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Hire Business Analyst

Within a period of 3+ years, AppSquadz Technologies Pvt. Ltd. has evolved as one of the only Company to become Top Application Designing, Development & Marketing Providers in India.. The unmatched assistance provided by Our dedicated Project Managers has enabled us to engage visitors from the US, Canada, UK, UAE, Australia, New Zealand and across Globe.

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The role of the “business analyst” is defined as an intermediary managing the interests and needs of business management project and IT communities in mobile applications development process. Business Analyst responsibilities include communication conduit between the stakeholders and the mobile applications development team to represent the stakeholder community to the development team if the developers themselves don’t have direct access, and to translate the business needs for the team.

Analysts involved in mobile applications development usually collaborate with Business Users, Project Managers, Product Managers, and other Business Analysts to elicit and gather requirements. The Business Analyst may occasionally serve as the project lead on smaller, well defined projects or provide support to Systems Managers in mobile project initiation activities. Business Analysts involved in mobile app development insure that all IT groups and vendors have the sufficient clarity towards requirements and appropriate detailed requirements are gathered by other groups and will be involved in requirements review; proactively speak up as well as follow up, in the event of missing requirements or gaps and ensure that these are appropriately filled.

Roles & Responsibilities

  • Discover and define mobile applications requirements in the space of business goals, business needs, defining the true problem, scoping the business case for making an investment , and discovering the business process and related changes.
  • Learn how to provide subject matter expertise and analytical support to help facilitate mobile app projects and operations of apps.
  • Understand how to play a key role in creating and executing mobile strategy for your organization and work across functional groups (eg, Marketing, IT) to coordinate efforts and ensure success.
  • Discover how to work with Customer Care and Social Media teams to ensure they have adequate training to answer customer questions related to mobile initiatives
  • Learn how to report on best practices, mobile industry standards, competitor’s products and legal requirements associated with assigned mobile app projects
  • Discover how to partner with Product Manager to provide business evaluation, revenue optimization, feature recommendations and on-going support for mobile apps
  • Understand the initiatives throughout the mobile app project life cycle; including discovery and initial assessment, program and/or requirements definition, creative brief, program implementation and launch, and ongoing measurement and reporting
  • Work closely with engineering, design, operations, finance, and marketing leaders to bring mobile app products to market and develop and grow business opportunities for your organization.
  • Oversee the definition and management of high quality, mobile app product roadmap based on team strategy and vision.
  • Manage prioritization and trade-offs among customer experience, performance and operational support load.
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Advantages of Hiring Dedicated Business Analyst

Act As Connection: Business Analysts acts as a connection between the clients and the developers. BA serves as problem solvers. The process, questions and techniques are provided by them efficiently to extract the information needed to clients for the successful development of projects. Any kinds of issues or chaos that occur during the development are solved by them.

Find Right Team to Work With: Business Analyst has a healthy connection within the company. She/he also has ample knowledge about the candidates they work with. BA helps in development teams to give guidance in the project path. Thus, BA makes a proper connection within the business and the developers to provide them maximum output.

Maintain Healthy Client Relationship: The person responsible for this post should pose conceptual, facilitation, communication, analytical and presentation skills. BA handles many priorities and also multiple projects at the same time because of that, it is necessary to maintain a healthy client relationship. He should identify problems, opportunities and also show solutions to them.

Documenting is a required: Absolute care is taken by Business Analyst in preparing documentation; a fair amount of time is taken while preparing documents that includes their observation, understanding and analysis overall. Presenting the document with appropriate method is also important, like text format, visual, charts, graphs etc.

Expose Business Needs: For Business Analyst this part is crucial as he need to translate the requirements of the project into something that a developer should understand. After that, if any question arises from the developers need to communicate with stakeholders to come at a conclusion. BA should be managing the needs of the project into a logical perception.

Figure Out Solution: Business analyst always spends sufficient time in identifying a permanent solution. The solution that is derived is evaluated with design and surety is made that it meets the needs of the business. Our BA possesses know-how due to which they have developed understanding problem and analytical skills.

Assemble Requirements The requirements are to be gathered before starting any project or any development part. The Business analyst has technical knowledge and in depth knowledge of business domain which will help them to gather requirements at a rapid speed. As requirements are gathered, they are clarified to development team and it is the responsibility of Business analysts to guarantee the commitment of final solution to the client.

Validations: Business analyst is in constant touch with the project stakeholder in gathering the requirements, thus they should also validate with the development team about the building of the product. Validations should be done via analysis model, walk-through or reviews. Thus a business analyst should concentrate on the efforts of the team and the output of the product as per stakeholder's requirements.

Accept the Change: Change is crucial in an IT industry. While the course of the project, there are chances that requirements of client will change. This causes an effect on many aspects such as the deadline of the project, cost, working hours of team, etc. Business analyst should control the scenarios and present a win-win situation for the company as well as clients.

Clients Review

Pino Caruso

I never hesitate to refer a AppSquadz Technologies Pvt Ltd. to our friends for their apps development. I wish to thank Mr. Chandrakant Agarwal and their team for full support me for my application.

Pino Caruso
Jason USA

It was a great experience working with the team of AppSqaudz Technologies Pvt Ltd. They are very clear about everything and the best part is that they are very punctual. My long list of requirement was incorporated within the app in a very precise manner.

Jason USA

I'm really satisfied with the custom apps development services rendered by AppSquadz Technologies Pvt Ltd. and I think I'm going to work with them again. Because you know when you find someone, you can trust… It can be stated as a pleasurable working experience with them.


I am highly impressed with the team at AppSquadz Technologies Pvt Ltd. It is a versatile industry. Interesting work and challenging. I am glad they complete my project in few months. Office Infrastructure is very nice. Working extraordinary teams on projects with high impact helps justify for long hours.

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