-demand video content to your audiences. Live video workflows combine the origination, just in time packaging, real-time coding of AWS Elemental Media Live and AWS Elemental Media Package with reliable monitoring of AppSquadz based on event-based content and linear broadcast to consumers. It ensures, proactive diagnostics, top performance, and quality customers expecting a minimized churn.

The collaboration of this amazing tool integration serves video providers, including operators, broadcasters, and OTT providers. It is a scalable and cost-effective way to convert and package video content into versatile formats. It ensures the quality of content and video workflow unique from acquisition to delivery.

Cloud-based video quality from AppSquadz Software lets you follow the assurance in product compatible with media live services. it enables video providers to process, store and deliver high-quality video streaming for TV broadcasts and on multi-screen devices like PC, laptops, tablets, phablet, etc. our cloud-based solutions are perfect as pay-as-you-go pricing and security, scalability, and simplicity.

Services you experience here are

  • Deploy 24x7 event-based broadcasts and channels with ease
  • Accelerating the time with high quality customizable cloud-based solutions
  • Picture quality analysis and detailed reporting of issues
  • Visibility across ingest, encode, packager, and CDN workflow

We are trusted across the globe for Aligning AWS Cloud strategy with business strategy, Designing, building, and managing Amazon cloud infrastructure, Conducting ROI/TCO analysis, Identifying the most efficient ways to provision and manage AWS Cloud resources, Mapping application dependencies, describing best practices, finding tools and frameworks for detailed Amazon cloud roadmap, etc. As the quality of content, you serve defines the quality of your brand whether it is streamed or broadcasted to your audiences. Broadcast and OTT Video application development utilize it in operational, engineering, and business environments.

The quality of the content you deliver defines your brand whether it is streamed or broadcasted to your viewers. Sentry has been deployed worldwide by Cable, Broadcast, and OTT Streaming service providers for use in operational, engineering, and business environments. We are evaluating and broadcasting a live video managing service. It gets you the opportunity to build video streams and broadcast them on interlinked multi-screen devices like set-top boxes, such as tablets, linked TVs, and smartphones.